Sunday, 23 September 2012

Elevated souls who keep their self-respect cannot have any feeling of being insulted.

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Essence: Sweet children, this is the wonderful play of being worthy of worship and a worshipper, of knowledge and devotion. You now have to become satopradhan and worthy of worship once again and also end all signs of impurity.
Question: When the Father comes, what scales does He show you children?
Answer: The scales of knowledge and devotion. On one side of the scales is knowledge and on the other side is devotion. The side of knowledge is now light and that of devotion is heavy. Gradually, the side of knowledge will become heavy and then, in the golden age, there will be just one side of the scales. There is no need for scales there.
Sweet Children,
You children learn the pilgrimage of remembrance, that is, you learn to become pure-virtuous.
You children had taken maximum 84 births and have become impure from pure, vicious from viceless, worshipper from being worshipworthy. Once again you are becoming virtuous deities of golden age.
The New world is golden age and the old world is iron age. There is devotion for half of the world cycle and there is knowledge for half of the world cycle.
You must remember the GodFather and the world cycle to rule the new world.
Every soul pass through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. By knowledge and remembrance of GodFather you become satopradhan, by the power of GodFather.
No one understands the One who gives liberation and liberation in life. The essence is to become virtuous from being vicious – become pure from impure, become satopradhan from tamopradhan.
This world play is created of victory and defeat.
Essence for dharna:
1. Engage this life of yours in the Father’s service. Become a bestower of a lot of happiness. If someone says wrong things, remain quiet. Become equal to the Father in removing everyone’s sorrow.
2. Check your own register. Imbibe divine virtues and become one with a good character. Remove all defects.
Blessing: May you be constantly powerful and with your mind, with a determined promise, make the mantra of manmanabhav into a tool.
When children make a promise with an honest mind, their mind becomes manmanabhav and this mantra of manmanabhav becomes a tool to overcome any situation. However, it should enter your mind: I definitely want to do this. Have the thought that whatever the Father has said is already accomplished. Therefore, whatever promise you made in your mind, let it be firm and you will become powerful. Repeatedly check yourself as to whether your promise is powerful or whether the tests are powerful. The test should not weaken your promise.
Slogan: Elevated souls who keep their self-respect cannot have any feeling of being insulted.

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