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Hear No evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.

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Essence: Sweet children, this is Ravan’s cottage of sorrow in which everyone is unhappy. You are now chasing Ravan away and then there will be cries of victory and you will all go to the cottage free from sorrow.
Question: On what basis can you claim a high status even among the subjects and what is the example of that?
Answer: In order to claim a high status amongst the subjects, surrender whatever handful of rice you have to the Father, just as Sudama did. It is shown that Sudama gave a handful of rice and received a palace. However, in order to claim a royal status, you have to study very well and become completely pure-virtuous. You have to insure everything you have.
Song: At last the day has come for which we have been waiting!
Sweet Children,
The Supreme soul Supreme Father is known as the Boatman who takes you across, from the world of vices, to the world of happiness.
Now, the old world has the old Bharat-India. And in future, the New world will have New Bharat. The kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, the deities, existed near the banks of river Yamuna, in delhi.
At the end of 5000years God had to come certainly to give knowledge to the children.
There is the image of monkeys on Hear No evil, See no evil, speak no evil. You also behave like monkeys. It is said that Sage Narad wanted to marry SriLakshmi, but then he is asked to check if he is worthy for it, to see his monkey like face in the mirror.
People pray to God for salvation. You have to share this knowledge with others. Ask them, what is their relationship with God? God is the Creator of heaven. You were ruling the kingdom of heaven-golden age.
In golden age, people of divine virtues existed. 2500years, there is the world of sorrows and 2500years, there is the world of happiness.
At this time you have Supreme God Father and the father of humankind – Adam (Brahma) with you. The physical father gives you the limited inheritance and the Spiritual Father gives you the unlimited inheritance of golden age. God makes you worthy to rule the virtuous world.
Who is the God of the Gita? The incorporeal GodFather is the God of the real Gita spoken at this confluence age. God makes you to become vice-less, to rule the virtuous world.
The old world will be transformed into New world where new palaces will be built for you. At this time Adam (Brahma) and Eve (Saraswathi) remain father and daughter. In golden age, they become Narayan and Lakshmi, King and Queen to rule the golden aged kingdom.
Unless you become pure-virtuous, you cannot rule the kingdom of golden age. If you don’t become completely virtuous, you take birth as subjects and there are different levels even amongst subjects of golden age.
Insure yourself for Godsake. In devotional service, people attain limited happiness. Here, if you insure yourself to God, you receive unlimited happiness.
It depends upon you either to become the king or subjects of golden age. Father sees the spiritual effort of each one being a detached observer. Souls attain the status in golden age according to their spiritual effort.
Remain in the household but follow the direction of GodFather. God teaches you everyday. The more you remember the GodFather, that much you will get rid of the bondages of sins of various births.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim a royal status, follow shrimat completely. Don’t have attachment to anything. Make the lesson firm: Mine is the one Father and none other.
2. Hear no evil! See no evil! Talk no evil! Follow this direction of the Father and become worthy to sit in a temple.
Blessing: May you be completely pure and bid farewell to the greatest enemy of lust and all its companions in spiritual life.
Just as you pay special attention to conquer the greatest enemy of lust in spiritual life, in the same way, bid farewell to all its companions. Many children chase away the great evil spirit of anger, but they have a little love for the children of anger. Just as little children are loved, in the same way, the little children of anger are also sometimes loved. However, you can only be said to be completely pure-virtuous when there is no trace of vice remaining. When you make a firm vow in this, you would then be said to be a true child of God.
Slogan: In order to experience the pleasure of the confluence age, remain free from any dependence on Maya - vices.

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