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A world transformer is one who transforms negative (vices within) into positive (virtues).

Essence: Sweet children, whenever you have time, earn the true income. Staying in remembrance of the Father while walking, moving around and performing actions is the basis of earning the true income. There is no difficulty in this.

Question: What are the signs of children who have been enlightened by knowledge?
Answer: Having been enlightened by knowledge, their physical senses become cool. All mischief ends and their stage becomes constant and stable. Their manners continue to be reformed.

Question:            What is the result of not having accurate remembrance of Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father)  in your intellect?
Answer:               There is definitely one sinful action or another performed. The intellect doesn’t work even to the extent of making you realise that you are performing sinful actions. Because of disobeying the Father’s orders, you continue to be deceived.

Song:     At last the day for which we have been waiting has come.

Sweet Children,
Children know that the unlimited Father has come. Sri Krishna is not the unlimited Father like it is mentioned in scriptures. The unlimited Father transforms the poor Bharat-India in to wealthy.
God appears only on Bharat-India and hence Bharat is known as the birthplace of GodFather. People call out God as omnipresent which is not true. God appears by divine birth unlike normal birth. Souls take birth by appearing in the womb of mother but not the Supreme Soul.
You souls had double crown. One is of the crown of purity and the other is of crown of jewels. Now, you have only the crown of jewels because you have become vicious from virtuous. The virtuous kings of golden and silver age get degraded to vicious-impure kings of copper and iron ages. Once again, you have to become the virtuous ones.
Now, you are becoming worshipworthy from being a worshipper. You have to make effort. To the extent possible, create an income by remembrance of GodFather. Whenever your intellect is free, whilst walking, moving around, remain in remembrance of GodFather. This is your unlimited income and others are limited.
You children know that you have to receive the unlimited inheritance from unlimited Father. You must not fall into vice. In this sacrificial fire of eternal Godly knowledge, there will be obstacles of demoniac nature of humanbeings. It is shown even in scriptures about the obstacles created by demons.
When you have the light of knowledge, your senses will become cool. At the end you attain the karmateet stage, free from bondages of actions.
To become the master of the world, hear no evil, see no evil. At this time, you are becoming worthy to be worshipped in temples. No other gurus ask you to remain free from vice- being lustful. Since you cooperate in opening the Gate of heaven, certainly you become the master of the kingdom by this spiritual effort of transforming the resident of hell into resident of heaven.It is also your job to make the human beings become vice-less in nature.
You (some) call the souls who have left the body and feed them. You visit the subtle world and offer food for GodFather. This food is liked even by the deities. The yoga and knowledge (to see visions in trance) both are different. When your intellect has yoga (remembrance) with God, you get rid of sins. (In knowledge-trance, you don’t make effort but in yoga).
You don’t receive anything by divine visions seen in trance. Only by remembrance of God you get benefitted. You must listen to the murlis, even if you don’t receive murlis, you can remain in remembrance of GodFather and churn the knowledge of discus of self realization.
Even the military men have to perform their actions, still the intellect must remember about God and His inheritance. Whatever food you eat, eat in remembrance of God, so that the food becomes pure. To the extent possible maintain the purity of food.
The most important is to remember the GodFather to get rid of sins. By remembrance, you never get slapped by maya, you never come into body consciousness. Soul is a point of light like a star. Soul is different from body.
It depends upon the practice to explain to others, but at the same time, the spiritual effort is required. You must be good in remembrance, some are very good in knowledge but have to make effort to remember GodFather. There are many who are knowledge-full but keep indulging in vices.
If you don’t follow the direction of GodFather, you lose your income. It is very easy to explain about the history and geography of the world. There were sun and moon dynasties, where they have gone now? Who has taken their kingdom? Only you children know how this world cycle repeats. This can be explained to anyone. You get obstacles only in remembrance of GodFather. If you don’t remember the GodFather accurately, the vicious actions take place.
You know that God is the Lord of the poor, merciful. God explains in particular to you children since you go to the world of happiness and in general, every soul receives liberation, goes to the soul world. The main religion – trunk of the tree has disappeared at this time, once again the kingdom of heaven is being established.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don’t develop doubts about anything and thereby stop studying. Remember the Father and the inheritance.  
2.            Listen to only the one Father. Forget everything else that you have studied. Hear no evil! See no evil! Talk no evil!.

Blessing: May you be double light and fly in the flying stage by remaining stable in the point form.
Always keep in your awareness that you are the stars of the Father’s eyes. “Star of the eyes” means only a dot can be in the eyes. It is with the speciality of the dot (pupil) in the eyes that you are able to see. To stay in the point form is the means to fly in the flying stage. Perform every action as a point and you will remain light. Do not have the habit of carrying any burden. Instead of “mine”, say “Yours” and you will become double light and you will not experience any burden in self-progress or in the task of world service.

Slogan: A world transformer is one who transforms negative into positive.

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