Thursday, 6 September 2012

To remain constantly happy and to distribute the treasures of happiness is real service.


Essence: Sweetchildren, the spiritual Father has created this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. You  are protectors of this sacrificial fire. You are becoming praiseworthy, but you cannot be worshipped.

Question: Whatwill the stage of you children be when you have been completely enlightenedwith knowledge?

Answer: At thattime your stage will remainunshakeable and immovable. No type of storm of Maya will shake you. You willhave reached your karmateet stage. Because you don’t yet have completeenlightenment of knowledge, you have storms and dreams of Maya etc. This is a battlefield. New desires willemerge but you mustn’t be afraid of them. Take shrimat from the Father andcontinue to move forward.

Song: Having found You, I have found everything. The earth and sky all belongto me.

Praise of Baba:

TheIncorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... MyBaba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...theTrue Father...the True Teacher...The Ocean of Knowledge...the UnlimitedFather...the Spiritual Father...the Highest-on-high God...the Knowledge-fullGod Father...the Creator, Director and main Actor...Karankaravanhar...

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:

1.  We,the souls, the mouth-born creations of Adam-Brahma, belong to theimperishable sacrificial fire (yagya) of the knowledge of Gita created by ShivBaba (Benefactor GodFather)), in which body consciousness (ashv-horse) is sacrificed to claimself-sovereignty (rajasv)... we are the lovers of the yagya, the servers of theyagya and the protectors of the yagya...we give the communication, message, instruction,introduction and identification of the Spiritual Father and thereby reveal Him…

Weare the knowledgeable souls who personally sit in front of the Father, listento the murli everyday, and imbibe the points of the soul, the Supreme Soul, andthe knowing the seed we see the entire tree with our intellectand get the complete enlightenment of knowledge...we are the yogi souls whohave study and yoga together, and constantly remember the Highest-on-high Godin the stage of being Manmanabhav...

2.   With faith in the intellect, we, thesouls, remain in the stage of being immovable and unshakeable while weathering  the storms of Maya...we are spiritualsoldiers who are victorious on the battlefield warding off  the attacks of Maya and winning the battles against Maya by following the Father’s shrimat,and attain our kingdom...we are the pure holy worship-worthy and praise-worthydeities of the golden age, who have settled all karmic accounts, and attainedthe unlimited inheritance from the Unlimited Father...

By being theKarankaravanhar Father’s helpers in establishing heaven, we become the beads inthe rosary of Vishnu (human being with divine virtues) and receive the sovereignty of heaven... in this play offorgetting and not forgetting, we receive our reward according to our effort ...byforgetting the knowledge we go in the stage of descent, and by knowing theknowledge we go in the stage of ascent, receive liberation-in-life in onesecond, and become the masters of paradise for 21 births...

3.  By remainingconstantly happy and distributing the treasures of happiness, we, the souls, doreal service.... we are karmayogis with elevated awareness and elevated stage, who create anelevated atmosphere by  having yoga inkarma and karma in maintaining a balance of karma and yoga, everyoneconsiders us to be good souls, and so we attain blessings and co-operation fromthose in contact and relationships and also from the Father, and thus becomeblissful and embodiments of easy success...

Interesting Points:

1.  The Fathersays: the oath they all take is false. They say that Krishna spoke the Gita.People hold the Gita in their hand and say: I recognize God tobe present everywhere and I will tell the truth. They do not say: I recognizeGod Krishna to be everywhere. Only of God do they say this. Now remove theaspect of Krishna being God of the Gita from your intellect.

2.  Onlythe One Dharamraj is accurate; He is the Supreme Judge.

3.  Sanyasisetc. do not remember Krishna, the first prince of golden age.

Essence for dharna:

1. Definitely study the murlievery day. Don’t be afraid of the storms of Maya. In order to be saved from anykind of deceit, continue to take shrimat.

2. This study and yoga are together. Therefore, remember the Father, the Onewho teaches you. Have faith in the intellect and make others the same. Give theFather ‘s introduction to everyone.

Blessing: May youhave a balance of karma and yoga and thereby receive everyone’s blessings andbecome an embodiment of easy success.

A karma yogi who has yoga in karma and karma in yoga means one who has elevatedawareness, an elevated stage and who creates an elevated atmosphere and soclaims a right to blessings from everyone. By having balance of karma and yoga,you definitely receive blessings from the Father anyway and you also receiveblessings from whomever you come into contact and relationship with. Everyonethinks of such a soul as good and to think of that one as good is a blessing.Where there are blessings, there is co-operation and these blessings andco-operation make you into an embodiment of success.

Slogan: To remain constantly happy and to distribute the treasures of happiness is real service.

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