Monday, 10 September 2012

Lust is the greatest enemy.By lust,people become vicious and experience sorrow.

Essence: Sweet children, you have the Father’s order to listen to only the one Father. By listening to the imperishable jewels of knowledge, your ears will become sweet.
Question: What enlightenment have you children received through having knowledge of the drama?
Answer: You have been enlightened with the knowledge that each soul has received his own individual role in this unlimited drama. The role of one cannot be the same as that of another. Your intellects are aware that not all days can be the same. In the drama of 5000 years, not even two days can be the same. This drama is eternally predestined and it repeats identically. If you constantly have the awareness of the drama, you continue to move along in the stage of ascent.
Song: The Flame has ignited in the happy gathering of moths.
Sweet Children,
God is the unlimited father of all souls. God comes when the gathering is huge, when most of the souls have arrived on earth from soul world.
God is the true unlimited Father, Teacher and Guru. This praise belong to Him only. You know that deities (virtuous human beings) ruled the whole world in golden age, where only one religion existed.
The most important is, God is the True unlimited Father who explains you about the world cycle-creation and Creator. He is the spiritual Guide who takes you all souls back home-soul world.
God is known as the Purifier, It is the duty of God to transform iron age into golden age. God comes on Bharat-India to transform the world.
People, saints call God as omnipresent which is not true. You children receive this knowledge by God through the Adam-Brahma. God and soul are imperishable eternal beings.
Deities who are virtuous undergo the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. It is the soul which becomes charitable soul and vicious soul.
God says, it is you who listen to God. Listen to Me alone, you have been listening to others all throughout the world cycle, now listen to God.
You receive the inheritance of grandfather-God through the father of humankind, Adam-Brahma.
There are many who listen to this knowledge and get rid of vices, but disappear later, become unconscious.
Lust is the greatest enemy of human beings. By lust, people become vicious and experience sorrow.
This whole world drama of 5000years is predestined, each day is different. This world drama is eternal, keep playing second by second.
Now, it is your ascending stage. You offer the vices and receive the jewels of knowledge. God is known as the Jeweller, the Ocean of knowledge. It is fixed in the drama for you to receive this knowledge. This knowledge never perishes.
The small point of light-soul has an unlimited role recorded in it. When God appears on earth, only then souls listen to the knowledge personally from God, through the body of Adam-Brahma.
After golden age, souls of silver, copper and iron ages come on earth. You do the true spiritual pilgrimage to go to golden age (from where you never return), unlike others who do the physical pilgrimage.
You kept wandering because you did not know about Godfather. Now, you follow the One GodFather and hence you don’t wander after others.
Now, all of you are present in the confluence age. I come at the end of every world cycle. God comes and transforms everyone into fragrant flowers.
You children know that there will be obstruction in this spiritual path, like it happened in previous world cycle. You must have courage to follow this spiritual path.
Have faith that, the Godfather has come to give you the unlimited inheritance, to rule the kingdom of golden age, through Adam-Brahma.
In golden age, every parent will have one child.
Here, you children feel the sweetness of ears, eyes and mouth by this knowledge. Father insists, children, become soul conscious certainly, to become very sweet in nature.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become a flower and give everyone happiness. Don’t prick anyone like a thorn. Never disobey the Father. Never sulk.
2. Follow the Father’s shrimat at every step. Don’t follow the dictates of your own mind. Don’t become body conscious and thereby disobedient.
Blessing: May you be a victorious jewel who enables everyone to receive blessings from the Father with your balance of revelation and a promise.
In order to beat the drums of revelation, make a promise filled with determination. To make a promise means to give your life wholeheartedly. Even if you die, you will not break your promise. Those who make a determined promise cannot be defeated no matter what the situation may be. They become the garland around the neck, that is, they become victorious jewels. When you make such a determined promise, revelation will take place. Revelation and a promise – the balance of these two is the basis of all souls receiving blessings from BapDada.
Slogan: Experience the stage of being lost in love and your time will not be spent in battling with remembering and forgetting.

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