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May you have the fortune of happiness and constantly experience bliss and entertainment in life.

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Essence: Sweet children, don’t be attracted to anything. Become a complete beggar in relation to everything, including your body. Continue to remember the land of Shiva (Benefactor) – soul world and the land of Vishnu- golden age.

Question: In which aspect does the Father, the Lord of the Poor, make the poor children the same as Himself?
Answer: Baba says: Just as I am generous hearted and I take everything worth straws and give you the sovereignty, in the same way, although you children are poor, you must become generous hearted. Open a Godly University with just a little money. There is no expense in this. If even three or four people receive good fruit from that, it is great fortune for those who opened the centre. Simply remain obedient. Never defame the Satguru under the influence of lust or anger.

Sweet Children,
There is BapDada and Mamma. Mamma is the world mother who takes care of the children. Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) gives sustenance to the children. GodFather explains to the children, you have to become complete beggars, there must not be any attraction towards anything. You must remember the world beyond and the land of happiness. And certainly have to become pure-virtuous.
Meera had lot of love for Sri Krishna but she did not go to the golden age where Krishna lives. She would have taken birth in a very devoted family in her next birth. You children must remember your childhood days, the days of your spiritual birth. Some even leave the study but still they would come in golden age to attain a very low status.
Now, you children become constantly happy for 21births. The deities were constantly happy in this world in golden age. At this time, the kings, subjects and even animals experience sorrow unlike in golden age where everyone remain in happiness. People talk about the nirvan dham, the land of silence but no one goes to the land of silence without playing their role in this 5000years world cycle.
At this time, people wanted others to leave the land to remain happy. In golden age, only one religion would exist. You must explain this knowledge to the retired people. You can also explain to the people those who visit temples. There is also memorial of Lord Shankar worship the God Shiva (Benefactor point of light). People say Shiv and Brahm, both are same but in fact Brahm is the place to reside, Brahm element cannot be God.
GodFather is a magnet and souls are needles. When the needles have rust, it cannot be pulled by the magnet. God is removing the rust by the nectar of knowledge. Then souls would become real gold. You become master of gold from master of stones. In golden age, you find gold in plenty, the Bharat-India will transform from stone-like to golden-like.
Those souls who appear in the beginning of the world cycle will take maximum 84births in this 5000years world cycle and others will take less number of births. You have to share knowledge with others free of cost because God is the Lord of the poor. If rich people offer you something, then more leaflets can be printed. You must open a Godly university and even if one or four get benefitted by it, you will receive great fortune in return. Only thing you have to become generous in this.
Shiv Baba and Adam-Brahma are more generous hearted that they make you fortunate by accepting worthless straw. Children have to be very careful in this spiritual path. The Supreme Father – husband of all sitas-souls shower the rain of knowledge at this confluence age. By remembering the resident of soul world (land of peace), you settle the karmic accounts and receive the inheritance of peace from the Supreme GodFather. This knowledge is very new to you souls, you need not have to wander anywhere else.
You have come here to go to the heaven, the world of virtues. Those who are vicious creates obstruction in the virtuous path. People go for strike wanting for more earning, these things have to happen at this time of iron age. Peace would come into existence at the end. People create sacrificial fire for rain, for peace. But peace you attain only through GodFather, not  by any other means.
You children are the most beloved, you receive the inheritance from GodFather at the end of iron age, at this time. You children have to remain soul conscious, not come into body conscious. You must become soul conscious at least for eight hours. Eight hours, you can perform action for earning an income, you children also win over sleep. You must remember God in every breath, you must also churn the knowledge. The more you remember, think about God during night time, that much sinful actions will be absolved, you will become virtuous-pure.
If children ask what type of service can be done, God would ask them to keep quiet not to do anything. Those who want to do service, keep doing service. Everyone has their own karmic accounts to be settled. If possible spend money on spiritual service. There are obstructions in this spiritual service, in the name of purity. The religious founders remain pure to establish religion.
This knowledge has to be shared with Sanyasis and others, all over the world. Souls undergo difficulty in service due to anger, ego. You must refresh yourself by listening to knowledge and keep doing service. The rules and regulations of world will keep deteriorating.
You children are known as Rajrishis, you do tapasya to go to the retirement age (soul world). You also do tapasya to receive liberation in life (to go to golden age).  People of the world never understand this. It is God who is directly teaching you to attain elevated status in future.

Good morning, Namaste,love and remembrance to the long lost and now found sweet spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather by the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Even if someone defames you, you mustn’t become angry. Never debate with anyone. Refresh yourself and then do service.
2.            Become a conqueror of sleep. Stay awake at night and remember the Father and churn knowledge. Practise remaining soul conscious.

Blessing: May you have the fortune of happiness and constantly experience bliss and entertainment in spiritual life.
Children who have the fortune of happiness constantly swing in the swings of happiness and experience bliss and entertainment in spiritual life. This swing of happiness will remain stable and constant when both ropes of remembrance and service are tight. If even one rope is loose, the swing will shake and the one in the swing will fall. Therefore, both ropes should be tight for only then will you continue to experience enjoyment. When you have the company of the Almighty Authority and the swing of happiness, what more fortune of happiness could you have than this?

Slogan: Those who have feelings of mercy with a compassionate vision for all are great souls.

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