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At this time,all souls will appear on earth to return together and to come in golden age.

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Avyakt Bapdada's  Drishti   2-02-13

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Essence: Sweet children, this is now your final birth. The play is coming to an end and you therefore have to become virtuous-pure and return home. Then history will repeat from the golden age.

Question: Which wonder can only you children perform while looking after your home and family?
Answer: While looking after your home and family and living in the old world, you have to break your bodily attachment (looking at everyone as souls) to everyone. Forget all the old things including your body (by knowing yourself as a soul). This is the wonder of you children. This is called satopradhan renunciation. Only the Father teaches you this. You children promise to remain pure-virtuous in this final birth. This purity will then remain all the time for 21 births. No one else can perform such a wonder.

Song:     You are the Mother and You are the Father.

Sweet Children,
You children understand the meaning of om shanti. Om means Soul and Shanti means peace, I, soul is an embodiment of peace. (If anyone gets angry, it is said he has the evil spirit of anger.) Every chariot – body, has a charioteer, the soul.
You children know that this world has become a place of sorrow – iron aged. There was an almighty government with one religion and one kingdom during golden age. Only God had established that kingdom and the people-souls of golden age received the inheritance from God. They complete the world cycle with 84births and go through all the four ages.
The residents of Bharat go through all the four ages. You children are adopted by the father of humankind-Adam (Brahma). God remains worship worthy for ever and you souls change from worship worthy to a worshipper.
In golden age, the river ganga will not be called as purifier of sins since the golden age itself remains a pure world. Majority of residents of Bharat-India do a lot of charity and they sacrifice themselves for God unlike the foreigners.
Now, the soul has become vicious-impure, the souls have to undergo the stages of golden, silver, copper and iron aged. After playing the roles, the souls become impure-iron aged.
People call the God as omnipresent which is not true. Souls come into the cycle of 84births, at present all are in their 84th birth, those who experienced unlimited happiness are experiencing unlimited sorrows. You souls were of 16celestial degrees purity-virtuous but now there is nothing of purity in the soul, that’s why they go and take dip in the river ganga to become pure.
At this time the elements, river have become impure unlike in golden age where sea, rivers remain very pure. At present, the world drama comes to an end, all souls have become vicious. The Supreme Soul does not have a body, lives in incorporeal world constantly.
The 5000years world cycle keeps repeating. GodFather teaches the Rajayoga – gives knowledge at this time of confluence age which disappears in golden age. The GodFather appears in the chariot-body of Adam-Brahma and gives you the knowledge of RajaYoga and the world cycle. God appears in the old ordinary body of Adam-Brahma.
Each children says that you belong to the Adam-Brahma , the father of humankind. Even the Brahma-Adam is adopted by GodFather. God says, I become a charioteer of this body of Adam and make him knowledge-full to give the urn of knowledge to the mothers.
I start giving knowledge through Adam-Brahma to all the souls of the world. No saints of the world would say that he is the Supreme Father of all souls but only God. I don’t have a body, I am knowledge-full. I never create hell. Ravan-vices creates hell and I create only heaven.
You residents of Bharat were the residents of heaven but since you follow the directions of Ravan-vices, you have become the residents of hell. At present you follow the direction of GodFather. At this time, all souls of the world will appear on earth and all souls will return together to start coming in golden age.
The deities –human beings of virtues were virtuous and were worshipped by the human beings of copper age. The vices begin from copper age. The day of Adam-Brahma is golden and silver age. The night of Adam-Brahma is the copper and iron age. God appears at the time of darkness of ignorance.
You souls need not have to remember any other image of deities. You have been given the aim to remember the Supreme Soul and you must remember your own image of deities of golden age. At this time, the bondage of so many births are to be removed. In the womb some of the bondages-sinful actions are removed not all. I have come as a guide to guide the souls of the world.
People call God as omnipresent. Infact, God is not present everywhere. My job is to transform the hell into heaven. I make you the master of the universe. I never become the master of the universe. I make you rule the kingdom of the universe but later vices-Ravan makes you lose the kingdom of the universe.
At this time, the souls are of stone-like intellect. In golden age, every soul has the divine golden like intellect. At this time, the Supreme Soul gives this knowledge to the souls. At this time, you need not have to look at any pictures, you just have to remember the bodiless-incorporeal GodFather.
You must remember the One to whom you have to return. You have only One and none else.You need not have to remember any image of deities. Supreme Soul is a point of light like you souls. I sit close to the soul of Adam-Brahma, become a chariot of this body to give knowledge to you souls. Like Adam-Brahma’s  soul speak through his organs, I also appear in him and uses his organs to speak knowledge.
This Adam-Brahma becomes the King of golden age. You are children of God come in the kingdom of golden age. These scriptures of this age have become tamopradhan, belong to the copper age. God comes and transforms you from vicious to virtuous. Scriptures cannot make you virtuous in nature. Souls become completely vicious passing through golden, silver, copper and iron age. Then God comes and makes you completely virtuous in nature.
You must not have body consciousness, the attachment towards body which is known as monkey like attachment. In golden age, souls live in soul consciousness, they never even cry when someone leaves the body. You must perform such actions which even sanyasis find difficult to do.
At this time, every soul has to return home. You have to forget all that exists, you have to offer the five vices to God. If you don’t become virtuous, you cannot come in the virtuous world. If you remain virtuous-pure in this final birth, you will remain virtuous for 21births from golden age.
At this time, you have forgotten your own religion of ancient deities. People call Sri Krishna as the father of all souls, in fact the incorporeal GodFather is the father of all souls. I come to establish the ancient deity religion. I become a charioteer in the body of Adam-Brahma and teach you Rajayoga to you Arjuns. I come to make you victorious in this battle against vices and make you the master of the golden age.
When God comes, the vices – Ravan disappear in the world and you will rule the world of complete peace and happiness in golden age.

Good morning, Namaste, love and remembrance to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don’t remember any pictures. Keep the Father without an image in your intellect. Connect your intellect’s yoga up above.
2.            You have to return home and you must therefore remove your attachment from all the old things including your body. Become completely virtuous-pure.

Blessing: May you be a world transformer who wears the glasses of seeing specialities as you come into connection and relationship with others.
While coming into connection and relationship with one another, see each one’s specialities. Imbibe the vision of only seeing specialities. Nowadays, the fashion and compulsion is of wearing glasses. So, wear the glasses that see specialities and nothing else will then be visible. When you wear red glasses, anything green will also be seen as red. So, by not looking at the mud (body), but by seeing the lotus (virtues-soul) with the glasses of speciality, you will become an instrument for the special task of world transformation.

Slogan: Remain constantly far from the dust of thinking of and looking at others and you will become a flawless and invaluable diamond.

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