Sunday, 7 October 2012

Being a trustee, practice not to remember anything (loving but detached).

Essence: Sweet children, remember with great happiness the Father who makes your life like a diamond and the rust will be removed.

Question: Who will become beads of the rosary and what is the effort required for that?
Answer: Those who do not remember anything at the end will become beads of the rosary. Such children who reach their karmateet stage will become beads of the rosary. Those who are wealthy and have many factories etc. have to forget all of those. There should be no attachment to anyone and no consciousness of “mine”. Just consider each other to be your brother (soul). There is only spiritual connection and no other connection. Only the children who maintain such spiritual connection and forget everything else can become beads of the rosary.

Sweet Children,
You children are brothers amongst each other. God has given the direction that Children, Remember the One GodFather who purifies the impure-vicious souls to pure-virtuous soul.
Now, the world cycle comes to an end. You become pure by the spiritual pilgrimages carried out by  the intellect. You are all brothers amongst each other.
The souls were pure-virtuous, have become vicious-impure at this time. Children, first, you consider yourselves as souls and remember the GodFather.
The soul has to go to the land of peace at the end. The religion of soul is peace and even the home is of peace. First you have to reach the land of peace. Children I have come according to the plan of the world drama.
At this time, God teaches you how to become virtuous. God says, children remember Me. Children ask, who will become the beads of the victorious rosary? Only those who reach the karmateet stage become the beads of the rosary. To become karmateet, rich ones will have to forget everything of their business.
You have to churn this elevated knowledge throughout the day. God teaches you Karmayoga, you remember GodFather whilst performing your actions.
Souls have forgotten their real home. God comes and gives souls the awareness of the home. Sanyasis say there is only Brahm (element) everywhere, they consider Brahm element as God. In reality God is a living entity different from Brahm element.
Every soul will return to soul world certainly, to come to back to earth one by one, to play their different roles. Like God has the knowledge, you also imbibe knowledge.
You experience sorrow for half of the world cycle (due to body consciousness) and happiness in other half (being soul conscious). You have to make such an effort from now that, you don’t remember anything at the end, to leave the body in karmateet stage. You perform all actions being a trustee (of God) and remember GodFather constantly. Have the consciousness that nothing belongs to mine. All souls are brothers amongst each other. I am also a child of GodFather.
The rosary of108beads is well known, there is also the rosary of 16,108. You children have come here to become virtuous deities from humanbeings.  Whatever service (actions being soul conscious) you perform, you receive palaces in heaven, in return.
God makes you multimillion times fortunate at this confluence age. In golden age, you never have this knowledge of world cycle. This world drama keeps repeating and it is eternal. In golden age, you remain completely virtuous in nature and after 2500years, you become vicious, to become virtuous once again.
Now, you children understand that you receive the unlimited inheritance from GodFather. Your birth of this time is more elevated than the birth of golden age because God Himself gives you the knowledge of the world cycle.
God makes you one with double crown of purity and kingdom. At this time God transforms you from stone-like to diamond-like.

Essence for dharna:
1.            In order to claim a high status, remain very peaceful and become sweet. Interact with everyone with love.
2.            You have to forget whatever you have surrendered (by intellect) to Baba; it should not be remembered. Never think that you are giving to Baba (be a trustee).

Blessing: May you be loving to Father Adam-Brahma and become merged in his arms and serve as his arms.
The children who are loving to the Father remain constantly merged in the arms of Father Adam-Brahma. The arms of Father Adam-Brahma are a means of safety for you children. Those who are loving and lovely are always in the arms. In service you are BapDada’s arms and you stay in the Father’s arms. Experience both these scenes: Sometimes become merged in the arms and sometimes serve as the arms. Have the intoxication of being God’s right hands.

Slogan: The speciality of contentment and happiness gives you the experience of the flying stage.

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