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To become merged in love of God means to be an easy yogi.

Essence: Sweet children, imbibe the Father’s teachings and become virtuous flowers. You have received the enlightenment of knowledge. Therefore, remain constantly cheerful.

Question: What deep and entertaining things about you children do people become confused about when they hear them?
Answer: 1) You say: We are now the decoration of the spiritual clan, the spinners of the discus of self-realisation. We are those who blow the conch shell of knowledge. We are trinetri and trikaldarshi. All the ornaments given to the deities actually belong to us. When people hear these things, they become confused. 2) You say: The knowledge that the Father is giving us through this one’s mouth is the blowing of the conch shell. It is through this that we are becoming deities from human beings. This is called the murli; it is not a wooden flute. These are very deep and entertaining things that people find difficult to understand.

Song:     This is the spring to forget the world.

Sweet Children,
You are taught to imbibe divine virtues which are more elevated than the virtues of deities.
Since you receive the light of knowledge, you must remain happy. You remain happy for 21 births in golden and silver ages.
The golden age is the virtuous-pure world where only happiness exists amongst everyone. The dynasty of golden age is ruled by laksmi Narayan  who were known as Radhe and Krishna when they are young.
GodFather teaches you the secret of action, neutral action (golden and silver ages) and sinful actions (copper and iron ages). You children are known as spiritual guides who show the right path to others.
The soul and Supreme soul have remained separate for a long time (now at this confluence age, they meet each other). Now you have to become virtuous certainly, the knowledge can remain only in golden intellect. You cannot make spiritual effort without purity.
Now, God speaks the knowledge which is shown in memorial as the flute music by Sri Krishna. God has mercy for the children and gives jewels of knowledge. You imbibe these jewels of knowledge to share it with others. You children speak only jewels of knowledge. You do great spiritual service and even teach others to do service.
You know about the important actors of this world drama. God is the highest Creator, Director of this world drama.Then comes the father of humankind –Adam (Brahma). The world cycle is of just 5000years unlike millions of years as mentioned in scriptures.
Soul is a very subtle point of light stays at the middle of forehead, it is like a point of star. This knowledge is very subtle to understand, taught to you day by day.
It is said God is omnipresent but at the same time people call Him out. It is not that God does not have name or form. Now, your third eye of knowledge is opening up. In scriptures, the deities are shown with third eye of knowledge.
When you make spiritual effort, you will experience happiness. God gives you the inheritance of heaven at this time. You must remain happy at all times.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Constantly stay under the shower of knowledge. Become a spiritual guide and show everyone the path. Only let jewels of knowledge emerge from your mouth.
2.            Churn the ocean of knowledge, remain constantly cheerful, mature, have a broad intellect, experience happiness and enable others to do the same.

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who puts a full stop to any situation and thereby finishes it.
The essence of all the points is to become a point. Remain stable in the point form and the queue of question marks will end. Whenever there is a question mark in any situation, simply put a full stop. The easy slogan to put a full stop is: Whatever happened, whatever is happening and whatever is to happen will be good because the confluence age is the best of all. When you say “good”, everything becomes good and, through this, you will continue to experience the life of an easy yogi.

Slogan: Love is the easy method for remembrance. To become merged in love means to be an easy yogi.

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