Thursday, 27 September 2012

sacrifice the consciousness of “I” (being a trustee) to become a world benefactor.

Essence: Sweet children, while sitting in this land of sorrow, remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. Forget this land of sorrow. Your intellects should not wander here.

Question: What is the basis of your efforts?
Answer: Faith. You have the faith that the Father has brought you the gift of the new world. This old world is definitely going to be destroyed. You are making effort with this faith. If you don’t have faith, you won’t reform yourself. As you progress further and everyone receives your message through the newspapers, your sound will spread and your faith will continue to become stronger.

Sweet Children,
Your intellect goes to the world of peace and happiness being here. God who is the resident of soul world comes and gives direction, Children remember Me to come to the world of peace (soul world).
It is asked to remember the land of peace and land of happiness. By knowing that you are the resident of world of peace and by remembering the land of peace, you can also experience peace.
At this time, it is the world of sorrows. God gives direction daily: remember the land of peace and happiness, remember Me. God is your Father and hence His directions apply to all the souls of the world.
The religious founders come to establish their religion, they cannot be called as gurus. Guru is the one who takes you back to the word of retirement-soul world, it is the world beyond sound.In reality even gurus do not know the meaning of renunciation.
The deities of golden (Sri Lakshmi Narayan) and silver ages (Sri Sita Ram) cannot be called as God, the ancient deity religion exists in golden and silver ages, and they remain virtuous-pure for 21births.
You have to remember the One GodFather and the world cycle constantly. But souls find difficult to remember. At the least you can remember GodFather. You also know about the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle to churn about it.
Deities who are virtuous-pure are like fragrant flowers who existed in golden age. Now, the whole world human tree has been dried up and the new sampling has to be planted for the new world human tree.
The whole world never gets covered with water, the Bharat-India remains unaffected. The God is establishing the deity religion of virtues and peace, and the new world, at this time.
When you souls call out for God, the Purifier, to take to the world of happiness, God certainly comes to take you to the new virtuous-pure World. Very few people live in the pure-virtuous world.
It is God who gives you the complete knowledge of world cycle. God is known as Knowledge-full. He is the Only One Ocean of knowledge.
When you make the spiritual effort, you receive the liberation in life. There are many who receive only liberation. Those who study well come in golden and silver ages, and others remain in soul world to come later in copper and iron ages.
Now, the population increases, even the ocean is dried up to create houses, to be occupied by sea once again.  Now, God has come to establish the New world, to take all souls back home, when everything of old world gets destroyed in fire and water.
When the ancient religion comes into existence, only one religion of deities exists. Whatever you have heard through scriptures (of devotion) are to be forgotten, to listen to (knowledge from)  GodFather.
God says, I have come to create heaven and so you have to make the spiritual effort. When God comes, He comes with the gift of heaven at this confluence age. You listen to this knowledge with faith and hence you make this spiritual effort.
The God’s message will be received by all at the end, through Newspapers. The knowledge is very simple. You children just have to remember GodFather with honest heart to get rid of the bondages of sins. Everyone will know about the greatness of GodFather at the end.
God Father says, remember the GodFather and the heavenly golden age. The world transformation has to take place, for the peace to be established.
This vicious world has only sorrows and the virtuous world of golden age is only of happiness. God makes the souls worthy for heaven.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Study well and claim a high status. Be ready for the new world before the calamities come.
2.            In order to reform yourself, have faith in the intellect. You have to go beyond sound into the stage of retirement. Therefore, forget this land of sorrow and remember the lands of peace and happiness.

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who has a big heart and bring instant results in service.
Children who do service with a big heart are able to bring huge instant results in service. Whatever task you perform, have a big heart and also have a big heart in making others co-operative. Do not have a small heart for the self or for your co-operative companions. By your having a big heart, even dust becomes like gold, weak companions become powerful and the impossible becomes possible. For this, sacrifice the consciousness of “I” and you will become a world benefactor with a big heart.

Slogan: To transform reasons into solutions is to be someone who has pure and positive thoughts for others.

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