Thursday, 13 September 2012

The more you are detached from the awareness of body,the more loved you become.

Essence: Sweet children, at this time everyone’s fortune is spoilt because everyone is impure. You now have to follow shrimat and awaken everyone’s fortune. Show everyone the way to become pure.

Question: What very bad activity causes a lot of damage?
Answer: To throw stones at one another, that is, to speak bitterly to someone and hurt that person in that way is very bad; it causes a lot of damage. You children now have to become rup and basant and imbibe good manners. Only the imperishable jewels of knowledge should constantly emerge from your mouth. Make the soul beautiful with remembrance and donate the jewels of knowledge that the Father gives you. Speak very sweet words. Move away from those who speak bitter words.

Song:      No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Sweet Children,
Godfather is the innocent lord and even the physical father is also innocent. Even the physical father puts all his effort to take care of the children. Father loves the child and the child also loves the father a lot.
God teaches you the knowledge. It is God who transforms the vicious into vice-less (none else). God gives liberation and liberation in life to everyone. The physical father cannot make you master of the world but the Godfather.
You children know that this world (actions) is a predestined one. Whoever did spiritual effort in the previous world cycle will do the same again in this world cycle. You are in the spiritual effort of self transformation.
Now, it is God who gives you the knowledge. The creation of human beings is compared to the world human tree of 5000years old. The ancient religion of deities, which is the foundation of all religion, never exists now. All other religions exist now.
Whatever happened 5000years before will come into existence once again. No one understands that, now it is the world of demons, and every individual is demoniac in nature.
The vicious are known as impure, the effort is to transform everyone into virtuous in nature.
In silver age, there is the king of Ram but not the one mentioned in the scriptures. Now, the new world Government is being established.
All the souls are connected with the father of humankind Adam-Brahma. No one understands about the first man Adam – Adi dev Brahma. There is also Eve-Saraswathi. These are to be understood by a golden intellect.
Your words are to be such that, they have to be the jewels of knowledge always. There are many who throw stones-speak harsh. To speak knowledge, your words have to be very sweet in nature. Not to hurt others.
You children have to give introduction of Godfather to others. Soul is the point of light located at the forehead. You know how the soul and God are related to each other.  God appears in the body of Brahma-Adam (the first man of the humankind) and adopts him. Then through Him God father speaks knowledge to adopt you all children. You are born out of the mouth of Adam-Brahma by listening to the knowledge.
GodFather teaches you very well. You all are my children and hence you are brothers and sisters amongst each other. It is not that every soul goes to heaven. You listen to the knowledge and become eligible to come in golden age.
I give liberation and liberation in life to all. Every soul receives liberation (goes to soul world by God’s guidance). God comes and removes the maya-ignorance and takes every soul back home. And there are other souls who come in golden age.
In golden age, there was only one religion. You children know that the God comes and establishes the 3 religions of confluence, golden and silver ages.
Now people are under the influence of omen of eclipse – ignorance. Souls become degraded by losing their virtues. It is said, if you offer charity, the omen disappears. Here, you offer the vices (to God) to become completely virtuous in nature, 16 celestial degrees complete.
The gold is mixed with alloys, you souls are also get influenced by the vices by taking 84births and lose all your virtues. Now God has come to make you virtuous and to make you the master of the world.
You lived in golden age being completely virtuous. Now, you lost all virtues, God has come to make you virtuous once again. God creates the garden of fragrant flowers at this time of confluence age. Only you children know about it. You children receive jewels of knowledge at this time.
When people speak harsh, they hurt each other, because when you remain hard like a stone, you speak only stone like words. When you have to become golden in nature, your words are to be golden in nature. There are many who have the habit of hurting others.
Children, imbibe the jewels of knowledge and share it with others. You have a big responsibility. God has come to transform thorns into flowers, human beings into divine virtuous deities. Like God transforms you, you children also have to transform human beings into deities, with this knowledge.
The stone intellect must be transformed into golden. You are in Godly missionary. The Purifier God comes and starts the machinery to transform the vicious into virtuous.
What makes the intellect forget God, the One who gives the kingdom of golden age? The bodiless God has to appear on earth certainly, to establish the religion of confluence, golden and silver ages  through Adam-Brahma.
God is your Father, Teacher and True Guide.  The deities lose their virtues in the cycle of 84births to become vicious and God comes at the confluence of iron and golden age to transform the vicious into virtuous. Unless you imbibe the knowledge, you cannot become virtuous in nature, to rule the world.
When you remember the Godfather and His inheritance of golden age, the sins of various births will be absolved to receive health, wealth and happiness.

Essence for dharna:
1.             Never keep the company of those who defame you. Don’t defame others or listen to others who do so. In order to make your intellect divine, donate the jewels of knowledge through your mouth.
2.             With the material of knowledge, do the service of changing human beings into deities and thorns into flowers. Only do the business of benefiting yourself and others.

Blessing: May you have a right to receive love from everyone and God by performing every action in the stage of detachment.
The Father is detached from everyone and is loved by everyone, and it is this detachment that makes Him loved. The more you become detached from the awareness of your own body, the more loved you will become. Every now and again, practise entering the body to perform actions and then instantly become detached. By remaining stable in a stage of such detachment, your actions will be good and you will be loved by the Father and everyone. To claim a right to God’s love has such huge benefit.

Slogan: When your stock of pure feelings is full, a full stop will be applied to all waste.

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