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The mantra to become eternal and win over the vices-obstacles is to become free from attachment.

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Essence: Sweet children, the furnace of yoga is most valuable for you because it is in this furnace that your sins will be burnt away.

Question: Which children have the knowledge of the Seed and the tree very clearly in their intellects?
Answer: Those who churn the ocean of knowledge. The early morning hours of nectar is a very good time for churning knowledge. Wake up early in the morning and let your intellect remember the one Baba. Let the soundless chant continue. There is no need to say “Shiv Baba, Shiv Baba” in a subtle or physical way. Remember Him with your intellect.

Sweet Children,
The spiritual Father speaks to the souls. I have a body (being in the body of Adam-Brahma), that’s why I am able to speak. This knowledge has to be imbibed by the intellect very well like it has in the Intellect of GodFather.
It is easy to explain about the Seed and the world human tree. The Gardener-Master knows that the seed has to be sown to bring out a huge tree. God also expects the same.
Unless the intellect churns the knowledge, knowledge cannot be imbibed. You have to churn early in the morning when there is no other work.
There are various ways of chanting and remembrance in devotion. You need not have to say in words either in thoughts or words like in devotion. You know that our God has come now.
There is connection between Adam-Brahma and Vishnu (King of Golden age). But the Shankar does take any physical form but has subtle body. Shiv Baba (Benefactor God) does not have even the subtle body and hence He remains the Highest on highest.
You children receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather. You must follow the direction of GodFather completely. Become co-operative in the task of GodFather by remembering GodFather and make others remember GodFather. You remember – have love for the GodFather and also remember the inheritance.
God keeps explaining to the children that your 84births have come to an end, the world drama has come to an end and you keep looking at the time. This world drama is like a huge clock. By remembering GodFather – with love for GodFather, your sins are removed. You need not have to perform any hatha yoga or close your eyes, but you have to sit straight in the gathering (with third eye of knowledge). This is Rajayoga, you remain in intoxication sitting alert. GodFather never gives you any difficulty. You learn Rajayoga, you have to sit in such a way that people must see yourself as very royal.
Through the power of God, you become the master of the world. In iron age, you neither know about GodFather nor about the world cycle. Now you know that God is a point of light. In devotion they say God is very subtle but at the same time they say God is brighter than thousand suns, God is without any name or form. God says, people receive knowledge of God according to the world drama. You receive the knowledge step by step, there is no need to get confused. You receive the right knowledge at the right time. You cannot learn the ICS study when you are young.
When you come here, you souls receive the right knowledge through the body of Adam-Brahma. When the world becomes vicious, I come to make you souls virtuous. Souls have been calling out for GodFather as Purifier. When God comes, the iron age gets transformed to Golden age. You attain the stage of karmateet (free from bondage of actions). You never leave the household, you have to perform your daily actions, remain in the household and follow the Godly direction.
The deities remain completely virtuous-pure. How did they become pure? when did they made effort? Souls attain elevated status according to their spiritual effort. It keeps repeating in every world cycle. Now, you have received the GodFather who teaches you types of actions and right action. Hence, you have to remember GodFather (have love for GodFather) very well. You are the adopted children of GodFather through Adam-Brahma.God gives you the inheritance of golden age.
The adopted children remember both the fathers. You remember the GodFather and the Adam-Brahma. You get adopted to GodFather, the Supreme Soul Supreme Father. God is the Creator of heaven-golden age which exists for 2500years. Ravan-vices create the hell for another 2500years.
When there is eclipse over Sun and Moon, it is asked to donate to get relieved of eclipse. The Sun and Moon are known as the Father and Mother. There is world father – Adam and world mother – Eve. In this world both the male and female are covered by the eclipse of body consciousness. Souls have to get rid of – donate the body consciousness – alloys, to become pure gold –virtuous.
There is New virtuous world and Old vicious world. When the world human tree – soul becomes old, souls wanted to leave the old body and take the new one. You have promised that you have none else but only One GodFather. At the time of leaving the body, souls have to remember only One God, there should not be any attachment towards body and bodily beings. At this time, you have to practice remembering the GodFather and the inheritance. You must have the meaning – essence in your intellect.
At the end, souls remember the one whom they are attached. You must get rid of all attachment and rest your mind on God alone. This is your mantra to become eternal and win over the vices-obstacles. You attain the kingdom of heaven when the soul leaves the body in remembrance of God and the inheritance. At this time, you have to remember the GodFather accurately. Only God gives salvation to all the souls.
People have been doing charity, but nothing had helped the people. Now, you become worship-worthy from worshippers. If you don’t remember GodFather, your sinful accounts never get settled. People ask for power for mind. How did you become disturbed in mind? People ask for peace. World cannot attain peace by giving peace for just one person. Who had made you peace-less? The soul world is the world of peace. The golden age is the world of peace and happiness. You attain peace in soul world and golden age. In this world of sorrows, souls never attain peace.
Only God gives the inheritance of peace and happiness. Here, souls wanted to experience peace. To experience peace, you  have to go to the world of peace – soul world. But the vicious souls cannot go to the soul world. When you become virtuous, then you can go to the world of peace. Unless the soul become virtuous, souls cannot attain peace. The biggest violence is to become lustful. Lust is the greatest enemy, gives sorrow from beginning till end.
Souls find difficult to remain free from lust. This world is vicious, you have to become free from the greatest enemy.

Good morning, Namaste,love and remembrance to the long lost and now found sweet spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather by the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Very little time remains. Therefore, become complete helpers of the Father. Remember the Father and the inheritance and inspire others to do the same.
2.            At the final moment, only the Father should be remembered. For this, let there be love in your heart. for the one Father. Don’t remember anyone except the Father. Be very careful about this.

Blessing: May you be worthy to be remembered through tying God in the bondage of your love and devotion.
On the path of devotion, it is remembered that the Gopis tied God in bondage to them. This is the bondage of love and devotion which is remembered as their divine activity. You children tie the unlimited Father to the unlimited kalpa tree with your love and devotion and the memorial of this also continues on the path of devotion. In return for this, the Father gives the seat of the heart-throne to both of these ropes of love and devotion and makes it a swing and gives it to you children. Constantly continue to swing in this swing.

Slogan: Those who mould themselves to every situation are real gold. 

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