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leading a pure-virtuous life, remaining in household is the real spiritual effort.

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Essence: Sweet children, at this time, Ravan, the five vices, has made everyone bankrupt of happiness and prosperity. You are now gaining victory over Ravan-Maya, your enemy (the daughter of the GodFather), and becoming conquerors of the world.

Question: Due to knowing which secret of the drama do you children have elevated thoughts?
Answer: 1) You know that according to the drama, the impact will continue to be made automatically. Then, when there is a big crowd of the devotees, you will not be able to do service. 2) Baba’s children who have been converted into other religions will emerge and therefore, you have very elevated thoughts that someone would emerge from somewhere who would become Baba’s child and claim his inheritance from the unlimited Father. You do not have the thought that someone who would give Baba money should emerge, but that the faith should be instilled that Shiv (Benefactor) Baba (GodFather) is teaching and they run to claim their inheritance from Baba.

Song:     Take blessings from the Mother and Father!

Sweet Children,
Service is known as Sewa. The GodFather serves you in practical. Supreme Soul Supreme Father establishes heaven in person. Even world Mother and world Father also serves you in practical. Mother and Father of physical relationships also serve their children. Here, it is your spiritual Mother and Father.
Only at this time of confluence age, the True Guide who is also your Father and Teacher appears on earth to take you to the True world. God performs three actions in practical. God accepts you children being a Father and Mother. Every child never remains same even in physical world.
Here, there is no Sanyasis or gurus. When someone comes to you, you ask what they need. In golden age, there is no guru, there is nothing of sorrow exist there. Here, people go after guru when people find their wishes get fulfilled. Those who remain virtuous-pure become famous and praised a lot. Even you children when you remain virtuous-pure, God praises you children, all your wishes get fulfilled for 21births.
People of the world never know: when GodFather comes, when World Mother appears through whom all your desires get fulfilled. The ignorance of darkness exists in iron age due to vices. The greatest of enemy of Bharat are five vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. And you know this Ravan-vices have bound the Sitas-souls of the world in the jail of sorrows. The God has to come directly to relieve you souls from the chain of Ravan-vices.
No one knows how much wealthy Bharat-India was. It had lost all its wealth and prosperity because of vices-Ravan. Anger is the ghost you have within. The five vices are known as ghosts within. Five vices are the ghosts which have made you worthless making you lose your peace and happiness. This world has reached the stage of retirement, you fight against the vices –Ravan and you wanted GodFather to relieve you from the vices. (Even Vices – Maya is the daughter of GodFather. Maya is sent to you so that you children win over the vices and rule the kingdom).
You win over the world by becoming victorious over the vices. You children have to go back to the Soul world. Those who become completely pure – virtuous and win over the five vices will become the master of the kingdom, rule the golden age.
In fact all souls of the world belong to Bharat-India. The Bharat – India is known as the True Continent. God gives message to all souls of the world, makes every soul become a deity-virtuous human beings.
Initially, souls are asked to remain in the fire of yoga for a period of seven days to become virtuous from vicious. Sanyasis are on the path to renounce the physical world and go to jungle but they get thoughts in mind, have anger within them. There are also stages amongst them like low, middle and elevated and there are also some who are totally dirty.
There are stages everywhere, like King, rich ones and subjects, there are levels like high level, middle level and low level. There are many Sanyasis who remain very pure-virtuous. Here, you children have to remain pure-virtuous being at household. There should not be any vicious thoughts in mind, you must never become naked, never get burnt in the fire of lust.
Sanyasis become pure and attain elevated status. They become great Mandaleshwar, they receive big throne, live in palaces, people come and offer wealth, devotees wash their feet, they are praised a lot. But the No.1 praise belongs to only One God. God is the creator of heaven where no type of vice exist.
Sanyasis follow Hathyog sanyas. You practice Rajayog Sanyas. Sanyasis never know about Rajayog. They have Sankarachariar and here you have Shivachariar. God teaches you directly to make you the master of the world. God never makes you belong to hell. God creates only heaven. Being pure-virtuous, remaining in household is the real spiritual effort. Virgins are not allowed to remain pure-virtuous in the world. The husband and wife live a virtuous-pure life with love for God.
Even if you get vicious thoughts in mind, it should not be brought into actions. If you see yourself as brothers and sisters , children of one GodFather, you will not be influenced by the vices. If you get influenced by the vices, you lose all your spiritual income. You are the children adopted through Adam-GodFather. There is memorial of you children as Other Kumaris who lead a virtuous-pure life even after marriage.
There is no need to get into argument – debates. There is no need to force anyone to change their path. Those who are really interested will come and listen to this knowledge. So, see the pulse and share the knowledge. The world has become so much vicious, Sanyasis go away and live alone. Even amongst you, those who are serviceable are praised a lot. You have to put your effort.
Sanyasis go about pilgrimage to become a student of any guru renouncing the world, once they have disinterest. You don’t go away from the world. You have to prove the true God of the Gita. In your case, the relatives turn against you children. But everything happens according to the world drama. Many would come here and you would find difficult to serve them. Sanyasis expect people to become devotees and help them in service. You expect people- souls to know about their GodFather to receive the Godly inheritance.
The most important is to give introduction of GodFather. If the soul has real faith about GodFather, they immediately come to meet the GodFather. The poor ones have faith quicly than the wealthier ones. This is RajaYoga by which you become King of all kings, you become virtuous human being – deity from an ordinary human being. This is your aim object.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don’t perform any sinful actions through your physical organs. With the powers of knowledge and yoga, gain victory over the storms of the mind.
2.            Do such service that you glorify the name of the Mother and Father and also continue to receive everyone’s blessings.

Blessing: May you be an easy effort-maker who overcomes a mountain of problems in a second with your flying stage.
In order to overcome problems as big as the Himalayas, adopt the method of the flying stage. Constantly keep all attainments emerged in front of you and continue to fly in the flying stage and you will overcome a mountain of problems in a second. Simply experience the reward of the present and the future. Just as you can clearly see physical things with your physical eyes, in the same way, you should be able to see your reward clearly with the eye of your intellect. Continue to accumulate an income of multimillions at every step.

Slogan: Those who have regard for everyone become examples to others.

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