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This world drama is created such that everyone including God play their roles at the right time accurately.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have to live like milk and sugar and not have any conflict. Renounce any bad habits you may have. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.

Question: What mercy must you definitely have for yourself in order to claim a high status for birth after birth?
Answer: Look within yourself and remove any bad habits such as anger etc. or any vices from yourself. Stay together like milk and sugar. Follow the shrimat of the One. Don’t have any conflict. Don’t listen to or speak of evil things. All of this means to have mercy for yourself. It is through this that you receive a high status for birth after birth. Those who don’t have mercy for themselves cross out their line of happiness for 21 births.

Song:     Salutations to Shiva.

Sweet Children,
The song is about the praise of Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather). Only you children know that the dynasty of new creations is created through Adam-Brahma by the knowledge given by GodFather. Only GodFather is the Benefactor of all souls of the world. Only GodFather removes sorrows of the world.  God meets you souls at the end of iron age, once in the world cycle.
Devotees remember GodFather but they do not know the truth about GodFather. First, God creates you children. The ancient deity religion existed in golden age but no one knows about it at this time. Sri Krishna of golden age is shown in copper age.  People never know about the world cycle, no one knows about the God of the Gita. Gita is the mother of all scriptures.
God speaks, I teach you easy Raja Yoga once again which is known as true Gita. God speaks the new Gita to you children. Now, you remember the Supreme Soul GodFather. God benefits every soul, Sri Krishna cannot be called as the one who benefits the whole world. Sri Krishna is the first Prince of golden age. Supreme GodFather is known as the Boatman who takes all the souls across.
All children of GodFather have become devotees. Maya-vices have made you vicious and  sorrowful. Only God gives you happiness and hence people of the world remember GodFather. Wife remembers husband, children remember the father, friend remembers another friend because they give happiness to each other. Similarly souls remember GodFather and hence God would have certainly given happiness to the souls of the world.
At this time, the Supreme Soul appears amongst the souls of the world and meet them. There is gathering of happiness in golden age and gathering of sorrows in this iron age. Even the devotees remain in sorrows at this time. People at the end will come to know about the greatness of GodFather. If God never appears on earth, no one can explain you about the world cycle, no one can liberate you from sorrows.
In golden and silver ages, only happiness exists and in copper and iron ages, sorrow comes into existence. This is your new birth at this confluence age, to make spiritual effort. You study directly through GodFather to write an important exam at the end. You had to win over the five vices, people say it is difficult to win over the vices being in household. Hence Sanyasis go to jungle. But GodFather gives you the methods to win over the vices being in household. God teaches you like He had taught you even 5000years before.
God teaches you RajaYoga and this knowledge disappears in golden age. And when the whole world becomes sorrowful, then once again in confluence age God appears to teach you Rajayoga which is the real Gita. You children know about the world cycle. Only God and you children have the knowledge of this world cycle.
Now, you children know about the cycle of your 84births. If souls remember even a little knowledge of God, it benefits a lot. If you find difficult to answer the questions, tell clearly that our seniors can give the answers.  You children will study this knowledge till the end. In this study, yoga and to make others equal like you, it takes time and effort.
All the people of the world have become devotees of God. No one knows that God comes to take all the souls back to soul world. God gives liberation and liberation in life, He establishes the golden age of deities-virtuous human beings.  Sanyasis speaks about liberation not liberation in life. Sanyasis never know about golden age, they never create heaven but GodFather.
At this time, in this world, there cannot be one single direction, there are various directions in the form of religion, gurus and politics. Now, you have to follow only the One direction of God received directly from GodFather because, at the end, one religion of God will be established. You receive the kingdom of God by the power of God.
You have to check if you remained very sweet throughout the day, you must not give sorrow to anyone and if you had give sorrow, you must reveal it to the GodFather. There are many who have bad habits which are to be renounced. You must not fight against each other. Getting angry is very bad, you lose the income of so many births. Show mercy for yourself. You should make a very good effort to get rid of five ghosts of vices. God teaches you the methods to get rid of the ghosts.
You learn this Rajayoga to get rid of fice vices. People never know about GodFather. Even without His knowledge, people would get benefitted by God’s arrival because God would take all the souls back home to grant them salvation. The more you remember GodFather, that much happiness you would experience. God benefits every soul of the world even if they don’t know about God because God is the Benefactor of all souls of the world.
This world drama is created with strict rules and regulations such that everyone including God plays their roles at their right time.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Study knowledge and yoga and become a knowledgeable soul from a devotee soul. While living at home with your family, you have to conquer Maya-vices. Definitely become pure.
2.            You have to imbibe very good manners on the path of knowledge. Become very, very sweet and egoless. Don’t speak of evil things. Don’t have any conflict of opinion.

Blessing: May you be constantly co-operative and accumulate your account by using everything you have remaining in terms of your body, mind and wealth for the Godly task.
In the memorial of the Goverdhan mountain, it is shown that it was lifted with everyone’s finger: this is a symbol of your co-operation. In the picture, they show the Father’s company and also His service. You children have now become BapDada’s co-operative children for this is why this memorial has been created. Whatever body, mind and wealth you used on the path of devotion, 99% of that was wasted. Of the remaining one per cent, use that for the Godly task with an honest heart and you will once again accumulate multimillion-fold.

Slogan: Those who are humble receive everyone’s respect naturally.

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