Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A spoilt task can be put right with spiritual love and peace.Not by anger,the huge vice.

Essence: Sweet children, come together and remove the roof of sorrow from this world of the iron age. Perform the charitable act of remembering the God-Father.

Question: Even though children have the imperishable reward of knowledge, instead of accumulating in the account of charity, some finish that account. Why is this?
Answer: 1. Because, between performing charitable actions, they commit sins. Even though they are enlightened souls, they become influenced by bad company and thereby commit sin. Due to those sins, the account of charity that had previously been accumulated is finished.
2. If, after belonging to the Father, a soul is hurt by the vice of lust and lets go of the Father’s hand, that soul becomes even more sinful than before. Such ones defame the name of the clan. They experience very severe punishment. Because they defame the Satguru, they cannot reach a high destination.

Sweet Children,
The Spiritual GodFather speaks to the spiritual children. You souls understand the unlimited Father and the world cycle. There is liberation and liberation in life. For liberation you remember the God father and for liberation in life, you remember the world cycle.
Now, you children must understand that, our cycle of 84births comes to an end. No soul can return home because of being vicious. Only the pure-virtuous soul can attain liberation (peace-soul world) and liberation in life (happiness-golden age).
You children have to make the effort of showing the path to others being merciful. Your soul has become vicious from being virtuous and hence cannot return home – soul world.
There are many who forget that it is the confluence of iron age and golden age, and so they never remain happy. It is now you meet the GodFather in person and hence your mercury of happiness must increase.  
By doing charity, if you remember the GodFather, you become charitable soul. If you do charity now, open spiritual study centres, and later if you turn away from GodFather, you commit more sins than before and you suffer a lot. By performing sins, you accumulate the bondages of sins.
There is the account of credit and debit even for actions. The lust creates more hurt - debit, and there is also anger and attachment which make you lose your spiritual income. Lust is the greatest enemy. If you win over lust, you will rule the kingdom of world.
You call out for the GodFather to make you pure-virtuous. Everything is based on actions. The saints, rishis call out for the God to come. In devotion, you perform many poojas. Without knowledge of God, you receive very little in devotion. Whatever happiness you receive in this world – by devotion, it is very limited.
You have to settle the bondages of sins of 84births and have to accumulate the virtuous actions for the next world cycle of 5000years. Everything depends upon the individual accumulation of charity. By revealing the truth to the GodFather, the bondages of sins get reduced. There are children who accumulate charity-rewards by doing service.
You show the path to millions, you receive the power of remembrance. Those who accumulate charitable actions, they appear in golden and silver ages. They never remain incognito even now. You must remember GodFather to experience happiness and come in golden age.
If you want to rule the kingdom, you must also create the subjects. You also open up new study centres. You remove the roof of sorrows altogether. You receive the reward of every action. The more you perform charitable actions, that much elevated status you would attain.
There is the example of Mother Eve – Saraswathi, who did lot of service. There are many children who do not know how to remember GodFather. It is not very difficult and it is also not very easy. Those who never perform service, they find it difficult.
It is not that, you have to look at a point and strain your eyes. God and soul are point of lights in form. It is very subtle to understand. Even just repeating Baba-God by words, you don’t really remember GodFather. There are many who never perform any service but keep eating. There are others who renounce actions.
God says, you were pure-virtuous, you have come through taking 84births and have become vicious. Now, once again you have to become virtuous in nature. God is known as the remover of sorrows, and giver of happiness. But no one knows about God although everyone wants to remember GodFather. You know very well that God is our Father. No one (other than GodFather) says to remember GodFather being in soul conscious.
You have performed a lot of devotion to receive this knowledge. But even amongst you very few remain truly spiritual. The spiritual children keep sharing the knowledge with others. You must be like GodFather. Your duty is to share the knowledge but very few do this. The mother and father of all scriptures is the Gita revealed by Godfather at this time of confluence age.
People worship the deities but it is GodFather who makes the deities worshipworthy-virtuous. There are elephants, horses even in this spiritual race. The horse riders listen to knowledge and share it with others. There are others who never perform any service, keep giving excuses like ostrich (they neither fly nor carry the luggage – neither do service by mind nor by body).

Essence for dharna:
1.             The Father is a point. Understand this accurately and remember the Father. Don’t become confused just saying “bindi, bindi” (point). Remain engaged in service.
2.             Listen to the true Gita and relate it to others. In order to become true spiritual children, remain pure and definitely study regularly.

Blessing: May you become free from anger and free from Maya and constantly experience happiness in spiritual life.
If you want to experience happiness in spiritual life, it is essential to become free from anger. Even if someone insults you, you should not get angry. To show bossiness is also a creation of anger. It is not that you have to get angry or you would not be able to get anything done. At present, things are spoilt with anger whereas a spoilt task can be put right with spiritual love, with peace. Therefore, consider anger to be a huge vice and become free from Maya and free from anger.

Slogan: Make your attitude so powerful that many other souls become worthy (yogya) and yogi through your attitude.

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