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let there be the consciousness “I am eating with Baba (GodFather)”,and that food will then be filled with strength.

Essence: Sweet children, you are once again studying Raja Yoga. God is teaching you once again and you are studying in order to claim a kingdom. Constantly remember your aim and objective.

Question: What preparations are you children making now in great happiness?
Answer: You are now preparing to shed your old bodies in great happiness and return to the Father. You have to practise this here so that you can shed your bodies in remembrance of Baba (God) alone and not have to choke at that time. Your student life is a carefree life. Therefore, become choke-proof.
Song:     Hey traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of the dawn is not far off

Sweet Children,
The spiritual Father is teaching you the spiritual children. You know what God is teaching you. You are transforming from human beings into deities. Once again you are learning RajaYoga which was taught to you every 5000years.
Father is only One and children are many. God Himself comes and say that I had adopted you children. You children become deities and rule the whole world. You can explain to others by means of pictures.
Here, once again, you children study to become ruler of kings. This is known as easy yoga and easy knowledge.
You have to transform from human beings into virtuous deities. Deities are known as completely virtuous of 16celestial degrees.
People never know that it is Radha and Krishna who become Lakshmi and Narayan. 5000years before deities were completely virtuous.
God is known as Blissful, He removes sorrow of all souls of the world. God says: Remember one GodFather alone (not physical body of self and others). I make you king of all kings. You attain kingdom by means of Rajayoga, once again.
God says, I have come once again to teach you rajayoga (to become ruler of self and world). God says, hey spiritual children, never become tired (never lose hope). I teach you Rajayoga to give you inheritance of heaven.
In golden age, there were deities of golden age. Adam (Brahma) is not God but the father of humankind. Here, God speaks the secrets about world cycle and deities. God says, I come at the end of every world cycle .
You have lost all your virtues taking births and reading scriptures. Hence God has to appear on earth to transform vicious souls to virtuous.
Sri Krishna has a body of his own and hence He cannot be called as God who does not own a body. Sri Krishna appears in golden age and I come at the confluence of iron age and golden age.
Who is God of the Gita?  There are lot of confusions about it. In reality God speaks the Gita at the confluence age not Sri Krishna.
Souls must have courage to remain pure-virtuous. Souls come around the world cycle by taking maximum 84births, losing their virtues. Deities are shown with the discus of self realization. You spin the discus to become pure-virtuous.
No one has the knowledge of world cycle except GodFather. God says, you must become virtuous-pure. In golden age, there is nothing of sorrow.
It is said that soul gets merged in Brahm element but it is not so. Every soul goes to soul world of Brahm element only at the end of world cycle.
You receive power from God when you prepare and eat food in remembrance of GodFather. By remembrance the food becomes pure and the body receives strength.
It is said, if you want to know about bliss, you must ask with gope and gopis who are none other than you children who listen to the versions (murli) spoken by GodFather at this time.

Essence for dharna:
1.            In order to remain constantly healthy, prepare and eat food in remembrance. At the time of eating, let there be the consciousness “I am eating with Baba (GodFather)”, and that food will then be filled with strength.
2.            In order to become a deity, blow the conch shell and continue to spin the discus of self-realization. Make your life as pure as a lotus flower.

Blessing: May you be a world server and a great donor who donates the infinite treasures as a bestower.
Always remember that you have to donate the infinite treasures you have received from the Father. Use your treasures: continue to use them in a worthwhile way through your thoughts, words, relationships and connections. Children of the Bestower cannot stay without giving for even one day: a world server has to do service every day. If you do not get a chance to serve through words, then serve through your mind. If you are unable to serve through your mind, then serve through your deeds and practical life. To the extent that you become a sample through your thoughts and words, to that extent, everyone will automatically be attracted on seeing the sample.
Slogan: For those who have the power of determination, even the impossible becomes possible.

Essence: Sweet children, this life of yours is your most valuable one. In this birth you have to become diamonds from shells. Therefore, remember the Father as much as possible.

