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The soul repeats the eternal role of all births,in every 5000years of world drama.


Essence: Sweet children, continue to study and learn for as long as you live. Your study is to become pure for the pure world.
Question: The Father gives you teachings in order to make you equal to Him in which virtue?
Answer: Baba says: Children, just as I am egoless, so you children must become just as egoless as I am. Only the Father gives you teachings to become pure. Only by becoming pure will you become equal to the Father.
Question: When your intellect becomes good, what secrets automatically sit within it?
Answer: Who I, the soul, am. Who the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is. What His role is. What the eternal part recorded in the soul is that continues to be played. All of these things can only be understood by those who have good intellects.
Song:      Have patience O mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Sweet Children,
Soul is given hope to remain patience. You know that the point of soul has the eternal role of 84births recorded in it. The intellect of human beings has become so weak in nature at this time.
God is known as the karankaravanhar. Like God is viceless (egoless) and most obedient, children also become like Him. The Purifier certainly comes and makes the soul virtuous in nature.
Here, it is said, you have to study as long as you live. At the end, you must reach the karmateet (free from bondage of actions) stage, by the power of remembrance of God, the soul has to become virtuous-pure to reach the golden age. No human being can speak this deep secret of knowledge.
You know that by worldly knowledge and scriptures, you receive limited happiness but never receive liberation and liberation in life. In golden age, only happiness exists unlike the iron age of this time.
You receive the knowledge about soul, God, world cycle, the roles of soul and God. In the beginning of golden age, only nine lakh souls exist. Later the population keep increasing.
Children are taught Aliph (a) and Be (b) , the God and the inheritance. God plays the role from copper age till the end of the confluence age of iron age and golden age. Whatever happens at this time has happened even in previous world cycle.
People read the Times of India to know about the incidence happened 100years before. You read the Times of World to know about 5000years world cycle.
You children have the role of 84births in your intellect. Adam-Brahma is known as the father of humankind. God is known as the Magician because He transforms the vicious human beings into virtuous ones for the golden age.
People see divine visions but it does not help in self transformation. The soul has the eternal role in it which cannot be changed at any time.
Now, it is the iron age, the golden age has to arrive. Share this knowledge with others. What is soul, Supreme Soul, world cycle, how many births soul takes in each ages, are to be explained to others. People will become more happy to listen this knowledge. Explain why Sri Krishna is known as Shyam Sundar (Ugly and beautiful).
You listen to the truth at this time.

Essence for dharna:
1.             Pay full attention to the study. Don’t have any desires for visions etc. Never become disheartened and stop studying.
2.             While looking at the pictures, churn the ocean of knowledge and imprint everything on your heart. You have to do the tapasya of Raja Yoga.

Blessing: May you be a master and a child and remain full by constantly sharing and thereby increasing all your treasures.
The Father has given all of you children the same treasures and made you into the children who are the masters. All of you have received the same treasures, yet if someone is not full, the reason for that is that person does not know how to look after or increase these treasures. The method to increase them is to share them and the method to look after them is to repeatedly check them. Attention and checking – if both these guards are working fine, then the treasures will remain constantly safe.

Slogan: Perform every action with the intoxication of a right and with faith and you will not have to work hard.

Essence: Sweet children, your old enemy is Ravan-vices. Your war is very dangerous. The more yoga you have with One, the more power you will receive to conquer the enemy.
Question: How is the department of you children completely separate from that of human beings and which department is it?
Answer: The department of you children is to become pure-virtuous and make others pure-virtuous by following shrimat. You burn your sins away with the power of yoga (remembrance of God). The Father fulfils all your desires. Whatever people do, it continues to bring them down. They learn all the occult powers etc. and yet continue to become impure.
Song: Our pilgrimage is unique.

Essence for dharna:
1. Remove your attachment from the old skin of the body. Keep your intellect engaged in the spiritual pilgrimage.
2. Don’t have any connection with anything of the old world. Sit on the pyre of knowledge, become pure and claim your full inheritance from the Father.

Blessing: May you easily become an image of success who changes the impossible into possible with the Father’s company.
To have the Father’s company means to have one Strength and one Support as you carry out every task. That is the easy way to become an image of success. Through this, no matter how difficult a task may be, even the impossible seems to be possible. In spiritual life, whatever the work may be, whether it is physical or of spiritual effort, it is not impossible. When you have the company of the Almighty authority Father, then even a mountain can become like a mustard seed. You wouldn’t even have the thought about what would happen or how it would happen.

Slogan: Know the importance of time and you will become full of all the treasures of attainment.

Essence: Sweet children, do service with a far-sighted and broad intellect. Prove the contrast between truth and falsehood.
Question: What things are proved through the Mahabharata and what is the meaning of the Mahabharata?
Answer: 1) The Mahabharata means destruction of innumerable religions and establishment of the one religion. 2) Mahabharata means victory for the Pandavas (divine nature) and defeat for the Kauravas (vicious nature). 3) It is proved through the Mahabharat War that it must definitely have been God who sat in the chariot and gave knowledge, that God must definitely have taught Raja Yoga through which the kingdom was established. Mahabharata, after which, the golden-aged kingdom is established. You children can explain the Mahabharata very clearly.
Song: This is the Spring in which to forget the world.

Essence for dharna:
1. Churn the ocean of knowledge in order to do service. Don’t become tired. Create methods to benefit many.
2. While living with your worldly family, remember the parlokik Father. Make your reward elevated by making elevated effort.

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who receives the fruit (fal) and power (bal) of service with the awareness of your occupation.
While doing any work, do not forget your occupation. The Pandavas worked in an incognito way and yet had the intoxication of their victory. In the same way, you may be Government servants doing a job, but you should have the intoxication of being a world benefactor and, with this awareness, you will automatically remain powerful and by constantly having the consciousness of serving you will continue to receive the fruit and power of service. It is remembered that you receive the fruit of faith and feelings and your intention to serve will give many souls the fruit of peace and power.

Slogan: Constantly have the awareness of being a Godly student and Maya (vicious thoughts and actions) cannot then come to you.

Essence: A knowledge-full and powerful soul is successful.World transformation is the special task of spiritual life.

Blessing: May you be double light and carry out every task, considering yourself to be an instrument with the awareness of being a trustee.
The consciousness of being an instrument easily finishes any burden. “This is my responsibility. I have to look after this. I have to think about this.” Such thoughts create a burden. It is the Father’s responsibility and He has made me a trustee, that is, an instrument. Become double light with this awareness and continue to experience the flying stage. Where there is the consciousness of “mine” there will be a burden. Therefore, whenever you experience a burden in any task, check that you do not say “mine” by mistake where you should be saying “Yours”.

Slogan: Let there be soul-conscious awareness and good wishes in every word and none of your words will then go to waste

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