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Free from attachment,settle your karmic accounts with knowledge and Love for God.

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Essence: Sweet children, in order to claim a high status in the future have no desires in this old world and simply become a conqueror of attachment. Remember the Father and remain virtuous-pure.
Question: What direct and easy path does the Father show you? What does the Father have nothing to do with?
Answer: The Father shows you children an easy and direct path to go to the land of peace and the land of happiness: Children, simply remember the Father and remain virtuous-pure. However, if you have to face obstacles, if sorrow or illness comes to you, if you become bankrupt, all of those are your karmic accounts and the GodFather has nothing to do with them. The Father shows you methods, but it is the duty of each child to become free from his karmic bondages.

Question:            Due to what reason do some children not become worthy of serving?
Answer:               When there is a slight intoxication of familiarity between children or when there are insects of Maya-vices inside them, they don’t become worthy of serving.

Song:     The world of sorrow has gone away.

Sweet Children,
There is happiness and sorrow, now it is the world of vices-sorrow. GodFather explains (the time) when happiness exists and when sorrow comes into existence. In this world of sorrow, there are both happiness and sorrow. Sanyasis say the happiness is only a trace in this world. But they don’t know about the golden age when only happiness existed without any trace of sorrow.
Now, You children know that there is darkness of ignorance when there is only sorrow. When vices come into existence, sorrow appears. Now, you make effort to remain happy always by the knowledge of world drama and soul. You children have to make effort to become happy and nothing else. You children know what you would receive from the GodFather. People think God gives happiness and sorrow but GodFather says, I come only to give you happiness constantly. But you have to follow the direction of GodFather.
The problems of this world never belong to Me. I give you the simple method. Whatever difficulties you face depends upon your karmic bondages, I have nothing to do with them. I have come only to show you the right path. You must remember Me because at this time, you all have to return home to soul world of peace. You have to remember Me and remain virtuous-pure being in household. But you souls have to make your own effort.
It is not that you have leave the household, you have to remain in household and become virtuous-pure. Women have lot of attachment towards husband and child, but you have to become free from attachment from them. If you decide to remain pure, even government cannot stop you. But you know that it is difficult to remain virtuous-pure. No other satsangs ask you to remain pure but here. You know that you remain pure-virtuous to make the Bharat-India in to heaven. In golden age, all souls remain virtuous-pure. Those who remain virtuous-pure at this time will become the master of heaven in golden age.
Those who listen to knowledge and imbibe them will receive inheritance from GodFather. I teach you two things. By the power of yoga – remembrance of GodFather, you can settle your karmic accounts. Souls who never become free from attachment undergo suffering.  Women who wanted to remain pure-virtuous have to become free from attachment of husband and children (but serve them with unconditional love).
You have to remain pure-virtuous being at household and this is possible only when you become free from attachment. There are many who never become free from attachment even if they remain separate. The path to everyone is to become pure-virtuous. Here, you have to become free from attachment to become pure-virtuous.
There are many who leave the household but get into familiarity and never attain elevated status. They cannot do service. Vices-maya never leave them, brings obstacles. Here you have to remain like a lotus flower, there is nothing of feeling hurt. Everyone have their own karmic accounts.
GodFather gives advice according to the mental status of the person. For some he allows to perform job, for others it is adviced to involve in service and for others, they are asked to sit in yoga. If you have wealth, you can become peaceful and remain in remembrance of GodFather. You must become very sweet in nature, must not defame GodFather.  You must not take laws in your hands, you cannot give sorrow to anyone. You must wake up early morning and remember GodFather with lot of love. You can speak to GodFather with lot of love.
Promise that you never follow the direction of vices. By the features the nature can be identified. There cannot be anyone more fortunate like you children. GodFather wants every child to become free from sorrows and attain elevated happiness. You can perform job but have to wake up early morning and remember Godfather with lot of love. God has done wonders, God gives inheritance of heaven for 21births, you have to sacrifice yourself (by intellect) to GodFather. The more you remember during early morning, it will have influence over the actions whatever you perform throughout the day.
There are many who never wake up early in the morning. If you don’t wake up and don’t imbibe the knowledge, how can you do service? If you wake up in the morning and remember GodFather, see how the service improves. There are very few who does unlimited service. Those who have intoxication of service will perform service everywhere.  There are lot of scope for service but souls have to come forward.
You have the intoxication that you become the deities-virtuous human beings of golden age, this intoxication is given to you by GodFather Himself. No one else in the world can make you intoxicated with this knowledge. In this world of vices, there are only people of vicious nature. In golden age, people of virtues were living.
Now, you know that Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is making you perform virtuous actions. You have seen the visions of golden age by going in to trance. To talk about karmic bondages, you don’t benefit. GodFather gives you method to become free from bondages. But only those who follow the Godly direction receive the method to become free from karmic bondages. By the power of yoga you can settle your karmic bondages. It is said, whatever happens, we will stick to the promise. You have to win over vices, have to make complete spiritual effort.
It is not that you become tired by making spiritual effort. You have to make effort to attain a very elevated status in golden age, not just an ordinary status. Hence GodFather says, remain in remembrance of GodFather and make spiritual effort to attain elevated status with firm faith.


Namaste, love, remembrance and good morning to the spiritual children.
Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don’t take the law unto your own hands. Live together while remaining very sweet with one another. Don’t cause anyone sorrow. Wake up at the time of brahm muhurat and have a sweet conversation with the Father.
2.            Become a conqueror of attachment in a second. Create methods to remain pure. Have courage. Settle your karmic accounts with knowledge and the power of yoga.

Blessing: May you be constantly cheerful and have the fortune of happiness and move forward by churning knowledge in an entertaining manner.
This is not just dry knowledge of the soul and God; it is very entertaining knowledge. Simply remember your new titles every day. I am a soul, but what type of soul am I? Sometimes, I am the soul of an artist, sometimes I am the soul of a businessman. Continue to move forward in such an entertaining manner, just as the Father is entertaining. Sometimes He becomes the Laundryman, sometimes the Creator of the World and sometimes the obedient Servant. As the Father, so the children. Continue to churn this entertaining knowledge and remain cheerful because only then would you be said to have the fortune of happiness.

Slogan: A true server is one whose every vein and every thought are filled with the blood of zeal and enthusiasm for service.

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