Question: By not being cautious about which one aspect does your register become spoilt?
Answer: If you cause anyone sorrow then your register is spoilt. You have to be very cautious about this aspect. To cause sorrow for others means to cause sorrow for oneself. The Father doesn’t cause anyone sorrow; you children have to become equal to the Father. In order to claim your fortune of a kingdom for 21 births, firstly become pure and secondly don’t cause anyone sorrow through your thoughts, words or deeds. While living at home with your family, remain very sweet in your interaction with everyone.
Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Sweet Children,
GodFather has come to decorate you children, but the decoration gets spoilt in course of time by the influence of maya-vices.
Your battle is against the vices. Lust is the greatest enemy. How it becomes an enemy, no one knows about it. God makes you self independent but you lose it by taking many births.
From vicious, become vice-less , free from all desires (content-being blissful-being natural).Let there not be any vice, you have to win over the lust. Deities become vicious coming into the retirement stage. Now, you become vice-less deities to rule the new world.
Your life is most valuable and hence you have to become like a diamond. Remain in the remembrance of GodFather.
Earlier, the war took place outside the city but now it takes place within the city killing the innocents.
You children have to remember the GodFather and make others remember the GodFather.
The greatest charity is to donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge. You can open the spiritual hospital, where you don’t give any medicine. You just have to remember the father doing all actions.
Waking up early in the morning and remember the GodFather. Bharat-India is famous for the Rajayoga, taught by the GodFather. Here, the souls have to become pure-virtuous in nature.
Rajayog cannot be taught by human beings to other human being. It is taught by God Himself to His children. You have to renounce the old world by the intellect, have to remain in household being pure.
You must have attention to become pure-virtuous. I teach you children in every world cycle. You must remember the GodFather and the heavenly inheritance. You must churn this knowledge of world cycle. There is praise of discus of self realization by which the demons – vices are removed.
GodFather teaches you children, don’t give sorrow to each other. God never gives sorrow to anyone and you must also become like him. If you give pain to others, you spoil your own income. Don’t do such sinful action that your records of actions get spoiled.
You have to check if you got angry with anyone, if you give sorrow to anyone. You have made promise that if God comes, I will become free from desires and remember Him by intellect. Sanyasis never become free from desires but renounce to go away from household.
There are many who get tears in the love of God. Here, you earn unlimited spiritual income unlike other satsangs. Human beings cannot teach Rajayog to human beings. If people do a lot of charity, they take birth in royal family and it is only for a very limited period. But here you receive unlimited inheritance. One is to remember God, other is , you must not become angry, must not give sorrow to others by thoughts, words and actions. Otherwise you undergo greater punishment.
Even if you have vicious thoughts, don’t bring them into actions. You have to become very sweet. You must not respond with anger to the anger, instead you have to smile in return. People use bad words in anger, when there is appearance of ghost of anger in them.
There are many who says, initially there was lot of anger before, but not now. It is good to remain pure-virtuous, there is no need to leave the household. You must become very sweet, have to remember One GodFather who is the Creator. Brothers don’t receive inheritance amongst each other but from GodFather.
There are so many people-brothers, you all belong to one father of humankind. Now, you create a good fortune, you transform from human beings into deities. You know your aim object of deities. You remember your past by looking at the image of deities, you never say that the dead one has to come alive to prove your past.
There are different types of devotion by which you receive divine visions. But you never attain anything by divine visions. At this time, no one has reached the stage of karmateet, the stage free from bondage of actions. You must open the spiritual hospital to give knowledge to others. You children have to become virtuous deities.
You must remain in household and remain virtuous-pure, must become free from desires. Children have to become very sweet. Your knowledge is very incognito. You ask others to remember GodFather. You have to make a lot of effort, become stick for the blind. Everyone cannot remain same but in golden age, every soul remains pure-virtuous. No name of sorrow exist there, everyday is a diwali there. There every soul remains clean and pure.
Like God has knowledge, you also have knowledge. In golden age, only happiness exists, you children must not fear on anything. You fight against your old enemy-vices, no one rule the world by the power of weapons but by the power of remembrance. Now, only very little time is left out. The transformation of the world has to take place.
Those who received the kingdom in previous world cycle will come again to receive their kingdom. The more you win over the vices, that much, you will stabilize in remembrance of God.
The maya is also almighty authority like God, you have to win over the maya-vices. You have to remember GodFather and become virtuous.

Essence for dharna:
1. Have true love for the one Father and destroy your attachment (by looking at self and others as soul) to everyone else. Don’t perform any sinful actions through your mouth or physical senses. Always keep your register good.
2. Never become tired of service. Don’t waste your time. Open a spiritual hospital in every home and give everyone the medicine of remembrance.

Blessing: May you have a guarantee of being victorious and make the impossible possible and experience success through your determined thoughts.
The special blessing of the confluence age is to make the impossible possible. Therefore, never think, “How is this going to happen?” Instead of thinking “How? (kaise)”, think, “It will happen like this (aise). Continue to move along with the faith that it is already accomplished and that you just have to put it into the practical form and repeat it. Use your determined thoughts. Let there not be any upheaval of “What?” or “Why?” in your thoughts and victory is then definitely guaranteed. To use determined thoughts means to attain success easily.
Slogan: Always have the awareness of the Father who is Karankaravanhar and the consciousness of the body and ego will finish.

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