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Now you transform your monkey-like(attached to all)attitude to divine-like to be worshipped in temples.

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Sweet Children,
The soul has the mind and intellect, hence soul is called as manva. The Supreme God remains very simple. You children are present in front of GodFather.  Souls know that Supreme bodiless God is our Father.
God gives His own introduction: I am the Supreme Soul, I am the Father of all souls who reside in the land of peace-soul world. I gather all souls at the end. If God is not there, there cannot be even Adam-Brahma. There is no difference between you soul and Supreme Soul. Even you get divine visions of Supreme Soul, the point of light. If people say God is so bright who cannot be seen, it is not true. I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma, at the middle of his forehead to give you knowledge.
Every soul has their role of maximum 84births recorded within them. Soul and Supreme Soul look alike but by saying God is Supreme Soul, people get confused. Souls are known as charitable and sinful soul. Supreme soul cannot be called either as charitable or sinful soul. I come only once to transform the vicious souls into pure souls.
People call God, to purify them, not Sri Krishna. God comes from a place supremely beyond and hence God is known as Supreme Soul. God explains this knowledge through Adam-Brahma: Children become soul conscious.
At this time everyone has become vicious in nature, My job is to transform the vicious souls into virtuous souls.I come at the end of iron age, once in every world cycle to establish the religions of golden, silver and confluence age.
Now, you belong to Godly family to become a family of deities. You must remember the GodFather to get rid of sins, spin the discus of self realization to become every healthy and ever wealthy. You must make effort to remember Godfather. Keep a chart to check how long you remember GodFather with love, to experience the super sensuous happiness (bliss).
GodFather has the same image like souls. This world human tree is an inverted tree where the Seed (GodFather) is at the top. Even the souls come from Soul world one by one. Now, God has come to liberate you from the world of vices. I benefit the whole world. There is lot of praise of God in Granth, but no one knows the real meaning although they consider themselves more religious minded. In reality at this time every one belongs to the ravan-vicious nature.
God is so sweet, takes you soul to heaven. The more you remember GodFather, you will be intoxicated and experience bliss. God says, I speak to souls, why not you follow My direction? God asks, why do you become weak in nature? When you receive Godly direction, why do you have to follow the demoniac direction?
God gives power to you souls to wage battle against the maya-vices.God explains you the essence of all scriptures. Whatever knowledge you receive at this time never continues later, it comes to an end. God says, follow My direction, become soul conscious. Sanyasis never ask you to become bodiless and rest your mind on GodFather. Every soul belongs to Me, I have come to take every soul back home. Only you children listen to Me directly.
God is like a star, the images representing God is not right. You take rebirths, I never come into birth and death, only then I can liberate you souls. God is known as Purifier. The world will not be covered with water. I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma to purify the souls, to make them come in Sun dynasty.
Now you transform your monkey-like (attached to all)attitude to divine-like to be worshipped in temples. God sits at the middle of the forehead of Adam-Brahma and teaches you this knowledge. God makes you spin the discus of self realization to destroy the sins of so many births. Whenever you become free, like a tortoise sit quiet and churn the discus of self realization. Become pure-virtuous in this final birth. Make effort to become virtuous, don’t remember the body and bodily relations.
Consider yourself as a soul and remember the GodFather to become virtuous. In golden age you become a fragrant flower. Remain in the household but follow the Godly direction. Do not fall in vice.
Murli 2:
The God who lives beyond say to the souls who live on earth: Become free from attachment. I give you unlimited happiness. I am the Saccharine to give you happiness. All your relations give only sorrow. You have to forget this vicious world.
At this time, people feel that they are in heaven even with a little wealth. If some loss happens, they keep worrying. In golden age, accidents never take place, people never worry or cry over there. You remain happy in golden age. I come on earth for the poor who live in iron age. I am the most wealthiest and hence I never give it to rich ones but to the poor ones.
This study centre is known as the land of Indra, only the pure swans come here not the ones who remain vicious.
Murli 3:
Essence: Sweet children, you are spiritual warriors. You have received very big bombs of knowledge with which you have to conquer Maya, the enemy.
Question: By understanding which secret have you become carefree emperors?
Answer: By understanding the secret of the whole drama, you have become carefree emperors. You know that you are now settling your old karmic accounts and filling your aprons with knowledge and yoga for 21 births. You are Shiv Baba’s (Benefactor GodFather’s) grandchildren and the children of Adam-Brahma Baba. So, what is there for you to worry about?
Song: Having awakened my fortune, I have come.
Essence for dharna:
1. Listen to the murli at amrit vela and then repeat the points. Definitely take notes from the murli. In order to remain happy, do the service of making others equal to yourself.
2. In order to climb Father Adam’s - Brahma’s heart, become powerful in knowledge and yoga. Pass with number one and claim a scholarship.
Blessing: May you remain constantly happy with the awareness of your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune and share that happiness and thereby become an easy yogi.
The confluence age is the age of happiness and the age of pleasure, and so constantly remain in pleasure and continue to share that happiness. Always remember your fortune and the Bestower of Fortune. The awareness that you have found the Father and so found everything will make you an easy yogi. People of the world say that you cannot find God without suffering, whereas you say that you have found the Father while sitting at home, that you have found what you never even thought of. You have found the Ocean of Happiness. Constantly stay in this happiness. This is easy yoga.
Slogan: Those who do everything with cleanliness and in the right way are true and real children of God.

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