Thursday, 6 September 2012

just remember God and world cycle to remove sins and become virtuous.

Essence: Sweet children, give everyone the Father’s introduction and make them into bestowers of happiness. Become soul conscious so that your time continues to be used in a worthwhile way and you will be saved from performing sinful actions.
Question: Which words emerge from the lips of the children whose intellects have been locked by Maya?
Answer: The words that emerge from their lips are: We have a direct connection with Shiv Baba (who ignores the Godly chariot Adam-Brahma). Because of the influence of bad company, their intellects become foolish. They become those who defame the Satguru. When some people say that they have a direct connection with Baba, they also ought to be able to hear the murli through inspiration! Such children who defame the Father cannot reach their destination. Maya locks their intellects.
Sweet Children,
You consider yourself as a soul and remember the GodFather. You children know that you are becoming the masters of heaven.
You give happiness to others by introducing GodFather.You must not lose hope at anytime.
Soul has to leave the body in remembrance of GodFather.
 Here You are taught by Adam-Brahma. GodFather teaches you through Adam-Brahma.
God speaks to you children:
Hey children, you were told that the Purifier appears on this vicious earth to give you knowledge.
You Godly children are adopted through Adam-Brahma, to receive Godly inheritance.
May you become soul conscious and remember GodFather. Then, the burden of so many births will be removed, you will become pure-virtuous in nature.
I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma. The New world is created through you children in every world cycle of 5000years.
I come at the end of iron age, when the devotional period comes to an end. I become your Father,Teacher and Supreme Guide.
Now, you belong to the GodFather through Adam-Brahma. Soul has to go through 84births in every world cycle. Adam-Brahma is the father of humankind. God is your grand father.
You have to just remember the GodFather and the world cycle. Nothing more.
The more you remember the GodFather, that much sins are removed.
Essence for dharna:
1. Maintain the happiness that you are the most elevated, the highest decoration of the spiritual clan. Constantly remain cheerful by remaining aware that you have found God Himself in the form of the Father, the Teacher and the Guru.
2. Don’t feel sorrow about anything. Don’t waste your time gossiping.
Blessing: May you be a karma yogi and constantly experience the flying stage with your wings of zeal and enthusiasm.
Zeal and enthusiasm are the wings of you children for the flying stage. If you do come down for any task, you do that in the flying stage, as a karma yogi, to perform actions. This zeal and enthusiasm is the greatest power for you children. Your life is not dry, you have the sweetness of zeal and enthusiasm and this is why you can never be disheartened but remain constantly happy hearted. Enthusiasm changes storms into a gift and enables you to experience tests or problems to be a form of entertainment.
Slogan: Those who have the practice of the bodiless stage cannot be attracted by the attractions of the body.

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