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being soul conscious,you can follow the Godly directions.


Essence: Sweet children, you have to pay full attention to shrimat. The Father’s orders are: Children, remember Me, imbibe knowledge and serve others.

Question: What very good advice does Baba give you children for your progress?
Answer: Sweet children, keep your account. At amrit vela ( early morning hours) remember the Father with love. Don’t sit in remembrance just in name. Follow shrimat and become soul conscious and become completely merciful and you will continue to make very good progress.

Question:            What becomes an obstacle in remembrance?
Answer:               The sinful actions you have performed in the past become an obstacle when you sit in remembrance. You children invoke the Father with your remembrance and Maya tries to make you forget. You have to keep a chart of remembrance. Make effort and you will be threaded in the rosary.

Song:     You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop!

Sweet Children,
GodFather says: Whatever knowledge I have , I share it with you. I come to teach you easy Rajayoga and give you knowledge. I appear in front of you children, you must follow the direction of God, benefit every soul.
God is known as Lord of the world human tree, Shiv, Somnath. God creates the sacrificial fire of knowledge wherein everything will be offered-consumed. The nature will help in the task.
By this sacrificial fire, the vicious world will come to an end and you must have courage to see this transformation. It is said the hunter becomes happy seeing the prey dead. Very few people will be left out for the golden age, now there are many. Only one True religion exists in golden age. After transformation, golden age has to appear. Only God creates heaven-golden age.
People have forgotten who is the God of the Gita. God creates heaven without any physical battle. The battle is against the five vices. You children receive knowledge of past, present and future, and you are the one who churn-spins the discus of self realization.
You children praise God as the Ocean of  knowledge and Ocean of Bliss. You must also mention Ocean of love. God has lot of praise. By saying God is present everywhere, people in fact had defamed GodFather. It is Krishna who becomes deity Narayan in golden age. It is Lakshmi who becomes world mother in golden age.
By knowing Me, you children will have complete knowledge. But those who never become soul consciousness cannot imbibe knowledge. God comes on earth to play His roles like the souls. But Souls do not have knowledge about GodFather. All praise of God like Ocean of knowledge, bliss and love belongs only to GodFather.
You must remember the drop of knowledge : Manmanabhav – rest your mind on God and remember the inheritance of golden age. You children know about heaven but not others.
You can explain this knowledge to others and can churn for self. Every soul has its individual role to play. Souls will have divine visions of golden age and deities. In golden age, there is nothing of devotion or trance visions. You understand this knowledge and teach others .
People have defamed God by not knowing about Him accurately, but now, you children can explain about God to others.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Perform each act according to shrimat. Do service while being benevolent and merciful to everyone.
2.            Instil the firm habit of remembrance. At the time of sitting in remembrance, pay attention that none of your friends or relatives or food and drink etc. are remembered. Maintain a chart of remembrance.

Blessing: May you be honest, trustworthy and faithful and accurately follow shrimat at every second and every step.
Only a soul who follows the signals of shrimat in every action is said to be honest, that is, a trustworthy and faithful soul. As soon as an honest soul receives spiritual birth, he would accurately continue to follow at every second and every step the shrimat with which BapDada (GodFather) fills his divine intellect. Just as many things function with the power of science automatically with just a signal and you don’t have to make them work – you just switch them on with light or vibrations and they continue to work, in the same way, honest souls continue to work constantly and naturally with the power of silence.

Slogan: There cannot be any rest or comfort where there is worry.

Essence: Sweet children, make effort and become full of all virtues. Imbibe divine virtues. Check to see what defects you still have within you and to what extent you have become soul conscious.

Question: What deep concern should serviceable children have in their intellects at this time?
Answer: How to change human beings into deities and how to tell everyone the biographies of Lakshmi and Narayan and Rama and Sita. Children should have this deep concern in them. Become one who can adopt many forms, change your dress into one of tip-top fashion and go to the Lakshmi and Narayan Temple. Make a special appointment to see the priests and trustees of the temple there and then ask them tactfully: You have built this temple to them, but do you know their biography? Speak to them tactfully and give them the introduction.

Song: Our pilgrimage is unique…

Essence for dharna:
1. Maintain the intoxication of knowledge. Keep a stage of equanimity in praise and defamation. Don’t allow your stage to fluctuate.
2. Give everyone the Father’s introduction and tell them the real biography of Lakshmi and Narayan. Become benevolent, benefit everyone and continue to move forward by following shrimat.

Blessing: May you have a right to supersensuous joy and constantly give and take happiness in spiritual life.
Those who have a right to supersensuous joy constantly swing in the swing of happiness with the Father. They can never think that so-and-so caused them sorrow. Their promise is: I will not cause sorrow or take sorrow. Even if someone causes it by force, they will not take it. A child of God means one who is constantly happy. The work of you children is to give happiness and receive happiness. They would be souls who are embodiments of happiness and constantly stay in the world of happiness.

Slogan: Become humble and people will bow down to you and give you co-operation.


Essence: Sweet children, your business is to benefit everyone. First of all benefit yourselves and then serve others to benefit them.

Question: After becoming a Child of God, what is the basis of making your life valuable?
Answer: Serving through your words and deeds. The lives of those who don’t serve through words and deeds have no value. By serving, you receive everyone’s blessings. Those who don’t do God’s service are wasting their time and energy. Their status is reduced.

Song: You are the Mother and the Father….

Essence for dharna:
1. Remain clean internally and externally. Don’t hide anything from the Father. Do service with an honest heart.
2. Use your time in a worthwhile way. In order to receive blessings from everyone, definitely serve through words and deeds. Become merciful. Continue to do the business of benefiting everyone.

Blessing: May you constantly be a bestower of happiness and finish all name and trace of sorrow with your soul-conscious attitude and vision.
The world of you Godly children is unique and your vision and attitude are also unique. Those who maintain soul conscious vision and attitude while walking and moving around cannot have any name or trace of sorrow because sorrow comes from the consciousness of the body. If you forget the consciousness of the body and stay in your soul conscious form, there is happiness and constant happiness. Your happy life becomes one that gives happiness. You constantly rest on a bed of happiness and remain an embodiment of happiness.

Slogan: Look at the self and remove your weakness and you will receive God’s love.

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