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Those who have coolness in their lives win over the burning hearts of others.

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Essence: Sweet children, wake up early in the morning and say to the Father: Baba, good morning. Then think about knowledge and the mercury of your happiness will then remain high.

Question: What is accurate remembrance? What are its signs?
Answer: Accurate remembrance is to remember the Father with great patience, maturity and understanding. Those who have accurate remembrance receive more current and their burden of sins continues to decrease. Souls continue to become satopradhan-virtuous, their lifespan increases and they also receive searchlight from the Father.

Sweet Children,
All souls are an embodiment of peace in soul world. When souls appear on earth, they become talkie. All souls look alike, a tiny point of light. Even Supreme Soul does not have a body like any other soul. When soul appears in the womb, they never say that they appeared from soul world. Even if a soul takes rebirth in the womb of any mother, they receive physical mother and father automatically, they never say that they have come to their mother and father.
GodFather appears from soul world and gives knowledge to you children. I am the Knowledge-full, I teach you Rajayoga. Sri Krishna does not have a role to teach the souls of the world but GodFather.
Now, it is the most elevated Confluence age, even if you remember this, you will have the faith that you will go to the golden age. At this time, you have to return home-soul world and hence you have to become pure-virtuous like before.
You must have lot of happiness since the unlimited Father wanted you to remember Him to become virtuous-pure, to get rid of sins. God is very sweet in nature. He makes you the master of the world, Purifies you and hence you must have lot of love for GodFather. You must converse with GodFather with lot of love, have to say Good morning to the Unlimited GodFather. Check yourself how much you remember GodFather with lot of love early in the morning.
Even the devotees do devotional remembrance early morning hours, you must also remember GodFather during morning hours with lot of love. If you say Good morning to the GodFather and churn the knowledge during early morning hours, you will remain happy throughout the day. By this yoga you earn an income for 21births. The more you remember GodFather, that much current you receive from GodFather by which you settle your karmic accounts and life span increases.
You also receive search light from GodFather in His remembrance. You become the master of Brahmand and the physical world. It is God who is known as Purifier, He gives liberation and liberation in life. God is the most loving, most sweet in nature.  God never gives you any difficulty, just you have to remember Him and churn the knowledge. Your heart-mind must become so cool in His remembrance.
You receive an unlimited inheritance from GodFather and hence check how much love you have for God, how much virtuous you have become, how much sweet, pure have you become. When you become a fragrant flower, you will go to the golden age, you cannot remain in the vicious world. The real fragrant flower never hurts anyone. You are going away from the world of thorns.
You become a fragrant rose to go to the golden age. You children understand that you receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather. The One who follows the GodFather, receive unlimited happiness, they know that the same Sun dynasty is being established once again. The more you show right path to others, that much reward you receive in return. The more jewels of knowledge you share with others, that much you will be loved by others.
The sensible children wanted to receive complete inheritance from GodFather. They have more love of GodFather. The knowledge-full GodFather transforms you from insolvent to solvent. The more you remember GodFather, that much you will have love for GodFather, that much attraction will be there. When the needle is without rust, it is attracted to the magnet with lot of force. You have to remember Him alone.
Now, you are engaged to the GodFather and hence God’s remembrance has to be there naturally. You become the master knowledge-full. You have to make others one who churns the knowledge. God has come now to take all the sweet children back home. Without children even God never feels good.
When the time comes to leave, everyone wants to go back. And hence God has come to take you souls back home. Then souls come in golden age where God will not accompany you souls. Now, you must have the intoxication that you are studying in the spiritual university by which you attain all types of degrees. No one in the world has this most valuable treasure of knowledge like you children.
When you speak or teach others, remind them to consider themselves as soul and remember GodFather. This you can do, only if you yourself remain in remembrance. When you remain in remembrance, you speak little and whatever you speak will reach the target. Children must have true love for GodFather. If you don’t have love, you never follow the Godly direction. There is no one in the world can give you directions what God gives you.
You must forget about this vicious old world so that your intellect remembers the world of peace and happiness. Let the soul remember about the God and the home to go back when it leaves the body. The soul must remove all attachment from body and bodily beings to go back. In golden age, even the body is created by the power of yoga. Being pure, the soul never gets attracted to the physical body. At this time, the five elements pull the soul and hence the soul find difficult to leave the body. When you become pure, the soul would leave the body like a hair that leaves the butter, without any attachment.
You must keep your bag baggage of elevated actions ready to go back, physical objects never come with you when the soul leaves the body. You have seen the virtuous pure body of golden age in trance. By remembrance your mind becomes so cool that you never get disturbed by any situations. The more you remember the GodFather, you will be sustained by the GodFather. You receive the unlimited peace and you share it with others.
You must share knowledge with others, those who come to the Sun and Moon dynasty. The ones who have done more devotion will understand this knowledge, they will have more love for GodFather. Soul is just a point of light and it is the soul who studies this knowledge.  All souls are brothers amongst each other. Your drishti-vision should not go towards the shrishti-creation but towards the soul.
Compare all the study with this knowledge and decide yourself which is more elevated.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Let the past be the past and first of all reform yourself. Make effort to be soul conscious. Do speak in remembrance of GodFather.
2.            Fill your apron with jewels of knowledge, donate them and become an instrument to benefit many others. Become loved by all and stay in limitless happiness.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success who receives everyone’s blessings by keeping a balance of remembrance and service.
Children who do service while staying in remembrance receive a lot of success with little effort because they receive blessings by having a balance of both. Blessings emerge from the minds of those souls you serve while staying in remembrance in the form of, “Wah elevated soul!, Wah, the one who has changed my life, Wah!” Those who constantly receive such blessings without effort have natural happiness and they experience success while easily moving forward.

Slogan: Those who have coolness in their lives win over the burning hearts of others.

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