Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Oh Dear Beloved! Even if you say day as night and night as day, we always agree with you....

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father gives you knowledge of the limited and the unlimited and then takes you beyond that to your home. The golden and silver ages are limited and the copper and iron ages are unlimited.

Question: Who can remain strong and firm in the knowledge that you have received from the Father?
Answer: Those who remain completely pure-virtuous. If you don’t remain pure you’re unable to imbibe knowledge. All the knowledge can only be imbibed by a pure, golden-aged intellect. Only such children are able to become master knowledge-full, the same as the Father.

Question:            By making effort, what stage will you children reach?
Answer:               All the wrong thoughts that you have been having will end. Your intellect’s yoga will be connected to the one Father. Your intellect will become a golden vessel and you will continue to imbibe all the jewels that the Father gives.

Sweet Children,
To the sweet spiritual children, spiritual GodFather explains everyday about the world cycle made of knowledge (golden and silver ages), devotion (copper and iron ages) and disinterest (confluence age). You go beyond the limited and unlimited. The spiritual Father explains today on topics of knowledge, devotion and disinterest. In golden age only knowledge – light exists, the darkness of devotion, disinterest, renunciation, sacrifice never exist there.
Souls appear on earth from soul world. From unlimited, the souls come in to limitedness. God is beyond limitedness and unlimitedness. Souls come to copper and iron age from golden and silver ages. Only God explains you the secret of limited and unlimited. You must have the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.
You must explain about the world cycle, then you have to remain far beyond limited and unlimited, being aware of soul world.
God explains to you children to make you the beads of the rosary. Human beings never know about the world cycle. Golden age is the creation of limited, iron age is the unlimited. Soul world is the land of peace. God establishes the peace and happiness in golden age. In soul world only peace exists. The peacelessness comes into existence due to vices.
People say the world cycle is of millions years old which is not true. World cycle is only of 5000years old. This is an unlimited world drama. People never understand about the unlimitedness. The Highest is the GodFather. God explains, My intellect goes beyond limited and unlimited. You souls remain in Brahmand-soul world. The sky which is only polar is very vast, no one can understand about it.
The words are expressed through polar-mouth. The GodFather is a very important actor in this world drama. The Highest GodFather comes down to play His role. Then there are the King and Queen of golden age.
You children have the complete knowledge of Seed and the world human tree in your intellect. The life span of the world human tree is accurate, there cannot be difference of even one second. You have to become strong by this knowledge. You become master knowledge-full number-wise. You don’t receive knowledge from deities or human beings but direct from God Himself.
God becomes Father, Teacher and True Guide at this time to give you complete knowledge. You imbibe knowledge number-wise and according to the own spiritual effort. This knowledge is so wonderful which cannot be explained by anyone else other than the GodFather. The most important is the pilgrimage of remembrance.
Souls never imbibe knowledge if their intellect is not connected with the GodFather. By connecting your intellect with GodFather, the intellect becomes golden-like. You have to forget the body and bodily relations by your intellect (being a trustee) and remember one GodFather (being aware of self as a soul). Let there not be any waste thoughts in the intellect.
God is the Ocean of knowledge. God makes you go beyond the limited and unlimited  to experience the silence of mind. Perform all your actions but let the intellect rest on GodFather.  There are many who leave this study and take asylum of vices-maya. The most powerful is only one GodFather, He is the Almighty. You receive everything that, you need not have to make effort for anything.
You were worship-worthy, have become worshippers. Now, once again you make effort to become worship-worthy. By remembrance-love for GodFather you overcome all the obstacles. You create your fortune by the spiritual effort. You consider yourself as a soul and remember GodFather.
One GodFather does not have a body and there is the Adam-Father Brahma with subtle body. Your intellect must forget all that are physical including own body and bodily beings (looking at self and others as soul). You know about the world cycle, the new world is being established. To go to the new world, you have to imbibe divine virtues, remember GodFather, become pure-virtuous in nature, have to follow the godly direction.
There is the body conscious which is the first vice and all other vices like lust, anger comes after the body consciousness-ego. GodFather explains in every world cycle like He is explaining now about the Creator and Creations. God only can explain about this unlimited world drama. This world unlimited drama keeps repeating, changes from satopradhan to tamopradhan and vice versa. There is the land of sorrow for half of the world cycle of 2500years and there is the land of happiness for the other half. Only you children understand about this world cycle.

Good morning, Namaste,love and remembrance to the long lost and now found sweet spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather by the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            In order to become free from wrong thoughts, connect your intellect’s yoga to the home, beyond the limited and the unlimited. In order to end body-conscious vision, practise firmly: We souls are brothers.
2.            Donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge. In order to make your intellect golden (pure), remove it from everywhere else (being a trustee) and connect it to the one Father.

Blessing: May you be a hero actor and play your special roles on the unlimited stage with the awareness of your elevated life.
As soon as you children took divine birth, Father Adam-Brahma gave you the blessing: May you be pure-virtuous. As soon as you were born, you received the sustenance of love of purity from the form of the senior mother. He constantly made you swing in the swing of happiness and daily sang you the lullaby of becoming embodiments of all virtues, embodiments of knowledge and embodiments of happiness and peace. The elevated children of such a mother and father are the children of God. Keeping the importance of this life in your awareness, play your special roles, your hero roless on the unlimited stage of the world.

Slogan: To be a yogi is to know the importance of the word “point (soul)”: to become a point and to remember the Father, the Point.


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