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With awareness of self and others as soul,you become very sweet,loving and a bestower of happiness.

Essence: Sweet children, you are all brothers and you have to live together with spiritual love. Become a bestowers of happiness and give everyone happiness. Become those who pick up virtues.
Question: What is the reason for not having spiritual love among you? How can there be spiritual love?
Answer: When there is body consciousness, you look at the weaknesses of one another, and so there isn’t spiritual love. When you become soul conscious and you have the concern to remove your weaknesses, when your aim is to become satopradhan and you become very sweet and a bestower of happiness, there is then a lot of love among you. The Father’s shrimat is: Children, don’t look at anyone’s weaknesses. Have the aim of becoming virtuous and making others virtuous. The one Father has the maximum virtues. Continue to pick up virtues from the Father, renounce everything else and you will be able to interact with love.
Sweet Children,
Now, you children know that the unlimited GodFather makes you satopradhan-virtuous. You children are brothers amongst each other, you have to remain very sweet with each other.
The time , months and years are passing out. You are losing out time by falling down. You know that you were virtuous earlier, you had lot of love amongst yourselves. Your aim object is to become satopradhan. The more you become satopradhan, that much you will become more happy.You will remain with lot of love amongst each other.
Deities share lots of love with each other. Now, very little time is left out, you have been playing your  role from the beginning. Because of body consciousness, you dont have much love, instead find fault with others.
If you find even a little fault, you are far away from the spiritual vision. You have to finish the vicious nature. Children, you were worshipworthy, complete in  all virtues. Now, you have to become sweet and loving. From being sorrowful, become happy.
In the vicious world, people keep giving sorrows to each other unlike in the world of heaven, golden age-kingdom of God. As of now, the golden age, silver age and copper age have come to an end. And now, even the iron age will come to an end for the golden age to appear once again. Now, you have come down to the level of tamopradhan from the satopradhan. Your spiritual happiness has come to an end. Now, you have to become satopradhan-completely virtuous in nature.
Father explains, when the confluence age arrives at the end of 5000years, then I appear on earth. When you were satopradhan,you did not have any fault within. Now, the soul has lost its peace. You are brothers amongst each other, must have lot of love for each other.
Look at each other as brothers, by coming in to body consciousness, you see fault with others. You have to make effort to attain elevated status like before. There is no difference between you souls. You must not hurt or blame others. Whatever the difference is there has to be forgotten. Remember the One Father alone, become virtuous very soon.
Forget what others have said, what others have done to blame or hurt you. Father says, consider yourself as a soul and make effort to become virtuous. Never look at the faults – vices of others.
Check yourself how much satopradhan you have become. Imbibe virtues of GodFather within you. Leave the vices and imbibe the virtues. Become equal like the GodFather, give happiness to others at all time, never give sorrow to others.
Everyone has vice within each other but without their awareness-knowledge of it. Others come to know about it. People see themselves as very good, dont see their faults. By not knowing their fault, they see themselves good. God has come to make everyone very sweet. Whatever fault you have within , get rid of them. Check how much you love the most sweetest GodFather.
Check how much you understand and explain to others. Check how much you come into body consciousness. You have become virtuous-satopradhan so many times and hence even now, become virtuous. You have to get rid of the bondages of sins of so many births.
People bow in front of ones who are virtuous (deities). It is God who makes even the deities virtuous. You have to study this knowledge to become like a deity. You have to become virtuous by imbibing divine virtues. Remember the One GodFather alone (see everyone else as souls not their body).
In golden age, you never think about God, since there are no devotional activities. You have to receive inheritance of heaven from GodFather. Every thing is based on your study and spiritual effort. You have to forget everything else, you must not see faults of others. It takes lot of effort to become virtuous. You get many storms of obstacles in remembering GodFather.
Check yourselves how much you remember the GodFather. How much you have love for GodFather. You must have such love that you remain altogether all the time. God makes you more elevated, you must have more regard for the Father. God is so much merciful.
People say God is present everywhere which is not right. Give introduction of GodFather to everyone. Become virtuous, Remember GodFather and get rid of bondage of sins to become pure.
You can explain to others how the world cycle repeats, the Eternal GodFather tells you the immortal story of the world. God has come to teach you chidren.
Adam-Brahma is the wonderful partner of God. GodFather adopts you children through Adam-Brahma. There is also mother Eve-Mamma.
The more you remember the GodFather, that much you will be sparkling.
Essence for dharna:
1. Have such love for the Father that you always cling to the one Father. Day and night, only praise the Father. Bubble with happiness.
2. Stay in the unadulterated remembrance of the one Father and become satopradhan. Never consider yourself to be very clever. Become as sweet as the Father.
