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God says: Children, become soul conscious, like you were in golden and silver ages.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are benefactors for all human beings. You have to benefit many. Together with the practice of becoming bodiless, you must also definitely do service.

Question: In which one aspect does even the Father say that it is the destiny of the drama and then He becomes silent?
Answer: When children who have taken sustenance from the Father for a long time become influenced by Maya, get married and go away somewhere, who became amazed and then leave, the Father says: It is the destiny of the drama and becomes silent. The Father knows that these are obstacles in the yagya. The Father is concerned that the children don’t become trapped in anyone’s name or form. Maya creates many obstacles. This is why Baba advises you: Children, you mustn’t be afraid of Maya. Become victorious through having remembrance of the Father.

Sweet Children,
You have to remember your sweet home where only peace exists. Until the body is present, the soul cannot experience peace. When the soul becomes tired and sleep, the soul experience peace. By remembering God, your sins are removed not by sleep.
The more you do service, that much subjects you will create. The kingdom is being established, you have to benefit all souls of the world. During copper age  and iron age, you never benefit anyone. You souls belong to GodFather. To become a deity – divine in nature, you must become virtuous.
You can explain people about the history and geography of the deities of golden age. Only GodFather establishes the religion of confluence age at this time. God says I come at the end of the final birth of Adam-Brahma. The father of humankind – Adam (Brahma) lives in this physical world (not in subtle world) to adopt you children. I appear in him to give you knowledge. Adam-Brahma plays the roles from beginning to end, taking complete 84births.
In Gita, God’s name is not mentioned. God explains like He had explained in every world cycle. Every soul repeats its role what is recorded in the drama. Now, the world drama comes to an end. In golden age, only one Advaita religion exists. You Children become deity in golden age. You are transferring from vicious human being into virtuous deities.
People go to the temple of goddess but they don’t know that goddess world mother is also the child of GodFather.  If people know that Bharat is going to become heaven, the residents of Bharat will become more happy. Heavenly GodFather creates the heaven. The subtle world exists all the time. Souls come one by one from soul world to play the role on earth.
God explains the knowledge of world to the children to make you understand and to teach others. Souls undergo the stages of Sato, Rajo and tamo, now you are becoming satopradhan to go back to the soul world. Now, it is your climbing stage.
You children of God explain about the world cycle to others. You children have this Godly knowledge in your intellect like God has knowledge in His intellect. God explains you the Truth, He is the embodiment of knowledge, Bliss. God is the Seed of the world human tree.
You have to forget the bodily relations including own body (by looking at everyone self and others as soul) of this old world since you are going towards the New world. The happiness of the New world is created for you children. Sanyasis leave the household and go to jungle but you renounce the world by your intellect.
Only by the fire of yoga- remembrance of God, your bondage of sinful actions will be removed. God says: Children, become soul conscious, like you were in golden and silver ages. You have to make effort to remain in soul consciousness. In golden age, you know well before, that the soul would leave one body and take another, unlike here.
You children are so powerful that you rule the golden age without any ministers. Now, this world has become tamopradhan. God has lot of concern for the children who live in this vicious world. You children those who do a lot of service have to remain in constant happiness and constant remembrance of GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            In order to take refuge with the Father, make your intellect have unlimited renunciation. Forget the old world and body and make effort to remain soul conscious.
2.            Maintain the intoxication that we Children are those who fulfil the desires of everyone.

Blessing: May you be a supremely worthy-of-worship soul through the inculcation of purity into your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections.
Purity is not just celibacy but there should not be any negative thoughts in your mind for anyone, nor should you speak such words of anyone. Your relationship and connection with everyone should be good. When your purity is not damaged in any way in any of these, you would then be said to be a soul who is worthy of worship. So, check your foundation of purity. Always have the awareness: I am a supremely pure and worthy-of-worship soul who is residing in the temple of this body. No waste thoughts can enter this temple.

Slogan: In order to see and know your future clearly, remain stable in the stage of perfection.

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