Sunday, 2 September 2012

GodFather gives you zeal and enthusiasm, courage and the power to remain tireless.

Essence: Sweet children, you have been shown the right path by the Father. Therefore, do not perform any wrong or sinful actions.
Question: At the present time, whatever thoughts human beings have are sinful. Why?
Answer: Because their intellects do not have any understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Maya has completely locked their intellects. Until the Father comes and gives the true recognition, all their thoughts are sinful. In the kingdom of Maya, even if they do have the thought of remembering God, their thoughts become wrong because they don’t have accurate recognition of God. These are very subtle matters to understand.
Song: Salutations to Shiva…
Sweet Children,
Now, You receive the help from God and you help all the souls of the world.
In golden age, the violent animals never exist. In old world, it is the vices that rule the world. Whatever is created at this time will not exist in golden age.
Soul is a unique star located at the middle of forehead. Soul is a star, Supreme Soul is also a star. God has the complete knowledge in Him.
Mind and Intellect both are different. Storm of thoughts affect the mind. Whatever thoughts people have at this time create vicious actions.
You must remember the land of silence and land of happiness. When the soul appears in the womb, then the movement takes place. The soul has both the mind and intellect.
Until the God comes, all thoughts of people remain vicious. You children understand what is right and wrong.
You are not allowed to perform any sinful actions. You receive the inheritance of kingdom of golden age from GodFather.
This world is a false continent and the golden age is the Continent of Truth. God is truth, speaks truth and establishes the true continent.
You need not have to do anything but just have to remember God and the inheritance.
Every  soul has its role of 84births  to play on earth. It is the soul who plays the role.
Now, you souls become pure. The soul who leaves the body now never go to the golden age. But it is your final birth at this time. You belonged to the pure ancient deity religion in golden age.
Since golden age, you have been taken rebirths. GodFather speaks to the souls who come in golden age. Those who come later cannot understand this knowledge.
You are the children of the father of humankind – Adam (Brahma). The GodFather does not have a body of His own.  God does not have guru for Him. God is theTrue Father, True Teacher and True guru.
You children go on spiritual pilgrimage (to soul world and subtle world). Souls who leave the body neither go to heaven at this time nor get merged with the Brahm element. If the soul is merged with the Brahm element, how it can be worshipped or offered food which people generally do.
There is the knowledge (day of Adam-Brahma) and devotion (night of Adam-Brahma). Both remain equal (of 2500 years each)
This Godly knowledge is worth millions. You ruled the world and you have lost it. You study this knowledge to rule the world once again.
Once again, now God has come to give you the inheritance of kingdom to you children. You know about the world cycle. Sweet children, remember Me, I have come to make you the master of the world. Make effort to remember GodFather to receive the inheritance of the world.
You have to get rid of body consciousness. God Himself makes you to do this spiritual effort. Explain to others about God. Souls cannot stay away from GodFather if they know about Him. The World Mother and Father (Eve and Adam) rule the kingdom of golden age. God purifies the soul of Adam-Brahma and through Him souls become pure-virtuous to come in golden age.
Essence for dharna:
1. The Father has opened the lock on your intellect. Therefore, do not perform any wrong acts through your physical organs. Pay attention that none of your thoughts are sinful.
2. You now have to return home. Therefore, forget that body of yours. Remove your intellect’s yoga from the land of sorrow and remember the Father and the inheritance.
Blessing: May you be a karma yogi who experiences zeal and enthusiasm and tirelessness through the Father’s help.
Because karma yogi children have the Father’s company in their actions, they receive extra help. No matter how difficult any task may be, the Father’s help gives you zeal and enthusiasm, courage and the power to remain tireless. Any task that is performed with zeal and enthusiasm will definitely be successful. The Father’s doesn’t do anything with His own hands, but He definitely does the work of providing help. The Father and you together have such a karma yogi stage that you never feel tired.
Slogan: It is the consciousness of “mine” that has attraction. Therefore, transform “mine” into “Yours”.

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