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By remembering (love for) GodFather you will become pure and very sweet like GodFather.

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Essence: Sweet children, this Godfatherly World University is for changing from human beings into deities, from an ordinary man into Narayan - virtuous human being. Only when you have this firm faith will you be able to study this knowledge.

Question: What effort are you children making at this time in order to change from human beings into deities?
Answer: That of making your eyes civil from criminal and of becoming sweet at the same time. In the golden age everyone’s eyes are civil. You don’t have to make this effort there. Here, in impure bodies and the impure world, you children, souls, are brothers. With this faith, you are making effort to make your eyes civil.

Question:            With which one aspect of the devotees is the idea of omnipresence proven wrong?
Answer:               You said: Baba, when You come, I will surrender myself to You. Therefore, His coming proves that He was not present everywhere.

Sweet Children,
The God Father asks the spiritual children, do you sit in the awareness-religion of soul (being peaceful)? God is the Supreme Soul Supreme Father, only you children understand this. Soul is very subtle to be seen by eyes. Souls cannot be seen by the physical eyes. But souls can be seen by few by the divine vision according to the plan of the world drama.
When devotees worship a lot they see divine visions, like Meera had visions of Sri Krishna. Devotees also see the visions of Sri Hanuman, Sri Ganesh but you never receive salvation by having divine visions. In devotion people build small and big temples. Like, a soul is a very tiny point of light, even Supreme soul is also a tiny point of light. The Unlimited GodFather is only One and you all souls are brothers amongst each other.
First God explains the truth to you souls and you children explain to others. God is not omnipresent. God is only One and none else. This is the spiritual knowledge what you receive from GodFather. It is said that soul and supreme soul remain separated for a very long time. The lost soul has come here to receive the inheritance of heaven at this time. God has come from very far away place, from soul world, in response to the request-cry of souls. Those who have the faith listen to the knowledge at this time. Human beings become virtuous deities of golden age by this knowledge.
You have listened to this knowledge even 5000years before, to become virtuous human beings from ordinary human being. It is said, the virtuous human beings are pure by 16 celestial degrees. There is limited renunciation (by sanyasis) and there is also unlimited renunciation (by you children). You children renounce the whole world by mind, not physically like sanyasis do.
People remember the deities of golden age because the images exist even now. You must not ask people to leave the devotional activities all at the same time. You have to receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather. You must have faith in GodFather and naturally your attention will go towards God even whilst doing all actions. By remembering physical beings, you do physical pilgrimage. By remembering GodFather, the bodiless being, you do the spiritual pilgrimage by mind. You do spiritual pilgrimage being at home-one place.
You children know that the Father of all souls is Supreme GodFather. Every human being knows about GodFather who has the knowledge to transform human being into deities. GodFather says, I teach you new points of knowledge everyday. You have to see yourself as a soul and remember GodFather. It is said, the sparkling star is present at the middle of forehead. The soul leaves the body and takes a new body.
You,the soul was very pure and your household was also pure in golden age and hence deities are worshipped in temples. Now, the souls have become impure, have become worshippers. You make effort to become worship worthy souls of golden age. Your intellect has become stone-like and now you make spiritual effort to make the intellect golden-like. You believe in GodFather to experience unlimited happiness.You have to become very sweet at this time.
All souls are children of One GodFather, you are all brothers amongst each other. In golden age, you remain civil and now have become criminal in your visions (by seeing the body instead of soul). People say the duration of golden age is millions of years but in reality, it is only of 1250years. The whole world cycle is only of 5000years.
You have to remember the Purifier and by remembering GodFather you will become pure and very sweet like GodFather. Since you had become vicious, you are not eligible to go to golden age and hence you must make effort to become virtuous to go to golden age. There are various directions of human beings in the form of scriptures. In golden age, there is only one direction of God, the people remain very healthy, wealthy and they never leave the body unexpectedly. Because you remember, connect your intellect with GodFather at this time, you receive a long life span in golden age.
You are Gyan gyaneshwari (knowledge-full) at this time, become Raj Rajeswari (Kings and Queens) in golden age. It is not the law in golden age, to leave the body unexpectedly, souls would leave the body when the body becomes old and they would consciously appear in the new womb, they never cry at the time of leaving the body.

Good morning, Namaste,love and remembrance to the long lost and now found sweet spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather by the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Have unlimited renunciation of this old world. While performing actions for the livelihood of your body, stay on the spiritual pilgrimage.
2.            Make effort and definitely make your eyes civil. Keep your aim and objective in your intellect and become very, very sweet.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of Maya who keeps a balance of self-service and service of everyone else in the field of service.
Along with service of everyone else, self-service is also essential. This balance enables yourself and service to progress constantly and this is why, while running around on the field of service, keep a balance of both of these and you will become a conqueror of Maya. By keeping a balance, there will be wonders. Otherwise, because of being extroverted in service, instead of wonders, there would be upheaval in the nature and feelings of others. While you are running around in service, Maya makes your intellect run around.

Slogan: Water the seed of your specialities with the water of all powers and make it fruitful.

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