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Those who sacrifice themselves out of love for God become images of success.

Essence: Sweet children, this eternal play is predestined. Each actor has his or her own individual part within it. No two actors roles can be the same. This is the wonder of nature.

Question: On the path of devotion, why is so much importance given to the water of the Ganges? Why do devotees love the water of the Ganges so much?
Answer: Because at this time you children attain salvation through the water of knowledge (nectar). You love the knowledge through which you become the Ganges of knowledge. This is why devotees give so much respect to water. Vaishnavs always use the water of the Ganges. However, salvation isn't attained through water. Salvation is received through knowledge. The Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, gives you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Water is not the way to purify the soul. For that, you need the injection of knowledge and yoga, which only the one Father has.

Song:     I have come having awakened my fortune.

Sweet Children,
The unlimited Father comes and explains you souls. If Sri Krishna explains, you will be attracted to his image, you cannot remain without his image. To remember body is so easy but it is difficult to remember the bodiless GodFather. Sri Krishna’s image is so sweet, the Supreme Soul does not have a body.
God says, I appear in the body of this old Adam-Brahma and teaches you the easy Rajayoga. You just have to remember the GodFather. It is said about Shiv Kashi Vishwanath Ganga. God Father brings the river of knowledge. If you consider yourself as knowledge-full Ganga, remember the One GodFather.
It is the Ocean of knowledge, who gives you this nectar of knowledge which has to be shared with everyone. You have love for this knowledge by which you receive liberation in life. God says, remember this Supreme Father. Who is teaching you this knowledge? Supreme Soul. No one can even dream that God comes and gives this knowledge.
You cannot receive this unlimited inheritance of heaven from any human being but from GodFather. Only the GodFather is known as the Supreme Soul Supreme Father. God cannot be seen with physical eyes but with divine vision. Although you have not seen soul, still you have faith that you are a soul.
When the soul leaves the body, body cannot be used for anything. Without soul, you cannot move the sense organs. It is the soul who plays different roles which is different for each other.  This world drama is an eternal world play which cannot be understood by human being. All souls look alike but the body has different features.
It is a wonder that the tiny point of soul has a record of 84births to play on earth which is eternal. You have done devotion for 2500 years and hence certainly God would come and meet you souls. Certainly devotees have to meet God.
In golden age, you play the initial roles. When you receive liberation in life, every soul receives liberation. I am the only One who gives liberation and liberation in life. Hence you children have to remain soul conscious constantly to remember this knowledge.
It has to be understood that the soul has left the body finishing its karmic accounts if it leaves the body immediately after birth. Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) gives this knowledge by appearing in the body of Adam-Brahma.
GodFather explains, sweet sweet children, I come and give you liberation in life, and later, you liberate others. It is said, Oh! GodFather, oh! Supreme Soul Supreme Father, in fact no human being knows about GodFather. At the end, Supreme soul takes all the souls together, back to home.
God explains, I make you the master of the heaven, where every human being lives constantly happy. This world game is an eternal predestined play. I am the Creator, Director, still I am bound by this world drama. I appear only once in this world drama. I cannot appear in any other body other than Adam-Brahma because Adam-Brahma becomes the King of golden age. There is the memorial of Delwada temple where you souls are shown in remembrance of God being in soul conscious.
You make spiritual effort to become deities. This Bharat-India was an eternal land of immortality. The souls meet the Supreme soul in every world cycle, and this will happen innumerable times like before. There are many spiritual seekers who leave this knowledge after some time.
The Adam-Brahma is the father of humankind but again, he is a child of GodFather. God is the father of all souls. The most important is the Adam-Brahma through whom all other souls are adopted-created by knowledge. It is God who teaches you. God says, even the soul of Adam-Brahma remembers the GodFather and hence you souls also have to remember God, and also the world cycle.
You receive happiness – liberation in life by remembering the GodFather constantly. Even this body is so old at this time which will become new and pure in golden age. Now, GodFather makes your soul pure-virtuous at this time, by the knowledge you receive from God. God says, sweet sweet children, consider yourself as soul, remember the God alone by which the alloys of sins will be removed, for the soul to become pure.
Only by the remembrance of God, your sins of so many births will be removed. The deities are decorated a lot unlike the bodiless GodFather. Souls remember and worship God, certainly God would have come and benefitted you. You souls take birth and rebirth, God never comes into birth and death. I come and give you the inheritance of 21births.
Sanyasis leave the household, but you need not have to leave anything. You just have remain virtuous-pure and remember the One GodFather. The Parasnath (alchemist - one who transforms the metal into gold) God comes and makes you paras. You have to earn for your livelihood and at the same time you have to earn a spiritual income. It is only One GodFather who takes you to the stage of karmateet.
Unless you become pure-virtuous, souls cannot go to the golden age. The eternal world is being established at this confluence age. You belong to GodFather to become deities. Then you come in silver age, copper age and iron age. If you don’t remain in remembrance of GodFather, how the sins will be removed? The souls are called either as charitable soul or sinful soul. God gives the injection of knowledge to become virtuous-pure at this time.
You become pure-virtuous by the nectar of knowledge. You have to remain in the spiritual pilgrimage constantly doing all actions. Remain in remembrance of God (and world cycle) and the soul world (land of peace), so that you will go back to soul world along with GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Be a detached observer and watch the part of every actor. In order to claim your inheritance for 21 births from the Father, make full effort.
2.            In order to make the soul pure gold (clean and pure), become pure in this final birth and remember the Father. Earn a true income.

Blessing: May you pass with honours by passing fully in any paper with the awareness of the word “pass”.
In order to pass fully any paper, do not go into the expansion of questions in the paper. Do not think “Why did this happen? How did this come? Who did this?” Instead of that, think about passing, consider the paper to be a test paper and pass it. Simply keep the word “pass” in your awareness: that you have to pass, that you have to pass through it (overcome it) and that you have to remain close (paas in Hindi) to the Father and you will pass with honours.

Slogan: Those who sacrifice themselves out of love for God become images of success.

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