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Sanskars are transformed when you remember GodFather being soul conscious.

Essence: Sweet children, first have the faith that you are a soul. While living at home, consider yourself to be a child (of Adam-Brahma,father of humankind) and a grandchild of GodFather. It is this that takes effort.
Question: Which deep secret do you effort-making children understand very well?
Answer: You effort-makers understand that no one has as yet become 16 celestial degrees full. Everyone is making effort. No one has the power to say: I have become complete. If a soul had become complete, he would have shed his body and gone and sat in the subtle region. No one is able to return to the supreme abode until the Bridegroom (God-Supreme Soul) comes and takes the brides (souls) back home. This is a deep secret.
Song: See your face in the mirror of your heart.
Sweet Children,
You children understand that God speaks through this body of Brahma-Adam. God does not have a body of His own. God is known as the Supreme Soul Supreme Father.
Human beings don’t know about soul. Soul is  a point of light like the Supreme Soul, there cannot be any difference in form and image of soul. But God is the Supreme Soul. Soul is very subtle, cannot be seen by eyes.
Father explains to those souls who have the role of 84births recorded in them. Like soul, even Supreme soul is very subtle. God says:I don’t come to remove the illness of body. The illness appears according to the karmic actions. God is known as the knowledge-full.
The father of all souls is the Supreme Soul, He removes sorrows and gives happiness.
God comes and establishes the religion of confluence age, golden age and silver ages. God explains the secret of soul. Soul has the eternal role recorded in it. This is not known to anyone. The recorded role repeats in every world cycle.
God transforms the old world into pure New World. There are main scriptures of religion like Gita of confluence age, then there are scriptures of Islam, Christian and Buddhism.
You children belong to the GodFather. I adopt you children through Adam-Brahma (father of humankind). Hence God is like your Grandfather.  
The most important is to know about soul. It is soul who eats, experiences sorrow and happiness. Soul has eternal role recorded in it.
You see divine visions of deities and God but divine visions never help in transforming your nature-sanskars.
God comes and teaches Rajayoga, makes you pure-virtuous in nature. I come to transform the vicious into vice-less in nature. God teaches you the secret of the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.
Unless you remember GodFather being in awareness of soul, the sins (past vicious actions and related sanskars) cannot be removed.
Now, God Himself is teaching you this study to transform human beings into divine virtuous deities of golden age. Even if you don’t understand this knowledge but remember GodFather, your sins will be removed, the soul will become virtuous to go in golden age.
You must know about Soul and Supreme Soul. They both are point of lights in form. God has the role, to transform the vicious into vice-less, recorded in Him. Souls play different roles, God fulfils the desires of all souls (in the land of peace and happiness).
You make spiritual effort till the end to become 16 celestial degrees virtuous complete in nature. Even if the soul becomes complete in all virtues, they go to subtle world at this time, not to the land of peace (soul world). All souls will go to the soul world at the end of the world cycle of 5000years.
Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t have any desires for visions etc. Develop faith in the intellect and make effort. First of all, have the faith that you are a very subtle soul.
2. At times of sickness etc., stay in remembrance of the Father. Sickness is the suffering of karma; it is only through having remembrance that the soul will become pure-virtuous. Become pure and go to the pure world.
Blessing: May you be a karma yogi and achieve success in every task with the concentration of the mind and intellect.
People of the world think that actions are everything, but BapDada says that actions are not separate. Both actions and yoga are together. Such a karma yogi would easily achieve success in whatever actions he performs, whether he is performing physical actions or doing something alokik. However, to have yoga in action means there is concentration of the mind and intellect and so success is bound to come. A karma yogi soul automatically receives the Father’s help.
Slogan: In order to give a return of the Father’s love, remain free from any temptation and in a stage of manmanabhav (rest the mind on God alone by looking at self and others as soul) from within.

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