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People never get rid of sins by bathing in river but by the love of God (remembrance of God).

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Essence: Sweet children, you are now on a very steep pilgrimage. This is why you have received a double engine. You have two unlimited fathers and also two mothers.

Question: Which title can you children not give yourselves at the confluence age?
Answer: You children cannot give yourselves or write the title ‘His Holiness’ or ‘Her Holiness’ because, although you souls are becoming pure, the bodies are still created from tamopradhan matter. You mustn’t take on this greatness now. You are still effort-makers.

Song:     This is a story of the flame and the storms.

Sweet Children,
The unlimited God Father explains that you have received double engines in this spiritual pilgrimage. One is the world mother and the other is the father of humankind. You also have received the unlimited GodFather. The world is being transformed, when there is a change, there will be disturbance. The kingdom is being established at this time. You receive the light of knowledge and remove the darkness of ignorance.
When you explain the true history of the unlimited world cycle to people, they will become happy, they get benefitted. At this time, there is cry of distress not the drums of victory. When you explain the knowledge of the world cycle, you make others Trikaldarshi and rule the kingdom. You have become Trikaldarshi and swadarshanchakrdhari and so you have to make others the same.
The world is becoming pure-virtuous from being vicious. Only One GodFather can make the souls and the world virtuous-pure. Being a Swadarshanchakrdhari, you know which are the dynasties appear in every world cycle. You show the path to make others swadarshanchakrdhari by which you become the king of kings. Only those who churn the knowledge become the king of kings.GodFather explains the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. People never understand about God and knowledge by saying God is omnipresent.
People never know about the Creator and Creation. Although they worship deities, they never know about the biography of them. You have to become worship-worthy, sensible, knowledgeable by this knowledge. The whole world has been chained by vices, people are present in the garden of sorrows (shok vatika). The garden of happiness (golden age) never exist at this time. No one can be called completely virtuous-pure at this time. During this iron age, no one can be called as “His holiness”. People who can be called as “His Holiness” exist only during golden age. At this time all soul takes birth by vicious means and hence, the body remains impure unlike in golden age where the soul takes birth by the power of yoga.
In golden age, even the elements of physical body are made of pure elements. At this time even the elements are not pure. You children are becoming knowledge-full at this time, you have the knowledge of world cycle. God is the seed of the world human tree. He has the complete knowledge in Him. God makes you knowledge-full by His knowledge. You souls play different roles on earth by appearing in physical body. At the end, all souls have to return home-the soul world.
Each soul attains elevated status, according to the spiritual effort, in golden age. The ones who make good spiritual effort remain in more happiness. Those who do service remain in intoxication. Other than you children, all others remain in ignorance. People cannot get rid of sins by taking bath in river ganga but by the love of God (remembrance of God).
In this impure vicious world, there is no one of purity-virtues. You need courage to explain this to others. The world is being transformed, you belong to GodFather, you have the knowledge of the world cycle. When you go to golden age, you never remember this knowledge. People say all are creations of God but you experience it in practical.
To the sweet children, You children have the responsibility to remember GodFather. You receive fortune by remembering the GodFather.

Night class:
The deity dynasty will appear once again. There are many who belong to Christian religion, they receive a very good salary. People call out for God to make them pure. Now, God has come to make the souls virtuous-pure. The deities-virtuous human beings live in golden age. Now, God gives directions to make the souls virtuous – more elevated. The most elevated are the human beings of golden age who never exist at this time of iron age.
You must have complete attention in this study. You must remember GodFather with lot of love (not just by intellect). Along with remembrance – love for God, there must also be divine virtues. People conduct conferences for the sake of peace. In golden age, there was only one kingdom, one language and hence there was peace. When there was more kingdom, more language, peace gets disturbed.
You know, you have the hope that our kingdom is being established. You also have this intoxication. By this knowledge people receive liberation and liberation in life. Other than GodFather, no one can give salvation to souls. Sanyasis never teach yoga to souls although they feel that they teach yoga.
This is the world of death, and you know about the immortal world where people live a very long life and leave the body at the right time, consciously.

Namaste, love, remembrance and good morning to the spiritual children.
Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            With the knowledge of the world cycle, become trikaldarshi and a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and also serve to make others the same like you.
2.            At the confluence age, move away from the cottage of sorrow and definitely become pure in order to go to the cottage of happiness and peace.

Blessing: May you be a most elevated being who follows the highest codes of conduct from amrit vela (early morning) till night.
The codes of conduct of the confluence age make you the highest beings and this is why you are called the most elevated beings who follow the highest codes of conduct (maryada pushottam). The easy way to protect yourself from the tamoguni atmosphere and vibrations are these codes of conduct. Those who stay within the codes of conduct remain safe from labouring. You have received the codes of conduct from BapDada for every step you take. By moving along according to these steps, you automatically become maryada purshottam. Let your life be according to the codes of conduct from amrit vela till night time and you will then be said to be the most elevated, that is, you will be the highest beings among souls.

Slogan: Those who mould themselves to any situation are the ones who are worthy of receiving everyone’s blessings.

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