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If you make a mistake,ask for forgiveness.Remembering others than God is ignorance.


Essence: Sweet children, race in donating the imperishable jewels of knowledge you receive from the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge.

Question: What is the main reason for going ahead or staying behind in the rosary?
Answer: Following shrimat. Those who follow shrimat very well claim a number ahead, whereas those who follow shrimat well today but who, tomorrow, mix the dictates of their own mind with shrimat, because of the influence of body consciousness, claim a number towards the end. Even though they may have come last, those who follow shrimat accurately can claim a number ahead.

Song:      O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of dawn is not far off.

Sweet children,
You children know that how much you imbibe knowledge and how much you share with others. Only God Father can give this jewels of knowledge.
You have to check  how much jewels of knowledge you share with others.
There are many who were number one in spiritual knowledge, but now their number have gone down and others have reached number one.
You can know about your current status, what status you would attain in golden age, by your features-character.
The Supreme Father removes sorrow and gives happiness. You become the master of the world by the power of remembrance of Godfather. You never use the power of weapons, people never know that that they can rule the world by the power of remembrance of God.
God is known as Ocean of knowledge not the Ocean of yoga. God wants you remember God alone, remembering-thinking about others is known as ignorance.
God gives you the knowledge of world cycle. The people of the world does yoga physically, here you do yoga mentally and is known as spiritual yoga.
Here, to understand everything, depends upon the intellect. By remembering Godfather and by this knowledge, your intellect opens up.
The highest Godfather, the True Creator is Supreme Father. The Purifier God has come now, He wants you to remember Him by the intellect. By remembrance, you will become pure-virtuous, to become a garland for Godfather.
Unless you share this knowledge, the mercury of happiness will not raise. Unless you follow Godly direction, you never attain elevated status.
You have to make effort to become soul conscious, you have to get rid of this dead body consciousness. Speak like this to get rid of body consciousness. Maya makes you do many type of sinful actions. If you make a mistake, instantly ask for forgiveness. You must be pure (clean and honest) inside and outside. You have to be very cautious, to the extent possible, prepare food by yourself in remembrance of Godfather.
You receive God’s help in His remembrance. When you do service, you become egoistic, God can serve the people even appearing in you. Don’t think waste, never gossip. Never listen to blames of others and spoil your spiritual stage.

Essence for dharna:
1.             Remain clean and honest with the Father inside and out. If you make a mistake instantly ask for forgiveness. Do both types of service: physical and spiritual.
2.             Don’t engage yourself in thinking about others because of jealousy. If anyone tells you wrong things about others, then hear but don’t hear. Don’t speak about such things and spoil the hearts of others.

Blessing: May you be one who has the self-respect of being a master bestower and finish the games of making excuses.
Those children who know the game of making excuses will say: “If it weren’t for this, it would not happen like this! This one did this, the circumstances or the situation was like that…” Now finish this language of making excuses and make a determined promise: “Whether something is like this or that, I have to become the same as the Father.” Not that I will become complete when others give their co-operation. Instead of taking in this way, become a master bestower and give co-operation, love and sympathy for that is to receive. With this feeling of faith, you will become one who has the self-respect of being a master bestower.

Slogan: When there is disinterest in the feelings of “I” and “mine”, you can then be said to be one who has unlimited disinterest.


Essence: Sweet children, there is no guarantee for the body. Therefore, do today any auspicious task you want to perform. Don’t leave it till tomorrow.

Question: What is the way to make everything of yours successful, that is, to become prosperous?
Answer: Make Shiv Baba (Benefactor Godfather) your Heir and He will make you prosperous for 21 births. He is the only one who becomes everyone’s Child and makes everything successful for everyone. However, some are afraid; they think that they will perhaps have to give away everything they have. Baba says: There is no question of being afraid. Continue to look after your children etc. Sustain them, but remember this one Child and I will make you prosperous. If you surrender yourself to this Child, I will serve you a great deal.

Essence for dharna:
1. Maya has woven a very big web. Therefore, remove yourself from that web by remembering the Father. Engage yourself in carrying out an auspicious task. Don’t trap yourself in the web of any bodily being. Remove your attachment from everyone.
2. Give others the enlightenment of knowledge that you have received. Renounce body consciousness and do service in many different ways. Become a stick for the blind.

Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who tightens the loose screw of carelessness with a determined promise.
The main reason for being loose in your promise is carelessness. No matter how big some machinery may be, if even one small screw is loose, the whole machinery becomes useless. In the same way, you make very good plans to fulfil your promise, you even make effort, but there is only one screw that makes your efforts or plans weak and that is carelessness. It comes in new forms. Tighten this loose screw. By having the determined thought, “I definitely want to become equal to the Father”, you will become an intense effort-maker.

Slogan: An attitude of unlimited disinterest is the foundation of the closeness of time.

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