Wednesday, 26 September 2012

When you have love for God,the remembrance becomes natural.

Essence: Sweet children, make effort to make impure ones pure-virtuous, like the Father. This time is very valuable. So don’t waste your time in useless matters.

Question: Due to which one aspect does the Father feel a lot of mercy for you children?
Answer: Some children gossip among themselves and waste a lot of their time. When they go sightseeing somewhere, instead of remembering the Father, they have wasteful thoughts. The Father feels a lot of mercy for such children. Baba says: Sweet children, now reform your lives. Don’t waste time unnecessarily. In order to become satopradhan from tamopradhan, remember the Father accurately with an honest heart. Don’t remember the Father just in desperate circumstances.

Sweet Children,
You souls have been calling out for God for 2500years, there is memorial of draupadi. God comes and satisfies all the souls.  There is a lot of difference being vicious and vice-less. There is the memorial of stone-like intellect and divine intellect.
Children have to make spiritual effort. God comes to make the tamopradhan souls to satopradhan souls. I make you souls greater than Myself. God praises His children. Now, the GodFather and father of humankind – both are present along with children.
Human body is such that it is never used for anything unlike the body of animals. When the intellect is not used, it is known as stone-like intellect. People waste time on gossip.
Souls have to keep busy in service and by the power of remembrance of God, souls have to become virtuous. There is no other method to become pure-virtuous.
God welcomes you children who have lost everything, I make you the crown of head. You children become wealthy at this time. You are the multimillionaires of golden age.
The world transformation has to take place. All the wealth, property, physical body will have to be destroyed-trasnformed to create the New world. You study here, because you have faith that God is teaching you, there cannot be any excuses. Study is important and you also have to remember GodFather. But in reality, you never remember GodFather, waste your time on gossip. God says repeatedly, children never gossip.
It takes time to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. Check yourselves how much you remember the Godfather with true heart , with lot of love and accurately. When you have love for someone, there is no need to make effort to remember, the remembrance becomes natural.
Know yourself that only One GodFather is your true friend and all others are against you. When you souls gossip and fight against each other, how can you remain a friend or brothers amongst yourselves?
You must not look at the body of anyone including own body. Look at self and others as souls. There should be remembrance of God in every breath. You experience happiness in remembrance of GodFather. By thinking about others, people undergo sorrows.
I have come to give you inheritance of heaven and make you virtuous-pure. You say that maya stops you from remembering GodFather. God says, the more you remember GodFather, that much you will receive inheritance of heaven. The kingdom is being established.
GodFather says, visit temple, go into every street and give introduction of GodFather to everyone. The mind keeps wandering on relatives, the intellect never concentrates on God.
GodFather speaks to souls. It is the soul who studies this knowledge, not the physical organs. You have to make spiritual effort. This study is unlimited and the unlimited GodFather is teaching this knowledge to give you unlimited inheritance. God comes to make you virtuous deities-human beings of golden age.
There are many those who become even servants of kings and people in golden age according to their spiritual effort of this time of confluence age. There must be effort to become very sweet and loving, even GodFather teaches you with lot of love and sweetness.
Children those who study, do the churning of knowledge even at home. There must be interest in this study. There are many whose intellect is old stone-like. Here, you have to become deities from human beings.
When God comes, certainly He will create wonders. He will transform the old bodies into New bodies, transform the vicious into vice-less.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Listen with a lot of love and in the stage of soul consciousness to what the Father tells you. Sit in front of the Father and continue to look at Him. Don’t nod off! Have a lot of interest in studying. Definitely study, even if you have to renounce your food.
2.            Make the one Father your true Friend. In order to end animosity among yourselves, practise: We souls are brothers. Even while seeing the body, do not see it (but look at soul).

Blessing: May you be a server who is free from obstacles by keeping your mind and intellect constantly busy in service.
To the extent that you have zeal and enthusiasm for service, to that extent you remain free from obstacles because your intellect remains busy in service. When it is empty, there is a chance for something else to enter your intellect whereas by remaining busy, you easily become free from obstacles. In order to keep your mind and intellect busy, make a timetable for them. In order to put the aim you have for yourself and service into a practical form, you definitely need to pay attention every now and again. Attention should never change into tension. Where there is tension, there is difficulty.

Slogan: The blessings that you receive in service are the way to remain healthy.

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