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Soul leaves the body in sorrow,if it gives sorrow to others by thoughts, words and actions.

Essence: Sweet children, you have to change from human beings into deities. Therefore, imbibe divine manners. Continue to renounce devilish traits, become pure.

Question: With which one activity can you recognise those who imbibe divine manners?
Answer: Through their service. You can recognise to what the extent they have become pure from impure and how many they have served to make them pure. Are you a good effort-maker or do you still have devilish traits? All of this can be known from the service you do. This Godly mission of yours is to teach divine manners. By following shrimat you serve to make impure human beings pure.

Song: Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor).

Sweet Children,
In devotion people praise the God Shiv who is known as Supreme Soul. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are known as deities and Shiv is known as Supreme Soul. God is the Highest because He does the highest service at this confluence age. God is known as the Purifier. God appears in the body of vicious body of the father of humankind Adam-Brahma.
God never appears in the complete form of subtle Adam-Brahma but God appears in the physical body of Adam-Brahma at his final birth. The Radhe and Krishna take maximum number of births in this world drama. I teach the souls through this ordinary body of Adam-Brahma. I am the Supreme Soul, neither I am a deity nor I appear in the body of deities.
I have to transform the vicious souls into pure souls. Through Me, the subtle Adam-Brahma becomes pure. People never understand this knowledge by the demoniac intellect but with divine intellect. You children sit in the presence of GodFather. By service, you can know how much you make spiritual effort.
Now, you have to get rid of demoniac characters and imbibe divine manners in food and features. Every soul has to make effort to attain elevated status. The Ocean of knowledge is only One GodFather who is known as SukhDev, one who gives happiness.
You know about the 84birth cycle of world human beings. Certainly God would appear in the body of Adam-Brahma in a physical form. Adam-Brahma cannot be called as God but father of humankind. It is God who comes-appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to meet you children and give the inheritance of heaven.
God is the savior of souls who comes and gives liberation to all souls. The first pure-virtuous souls are Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan who comes in golden age, later they become ordinary human being at the end of the world cycle. Then God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to make him pure-virtuous. 
In the beginning of golden age deities existed in Bharat-India. Later they become human beings taking births. It is said that when a soul leaves the body, they reached heaven. If they have reached heaven, they must be in hell at this time. If they have gone to heaven, why they are called again to offer food of the  hell and why people cry for them?
Only you children receive the inheritance of heaven from GodFather. You children are rivers of knowledge, your mission is to make the vicious souls virtuous-pure through Godly directions. Sri Krishna cannot be called as one who purifies the souls. Initially, there was Lakshmi Narayan , after 84births, they become Adam-Brahma and Eve-Saraswathi. This knowledge is given to you directly by God Himself.
It is said God’s ways and methods are very unique. Only One Supreme Soul makes every soul virtuous-pure. For half of the world cycle, there is darkness of devotion and other half, there is the light of knowledge. I appear only during the deep darkness of ignorance, to give the light of knowledge.
2500years, you remain atheist and other 2500years, you remain a  theist.  You have to renounce this old world, have to remember the land of silence and the land of happiness. The more you remember, that much you would attain an elevated status. God is also a Jeweller who makes the soul and body virtuous-pure gold. At this time the body and soul are iron aged, then God comes and gives the method to make it golden aged.
You children know that only GodFather can show you the path to the liberation in life.Now, you are at the confluence age, will go to golden age. Now, you fight the battle against maya-vices and many fail in this battle especially of lust. Remain cautious, if you fail, you have to make effort again. You must not become vicious again after making a promise.
There are many who leave this knowledge and study, at the end you will know who will become what. Those who make effort will attain an elevated status. Soul leaves the body in sorrow, if they give sorrow to others by thoughts, words and actions. If you belong to GodFather, remain honest and faithful with Him.

Essence for dharna:                                                                         
1. Remain faithful and obedient to the Father. Don't cause anyone sorrow.
2. In order to claim your full inheritance from the Father, make effort to become pure. Never allow yourself to be hurt by lust. Remain very cautious about that.

Blessing: May you finish all limited desires with the treasure of contentment and become a constant jewel of contentment.
Those who have the treasure of contentment have everything. They remain content with just a little experience of all attainments. While having everything, those who are not content have nothing, because a discontented soul is always influenced by desires. When one desire of such a soul is fulfilled, ten other desires will arise. Therefore, become one who is ignorant of the knowledge of desires for only then will you be said to be a jewel of contentment.

Slogan: Let the switch of awareness, remain constantly on and you cannot then have an “off-mood”.

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