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The most important is to get rid of all ghosts of vices that are within me.

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Essence: Sweet children, in order to become a sun-dynasty bead of the rosary of victory, become completely pure-virtuous according to shrimat (Godly directions). The children who become pure-virtuous are liberated from the punishment of Dharamraj (Supreme Judge).

Question: What intoxication do the children who are engaged in making effort to become soul conscious have?
Answer: I belong to Baba (GodFather). I am a master of Baba’s Brahmand (Soul world). I claim my inheritance from Baba and become a master of the world. Only children who remain soul conscious have this intoxication; only they become heirs. They don’t remember their relationships of the old world. If you become body conscious, you are slapped by Maya-vices and your happiness disappears. This is why Baba says: Children, make effort to become soul conscious. Keep your chart.

Song:     You are the fortune of tomorrow.

Sweet Children,
You children understand that GodFather had appeared at this confluence age from up above and you are the powerful army-heirs of the GodFather. You belong to the GodFather at this time, you have made GodFather belong to you. You know that the God has appeared now to transform the hell into heaven. You co-operate in the task of GodFather. God has come to make the vicious world into virtuous world.
Only God is known as the Purifier and none else. You are all children of GodFather. Supreme Soul lives in the Incorporeal world. In soul world, souls belong to only One GodFather. But when souls appear on earth they see themselves belong to physical beings. Now, God Himself had to come down like other souls but God never take birth like other souls do.
In soul world, all you souls remain pure-virtuous.  Souls on earth remember GodFather to make them virtuous. But if God comes, He would come only at the end of the world cycle. God appears at the end of the world cycle and makes you children the master of soul world and heaven. You become double heir of GodFather. You understand that all of you souls are the master of the soul world and you appear on earth to play different roles.
Government keeps control of sugar and food because people would go wild if they don’t get food. In golden age, food is available in plenty. It is God who fulfils all the desires of souls of the world and hence souls remember the one GodFather. Then there is the world mother who also fulfils the desires of souls of the world.
Souls live together along with GodFather in soul world-Brahmand. God gives you the gift of heaven, makes you master of the heaven. There is nothing of sorrow exist in heaven. You must remember only One GodFather not any bodily being. You offer the five vices to GodFather not to Sri Krishna-deity. Deities also offer the vices to GodFather. If you offer the vices , then the eclipse of ignorance will disappear from you. Once you offer the five vices, then you must not use them.
If you fall due to vices, you lose the spiritual income. You receive liberation and liberation in life through GodFather as the inheritance. By the power of yoga-remembrance, your sins are removed. By the power of knowledge you attain a very elevated status. Even in the physical world, you attain good status by means of knowledge. You attain elevated status by this spiritual knowledge given by GodFather Himself.
You have to remember the Spiritual GodFather a lot to settle the karmic accounts of so many births. The more you make effort, that much you will attain an elevated status in the virtuous-pure world. People remember GodFather, every soul has to go back to the soul world. It is God, the only One who makes the souls pure. In the beginning, the world mother becomes pure. Then many others become pure to become worthy to go to the virtuous world.
Now, you belong to the GodFather, your intellect has become so broad with the knowledge of the complete world cycle of 5000years. Certainly God would have established the virtuous world but no one knows how the golden age gets established through GodFather. It is said that people who die in the battle reach heaven, in fact the battle has to be won against the vices that are within.
You children are adopted by the GodFather and hence your intellect never wanders anywhere else. When a king adopts a child, the child behaves in a royal manner. Here too when you belong to God, your attitudes are to be very royal. Now, you children have to make a very good spiritual effort such that there must not any ghosts of vices present within.
You must speak only the jewels of knowledge. The aim object is very high, to become the master of the virtuous world. It is only you children have become the master of the world so many times, not any sanyasi. You ruled the world and got lost to vices. Now, once again you have to become virtuous-pure to rule the world. Everything depends upon your effort. You must have lot of happiness that once again you are becoming the master of the world.
You souls lose happiness when you remember the relations of the physical beings (by not looking at them as souls), due to body consciousness. When you remember that you are a soul, the master of the soul world, you will have the intoxication to become the master of the world. Only once in the world cycle, God comes to teach you become soul conscious. God says repeatedly to remember the GodFather, you must keep the chart to check how long you remember the GodFather throughout the day.
The serviceable children make the GodFather happy by their news of service. The faithful children follow the direction of GodFather. People of the world keep wandering, undergo suffering. To know about the world cycle and churn the knowledge – discus of self realization is known as knowledge. Othewise souls remain blind to the truth.
This is a dirty world. You have to remain very careful. If you have any ghost of vices within, how can you become like a diamond – virtuous – pure? The most important is that you have to get rid of all ghosts of vices that are within you. You must not get attracted to this old world but to the New world of golden age. You must remember the God Father, the sweet soul world and the kingdom of golden age. Do the service of earning an income and  at the same time do the spiritual service. You have to give the Godly message to the souls of the world, keep serving the souls of the world – Be on Godly service.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Become rup and basant and constantly let jewels of knowledge emerge from your mouth. Become as happy and cheerful as the deities.
2.            With knowledge and the power of yoga, have your sins absolved and claim the double inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life.

Blessing: May you be a constantly co-operative and contented soul who makes the atmosphere powerful with your pure and positive thoughts.
Whenever there is upheaval in the atmosphere due to any situation, then the duty of a co-operative soul is to be co-operative in making the atmosphere powerful instead of coming into upheaval. To be constantly co-operative means to be constantly content; to belong to the one Father and none other. Whenever you have any thoughts, then offer them to the One up above and become free from any thoughts. Remain busy in self-progress and in the progress of service. Whatever pure thoughts you have with your pure feelings, they will definitely be fulfilled, but for that, your stage has to be constant and stable and your thoughts have to be pure.

Slogan: The wealthiest person is one who has the most elevated treasure of purity-virtues.

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