Saturday, 2 February 2013

Win over the mind and thereby the world constantly.

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Avyakt Bapdada's  Drishti   2-02-13

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Essence: The easy way to be constantly powerful is to have pure and positive thoughts for the self and also for others.

The situation-obstcale teaches you to imbibe the power to face and power to be patient-free from attachment, to be a trustee.
The elevated stage is to retain hope all the time.
Good feelings – transform even the negative in to positive, check if you can maintain this whilst doing all actions. Have good wishes for all and give positive vibrations.
Remain liberated from nine things to become one amongst the nine jewels. If you have any bodily disease, disturbance in mind, service, situation, nature, never get hurt. Have a big heart like GodFather.  So that, you will receive help from GodFather.
Those who are courageous receive help from GodFather. So, don’t lose courage. When your mind gets disturbed, if your mind remembers GodFather, you will have the power of discrimination – to take decision. Irrespective of situations, Baba will feed you Dal roti if not varieties of food.But if you remain careless and lazy, you find it difficult.
Since it is the end of iron age, you will face problems everywhere including family,so, remain a trustee and handle the situation. When there is the ego of my family, My relations will feel bad of me,…, then you will get in to more trouble.
So, in any situation, never become mentally hurt. Dont just say, I will do it. If you have faith that you are God’s children, you cannot be shaken up by maya – any situations. Play the role of “Son Shows Father” effectively with courage. Never become hurt.

Good morning, Namaste, love and remembrance to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing: May you use all your specialities and thereby increase them and become an embodiment of success.
The more you use your specialities for serving through your mind, through words and through deeds, the more those specialities will increase. To use them for service means to receive multifold fruit from one seed. In this elevated life, do not just keep the specialities that you have received as a birthright in the form of a seed, but sow it in the land of service and you will experience its fruit, that is, the form of success.

Slogan: Do not see the expansion, but look at the essence and merge it in yourself because this is intense effort.

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