Wednesday, 7 November 2012

If those, whose Companion is God do not experience victory, then who would?

Essence: Sweet children, now follow shrimat and stop the wandering of your mind and intellect. Forge a relationship with the one Father and connect your intellect's yoga to Him and all bondages will then end.

Question: Which effort that isn't made throughout the whole cycle does the Father inspire you to make at the confluence age?
Answer: It is now that the Father inspires you to make effort to remove your intellect's yoga from all bondages and connect it in relationship (to the Father). It is only at this time that the relationship pulls you from the one side, and bondages pull you from the other side. This war continues to take place. This is the only time for coming out of devilish bondage and having a Godly relationship because it is only at this time that you know God accurately. By calling God omnipresent, instead of forging a relationship, you break the relationship and your intellect becomes non-loving. This is why it is only when you have accurate recognition that you can make effort to have a relationship.

Song: Have patience o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Sweet Children,
The mind and intellect of the soul wander in various things. Here, your mind and intellect make effort to remain free from wandering. Now make your mind and intellect stable by following Godly direction. Godly direction is to concentrate only on GodFather. Now, it is time to break all relationships with bodily beings and connect with One bodiless GodFather.
Let the intellect connect with one GodFather, let it not wander anywhere else. Your mind and intellect have been wandering for 2500years, now, let it stop wandering. By forgetting that you are a soul, you come into body conscious. The more you connect to God, you can break away from bodily relations (by looking at everyone as soul).
Bondage is of sorrows, relationship is of happiness. You are in bondage in old world and relationship with new world. You make effort to get rid of bondage and come into relationship with One GodFather. Manmanabhav – rest your mind on God. Madyajibhav – remember the inheritance of golden age.
Only God forges the relationships with souls. There is kingdom of demons (vicious nature) in iron age and there is the kingdom of God (virtues) in golden age. God says, I come and connect your intellect in relationship from bondages. One end there is the pull of bondage and other end there is the pull of relationship. Now, you go towards the Godly relationship from the vicious bondages of ravan-vices.
God is connecting your intellect’s yoga with Him. Only God teaches you the accurate yoga. By saying God is omnipresent, you get disconnected from GodFather. You make effort to attain the kingdom of GodFather.
Only GodFather makes you do elevated spiritual effort. God transforms you souls from human beings into virtuous deities. The predestined drama will certainly make you do spiritual effort. It is impossible that the new world never gets established, it has to happen like in every world cycle. You must follow the Godly direction, not the direction of mind, by blaming the predestined world drama.
This confluence age is to make spiritual effort.  Every human being has to finish their karmic accounts to return to the soul world. The most Beloved has come to decorate you souls and take with Him. All souls will go after the One Beloved at the end. God comes and relieves you from all ignorance. God gives you the direction to go to the land of happiness.
Human beings cannot give you any divine direction. Now, you become virtuous deities from human beings. From deity, you come in silver age, then copper, then iron age. Now, you make effort to come in golden age – the land of liberation in life. In golden age, there was kingdom of Lakshmi Narayan. Then there was religion of Islam, Buddhism and Christianism. God comes and establishes the religion of golden, silver and confluence ages.
Only you children receive the Godly direction. You children see the visions of golden age but you never go to golden age at this time. You move towards the golden age. The Godly inheritance exists for 2500years and other half is the demoniac.
Like the soul is a point of sparkling star, God is also a point of sparkling star. God resides in soul world. Supreme soul never has a body of His own, never comes into the cycle of birth and death. At this time, I make you virtuous-pure. You become master of the world for 21births.
You have to forget the old world, what all exists at this time have to be transformed.  You have to remain free from attachment and God gives the inheritance of heaven in return. There is the darkness of ignorance for 2500 years and there is the light of knowledge for 2500years. People defame God by saying God is present in stones. You have been doing devotional activities for 2500years. Now, you receive knowledge as a reward for your devotion.
The more you remain in remembrance of GodFather, that much you will become pure. You also have to remember the Godly inheritance. I liberate even the most sinful souls like Ajamil.

Essence for dharna:
1. While in bondage in the land of death, remember the relationships of happiness. By considering yourself to be a soul, stop the wandering of your mind and intellect.
2. The old world is to end and you must therefore break your attachment to it. In order to remove your intellect’s yoga from all illusions, follow shrimat.

Blessing: May you have faith in the intellect and be victorious by keeping in your awareness that victory is fixed for every cycle.
Children who have faith in the intellect constantly experience victory in every activity of interaction with others and with God. No matter how ordinary the action may be, they definitely have a right to victory. They are never disheartened with themselves in any task because they have the faith that they are victorious every cycle. If those, whose Companion is God do not experience victory, then who would? No one can prevent this destiny. This faith and intoxication make you carefree.

Slogan: Remain constantly healthy with the nourishment of happiness and happy with the treasure of happiness.

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