Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Very soon this whole world of vices will be transformed to virtuous world.

Essence: Sweet children, never come into conflict with anyone and stop studying. By renouncing this study you will end up in the stomach of Maya, the alligator.
Question: Because this is not a common satsang, which aspect does the Father repeatedly have to caution you children about?
Answer: 1. This satsang is not like the satsangs of the world. Here, you receive instructions to become pure-virtuous, but Maya puts obstacles in the way of your becoming pure-virtuous. This is why the Father repeatedly has to caution you: Children, whatever happens, don’t ever stop studying due to the influence of happiness or sorrow or praise or defamation.
2. Don’t consider yourself to be clever and defame others. Maya is very mischievous. If you sulk with the Father and stop studying, Maya slaps you and you experience bad omens. Therefore, continue to take shrimat. Never make comments about the advice that BapDada gives you.
Song: To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane...
Sweet Children,
You children know that you belonged to GodFather, the old world gets transformed. The land of earth is surrounded by water all around. It is the unlimited lanka (island) ruled by Ravan-vices.
God comes and opens up your intellect. This continent of Bharat-India is the birthplace of GodFather and hence it is known as the eternal-imperishable Continent.
At this time, the whole world is ruled by the Ravan-vices. Very soon this whole world of vices will be transformed to virtuous world.
After iron age, the golden age has to come certainly. It is like, after darkness, certainly the day has to arrive. The world cycle is of 5000years.
In golden age, the scriptures never exist, the continent of Bharat becomes a Continent of Truth, it is the most sacred pilgrimage for all. Temples are built from copper age, when the devotion begins after golden and silver ages.
The first temple of somnath is built in every world cycle for the bodiless GodFather.
Even if you make the whole ocean into ink, and all woods into a pen, still the knowledge of this study cannot become complete. God is the Ocean of knowledge comes here and explains the vast knowledge.
Scriptures are used during devotional period of copper and iron ages. This knowledge is very new and God Himself teaches you here.
There are many who leave this study and fall into vices. You say that you belong to God and receive inheritance, still the maya-obstacles makes you go away from GodFather.
You must receive complete inheritance from GodFather. Whatever happens, you must not leave the study of this Godly knowledge.
God cautions you children, you must not be carried away by the vices.
God is the only One who gives salvation to every soul. Earlier you did not know about God, His creation and the world cycle.
If you remember GodFather, become virtuous,  then you will become resident of golden age-the world of happiness.
Children, wake up early in the morning and churn this knowledge, remember GodFather.
Essence for dharna:
1. Awaken early in the morning and churn the ocean of knowledge. Don’t ever develop doubt in the intellect or stop studying due to the influence of bad company.
2. In order to become a bead of the rosary, be faithful and trustworthy. Let your activity be royal. Become extremely sweet.
Blessing: May you constantly have all your weapons and be a karma yogi and become full of all powers by having accurate remembrance.
Accurate remembrance means to remain constantly full of all powers. If an enemy in the form of a situation comes in front of you and you are not able to use your weapons, you cannot be said to be holding your weapons. If there is remembrance in every action, there will be success. Just as you cannot stay without performing actions for even a second, in the same way, you cannot perform any action without yoga. Therefore, keep hold of all your weapons as a karma yogi and use all the powers under your orders at the right time, for only then will you be said to be an accurate yogi.
Slogan: Those whose thoughts and actions are great are master almighty authorities.

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