Blessing: May you constantly be filled with zeal and enthusiasm and celebrate every moment of the confluence age in the form of a festival.
Any festival is celebrated to create zeal and enthusiasm. The life of you spiritual children is filled with enthusiasm. Just as there is life in your body while you are breathing, in the same way, the breath of spiritual life is zeal and enthusiasm and this is why every moment of the confluence age is a festival. However, the speed of breathing should be constant and normal. If the speed of breathing is very fast or slow, it would not be said to be a normal life. So, check whether the speed of zeal and enthusiasm in your spiritual life is normal, that is, whether it is constant.
Slogan: To remain full of the treasure of all powers is the speciality of the spiritual form.
Essence: Sweet children, your number one enemy is Ravan-vices whom you have to conquer with knowledge and the power of yoga. You definitely have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan
Question: What is the most subtle and deep aspect that you children have now understood?
Answer: The most subtle aspect is that this unlimited drama continues to be shot second by second. It will then repeat after 5000 years. Whatever happens also happened in the previous cycle. It continues to happen according to the drama. There is nothing to be confused about in this. Whatever happens is nothing new. The drama reel continues to turn second by second. The old continues to be erased while the new is recorded. We continue to play our roles while that continues to be shot. No one else can understand such deep things.
Song: Salutations to Shiva(Benefactor).
Sweet Children,
Bharat-India is the birth place of GodFather. Bharat is the greatest pilgrimage of all. GodFather teaches the most elevated teaching to the poorest and ordinary children.
The uneducated (who has not learned scriptures) finds it easy to remember the GodFather because everything has to be forgotten to imbibe this Godly knowledge. You are taught about RajaYoga and the world cycle.
There are many who teaches Gita in India but it is not asked to remember the God alone being in soul conscious. God father asks you to remember Him being in soul conscious. The more you remain in soul conscious, that much you can remember GodFather and become virtuous-pure.
You know that souls take maximum84births. God makes you equal like Him in virtues. In golden age, this knowledge would not exist. People never remember God there. They just receive the reward of present actions. No one knows what happened and when it had happened.
You use the power of remembrance unlike the power of weapons. God says, I appear in Adam-Brahma at his final birth at the end of this confluence age.
God isthe most Beloved Father. You tie the Rakhi to remain pure-virtuous. You have to become virtuous to become master of the pure world. By remembering GodFather, by the power of this fire, the sins are destroyed.
You win over the battle against maya-vices. You transform your nature into sato and rajo from satopradhan. The more you study and perform service, that much  elevated status you would attain.
You have to make effort to receive the power of remembrance. There are souls who leave this body and join the spiritual military and if there are any karmic accounts to be settled, they take birth.
The food offered to God also done according to the world drama. Whatever happened 5000years before happens in every world cycle, second by second. This subtle knowledge is not mentioned in any scriptures.
The old ones get destroyed and new ones are created. There is the day of Adam-Brahma and the night of Adam-Brahma. The day is of knowledge and the night is of devotion. You have to remember the GodFather to get rid of sins and free from wandering of devotions.
Now,very little time is left out. God is teaching you, He makes you perform spiritual effort. God is the Supreme Authority, He is known as the Father.
God comes on earth to teach you children, God is your most obedient Father. Father gives everything to the children. Children remembers the Father. However big the child is, he has to keep regard for the Father. Children sacrifice everything for the Father,God in devotion. God also sacrifices Himself for the sake of children.
You make God your heir. You have to forget remembrance of all physical (by looking at everyone as a soul) and being in awareness of soul, you have to remember the GodFather. God is unselfish, He gives salvation to all souls.
God asks you children to cooperate with Him in establishing the heaven of golden age. You help in the task of God to hep yourselves.
Essence for dharna:
1. Always be concerned about yourself. Be concerned to have your sins absolved. Don’t involve yourself in questions about other matters. In order to transform your sanskars, stay in the furnace of yoga – remembrance of God.
2. Renounce everything, including your body, become a full trustee and follow shrimat. Have complete regard for the Father and become His helper.
Blessing: May you achieve greater glorification through less expense in spiritual life and become full of spirituality.
The special slogan of this alokik spiritual life is: “Greater glorification through less expense”. You may have less expense but the result would be royal and beautiful attainment, that is, the best of all. Your life can be said to be full of spirituality when there is less expense of words and deeds. Greater work should be accomplished in a short time; there should be greater clarification through fewer words; there should be fewer thoughts but they should be powerful. This is known as greater glorification through less expense. Those who spend very little of all their treasures have their treasure-store full.
Slogan: When you have true love for the Father and service, you automatically receive love from the family.

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