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GodFather needs such children who thinks nothing but service and will remain beyond happiness and sorrow.

Essence: Sweet children, have broad intellects and do the service of making the whole world into the land of happiness from the land of sorrow and pure from impure. Save your time; do not waste it.
Question: Who is healthy and who is unhealthy on the path of knowledge?
Answer: Those who churn the ocean of knowledge and experience a form of entertainment in their lives are healthy. Those who cannot churn the ocean of knowledge are unhealthy. When a cow eats grass, she chews it all day; her mouth continues to work. If the mouth is not working, it would be understood that the cow is ill. It is the same here.
Sweet Children,
Now, GodFather needs such children who thinks nothing but service. You have to transform the whole world in to a place of happiness. You children have become great teachers along with being a student. A good teacher never becomes tired, he prepares very good students.
If you remain in Godly service, you will be happy all the time. Those who imbibe knowledge will be busy in service. God is an unlimited businessman. The new children can move forward than the old ones. You have to check yourself all the time. Why do you have to waste your time, to the extent possible never waste your time.
Make a promise that we will never forget the GodFather. We will certainly receive the scholarship. If you have this much determination, even GodFather helps them. There will be new children who will see divine visions, dance in happiness.
Now, you children run in the race of divine race by the power of intellect. Now, you have disinterest for the old world of iron age and look forward for the New world. Adam-Brahma remains intoxicated that he would become the Krishna in the golden age.
Those who have complete faith are known as gope and gopes. You will become that, if you remember the game of somersault, you will remain happy. Remain in the unlimited happiness all the time. You will take birth in the way you had taken birth in earlier world cycle. Those who were the parents of Krishna will become the same once again. Those who do such churning will remain in happiness all the time.
The unlimited GodFather has lot of love for the sweet sweet children. See how GodFather teaches you with so much love. He transforms the thorns into flowers. You have to transform every soul into virtuous-pure. It is the duty of GodFather and children to make the souls pure-virtuous. The more you have love for the GodFather, that much you become elevated.
Check yourselves, how much you follow the Godly direction. Check yourselves how much unlimited happiness you have throughout the day. The more you have love for the Father, that much you will have happiness. To love GodFather means to remember Him. By remembrance, you will become ever healthy and ever wealthy. You have to just remember one GodFather and the world cycle.
The soul must leave the body in remembrance of One GodFather, this (remembrance of God) is the mantra of attraction-influence, this is the secret to remain happy. You have been in body consciousness, now you have to remain in soul consciousness. Look at every body as soul, see everyone as brothers, not even brothers and sisters.  
Have sweet chit chat with GodFather during early morning hours (Amritvela). Godfather gives unlimited wealth, makes you master of the world. We cannot forget such a GodFather. Make such promises and make the remembrance unshakeable.
The most Beloved Father is teaching you. This world drama is so wonderful. God makes you so much worthy. You must not be happy just by service, make effort to remain soul conscious, remember GodFather. By this practice, it will become easy.
Those who make effort to remain in soul conscious will attain the karmateet stage to attain elevated stage. The soul must leave the body in remembrance of GodFather. Check how much you remember GodFather, am I attached to any bodily being, to how many souls I have done service?
The knowledge of karm (sankalp), akarm (nirsankalp) and vikarm (vikalp)
Karm, akarm and vikarm are explained to you children. Until you live in a body, there will be thoughts. By knowledge, being an instrument of GodFather, when you have thoughts with respect to service, those thoughts (nirsankalp-akarm) are pure thoughts gives you happiness.
The thoughts of old world, thoughts of old world relations (bodily relations not looking at others as soul), are known as vicious (vikalp-vikarm) thoughts by which you create-incur sins.
By thoughts of godly service, it helps you to remain in soul conscious. Not just thoughts, you also come into elevated actions.
You can do service for the relatives of the old world, but without attachment. If you keep the company of GodFather, you benefit the relatives. Check if you have any vice, even if you have a small trace of vice, it will harm you. Those who are free from vices of lust and attachment, they can do a lot of service.
Those who have any type-trace of vice, they cannot do service. Those who are vice-proof can do complete service. If your thoughts are about God and Godly service, they are nirsankalp-pure, will make you pure-virtuous.
Those who are beyond happiness and sorrow, there will not be any thoughts, which in fact known as the stage of nirsankalp (the stage souls attain at the end, the stage souls experience in soul world). At that time you will remain in the stage of akarmi beyond karm and vikarm. Here in this confluence age, you will have thoughts because you are instrumental to transform the whole world into pure-virtuous world.
In golden age, thoughts remain pure. When you never create sinful action even whilst performing action, it is known a akarm (neutral actions), like in golden age. To remain free from vicious action, you have to be very cautious. You have come here to finish your karmic accounts, hence you have to make a lot of effort. The aim is very high. You have to be very cautious. You have to win over the vicious thoughts and actions completely.
Each one can check for themselves. If you cannot check for yourselves, you can take help from GodFather.
Essence for dharna:
1) Wake up at amrit vela and have a sweet conversation with Baba. Then, while eating and doing your work, stay in remembrance of Baba. Forget the relations of the body, consider yourself to be a soul and make the vision of brotherhood firm.
2) Attain victory over your sinful thoughts and remain in the detached stage of being beyond any thoughts of happiness or sorrow. Systematically make a sacrifice of the vices and become yogyukt.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of total success and move constantly forward with the accurate method of making effort.
The accurate method of making effort is to transform the many forms of “mine” into “My Baba”. Maintain this awareness; you may forget everything else, but never forget “My Baba”. You do not have to make effort to remember the one who is yours, as you automatically remember that one. When you say “My Baba” from your heart, your yoga becomes powerful. Move constantly forward with this easy method and become an embodiment of success.
Slogan: In order to become a conqueror of Maya, along with being loveful, make the foundation of knowledge strong.

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