Monday, 8 October 2012

To finish the alloy of “I” and the consciousness of “mine” is to become real gold.

Essence: Sweet children, Maya creates obstacles in yoga, not in knowledge. Unless there is yoga, the study cannot be imbibed. This is why you should make effort to stay in as much yoga as possible.

Question: Through which method does Baba uplift the children who have fallen?
Answer: Baba praises those children in class and gives them a lot of love and courage: Child, you are very good. You can become a Ganges of knowledge. You are going to become a master of the world. I have come to give you the sovereignty free of charge. Why are you not claiming it? Are there the omens of Rahu over you? Study the murli and stay in yoga and the eclipse will be removed. When the children are encouraged in this way, they become engaged in remembrance of God and the study once again. The omens of many children are removed in this way.
Song:     The Resident of the faraway land has come to the foreign land.

Sweet Children,
God says, Children, manmanabhav (rest your mind on God alone), which is said even in scriptures. You have to remember GodFather because it is time for the souls to leave the body and go back to the soul world (the real home of souls).
The young and old have to go beyond sound. When the soul remains in soul world, the souls do not have a body. Soul plays roles on earth through a body. Now, the Death of all deaths says, I will take you everyone back home.
This knowledge you receive only here at this time of confluence age. The Heaven of golden age is being established now. You must remain in remembrance of God all the time. But you remain very little time remembering God whilst performing actions. You get obstacles in remembrance of God not in study.
If you don’t understand this knowledge, does not matter, you can just remember GodFather. You were worship-worthy deities (virtuous human beings), have become vicious at this time.
Whatever you have been doing in devotion, never happen in golden age. All scriptures whatever you are learning are created based on the knowledge of Gita spoken at this time of confluence age.
After 2500years, at the end of silver age, major transformation takes place by earthquake and the all things go under the earth. After that copper age begins and at the end of iron age (when it is 5000years), once again transformation will take place to create the golden age.
God says, I have come to give you the inheritance of heaven free of cost. When people have love for another, they keep planning for each other, they promise each other to support one another and get engaged. Here, God promises to relieve you from all bondages of so many births. In fact real engagement has to take place with GodFather.
No one knows when the soul would leave the body, you must not waste your time. Here, you are not asked to renounce anything or anyone physically.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Forget the relations of the body and consider yourself to be a soul alone. Surrender yourself to the Father completely. You mustn’t be afraid.
2.            In order to become free from the punishment of Dharamraj, don’t leave till tomorrow what you can do today. Continue to take blessings from the Father on the basis of study.

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who experiences the stage of liberation-in-life with the method of just, “I and my Baba”.
To become a child of God means to be liberated from the bondages of the body, relations and facilities. Relationships with relations of the body are not based on the body but are based on the relationship of the soul. If someone is influenced or controlled by someone else, that is a bondage, but to be a Child means one who is liberated-in-life. While you have the support of the physical senses, you have to perform action, but you do not have bondage of karma, but relationship of karma. Those who are liberated in this way are always embodiments of success. The easy method for this is: “I and my Baba”. This remembrance makes you an easy yogi, an embodiment of success and liberated-in-life.

Slogan: To finish the alloy of “I” and the consciousness of “mine” is to become real gold.

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