Sunday, 9 September 2012

God is the most loving and sweetest.Become loving and detached like Him.

Essence: Sweet children, now you have to interact with even greater royalty than deities(virtuous humanbeings) because you now belong to the incorporeal and corporeal elevated clans.
Question: Which children’s faces remain in bloom like flowers?
Answer: Those who have the incognito happiness that they are claiming their unlimited inheritance from the Father and are becoming the masters of the world, those who are becoming satopradhan (virtuous) with knowledge and yoga. Such souls continue to become pure. The faces of such children remain happily in bloom like flowers. Those souls will continue to receive strength. Jewels of knowledge will continue to emerge from their lips and they will become rup and basant. They will continue to have visions of the new kingdom.
Song: To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane…
Sweet Children,
You wanted God to be a Trustee for all your assets, and in turn God makes you a trustee.
You receive lot of power by preparing and eating food in remembrance of God.
You are very poor at this time, you never take 36varieities of first class food at this time, unlike in golden age.
God, the creator of heaven, the Almighty Authority is teaching you and hence you must have a lot of intoxication. God is the most obedient Servant of you children.
The unlimited GodFather is with you now. By not knowing about GodFather, the people of the world have become like orphans (those who fight against each other).
This is the battle against vices. To the possible extent, explain with lot of love to kids instead of becoming wild.
The aim object is very elevated, you have to become very elevated in your status. God is the most loving and sweetest, you children must also become like Him.
Your features must be very royal. Walking, eating, speaking  must be very royal. Your face should be sparkling with happiness, have to make a lot of spiritual effort.
When you become completely knowledge-full you would share this knowledge with Sanyasis and gurus.
The more you become very close, you would experience lot of happiness. There is lot of purity in golden age, you remain 100% virtuous.
You have to become the garland of God. It takes 84births for you to come down from the elevated status of golden age,but it takes just a second to climb up.
You have to maintain good relationship with everyone. Even if others get angry with you, still you have to remain very sweet. Even if someone insults, you have to remain smiling (within).
God gives you lot of techniques to become virtuous.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become so first class, sweet and royal that you glorify the Father’s name. Even if someone becomes angry or insults you, simply continue to smile.
2. Become a complete trustee by following shrimat. Don’t do any wrong business. Surrender yourselves completely.
Blessing: May you be free from the bondage of karma and perform every action as a karma yogi according to elevated directions.
The children who perform every action according to elevated directions while maintaining spiritual intoxication do not come into bondage of karma while performing actions, but remain loving and detached. By their performing actions as karma yogis waves of sorrow cannot come to them; they remain constantly loving and detached. No bondage of karma will pull them to itself. They constantly perform every action as masters and they therefore experience the stage of being free from bondage. Such souls always remain happy themselves and also give happiness to others.
Slogan: Become an authority of experience and you will never be deceived.

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