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The method to chase away all types of mental illness is the power of silence.

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Essence: Sweet children, at this time you are receiving instructions from the incorporeal One. Prove that the Gita is the scripture based on the instructions of the incorporeal One(GodFather), not the corporeal one (Sri Krishna).

Question: Which deep aspect can only first-class children explain very tactfully?
Answer: That it is this Adam-Brahma who becomes Shri Krishna. Adam-Brahma is called Prajapita, (Father of the People). Krishna cannot be called this. Incorporeal God created children (creates awareness of soul) through the mouth of Adam-Brahma. Shri Krishna was a small child. The God of the Gita is the incorporeal Supreme Soul. The Krishna soul made effort and claimed that status. Only first-class children can explain this deep aspect tactfully. Apply the force of 20 nails and prove this because only then will there be success in service.

Song:     Who has come wearing ankle bells to the door of my mind.

Sweet Children,

This knowledge of Gita is received from the bodiless being whereas all other religious scriptures of Abraham, Christ and Buddha are created by human beings. God is the Seed of the world human tree. People have mentioned the name of Sri Krishna in place of GodFather. Sri Krishna is not known as the Father of all souls but the Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather.
By mentioning the name of Sri Krishna, you don’t understand about the Supreme GodFather. I have established ancient deity religion even 5000 years before. I am known as the GodFather not Sri Krishna. People call out for GodFather and hence certainly God would have appeared on earth.
Even 5000years before, I have spoken to you. Sri Krishna cannot call you as children. Even 5000 years before, I have asked you to become soul conscious. You have to know the bodiless God as your GodFather.
Brahma-Adam is known as the father of human kind not Sri Krishna. Brahma-Adam  of iron age becomes Sri Krishna in golden age. Only clever children can prove the true God of the Gita. Certainly only the highest GodFather can teach you RajaYoga. Sri Krishna experiences the reward of his spiritual effort. It is GodFather who had made Sri Krishna make the spiritual effort.
To increase service, you must prove the God of the Gita. Who has spoken Gita? who established what , through Gita? You can explain this. All scriptures are children of Gita and hence through scriptures, people cannot receive inheritance. Only GodFather can give you unlimited inheritance, cannot be received from any other relatives / children.
People have defamed God and hence Bharat-India has become poor. Explain who transforms the hell-iron aged world into heaven. God says, I come at the confluence age of world cycle to transform the world into heaven-virtuous. When people understand the real God of the Gita, they would offer themselves to GodFather.
When thorns are offered to God, thorns tranform in to flowers. It is God who transforms the thorns into flowers. There is deity dynasty in golden age created through Adam-Brahma and hence Adam-Brahma is known as the father of humankind. The Ocean of knowledge is one Supreme GodFather.
Sri Krishna cannot explain you about the secret of this world drama. Only the Seed of the world human tree - GodFather can explain about the world cycle. There are four main religions. In golden age, the ancient deity religion gets established through GodFather. In iron age, people cry out due to sorrow.
It is GodFather who benefits the souls of the world. God makes the souls to rule the kingdom of golden age. Mothers give the knowledge to souls. You children are known as Shiv Shakti army. The most important one is the Jagadamba - the world mother who is known as Saraswathi - the goddess of knowledge, the daughter of Adam-Brahma.
People have lot of respect for scriptures and Gita. But Gita is praised and known by everyone. Sri Krishna's image appears as it is in golden age. Then his image keeps changing in different births. You become knowledge-full when you understand the true knowledge through the Ocean of knowledge - GodFather. There are many devotees in the world but God loves the knowledge-full souls.
Here, you have to remember GodFather with lot of love, you don’t benefit by seeing visions in trance. All souls of golden age benefit through Me, along with Sri Krishna. The unlimited Father is very sweet, you must receive inheritance from Him. When you think about God, love for God emerges within. When God creates you personally, you emerge love for Him.
God creates the heaven, whether you believe it or not, you receive inheritance from the GodFather of all souls. You receive inheritance from GodFather not from Sri Krishna. God is the creator of New world and certainly He would give you the inheritance of heaven.

Namaste, love, remembrance and good morning to the spiritual children.
Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            In order to be loved by the Father, imbibe knowledge in your intellect and become an enlightened soul. Have yoga with the Father. Have no desire to go into trance.
2.            Keep the mothers in front and increase respect for them. Prove who the God of the Gita is with authority. Increase service by applying the force of 20 nails.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of remembrance and discern between wasteful and powerful by sitting on the seat of a powerful stage.
The essence of this knowledge is to become an embodiment of remembrance. Before performing any task, sit on the seat of this powerful stage with this blessing and discern what is wasteful and what is powerful and then act. After performing the deed, check whether all three stages, the beginning, the middle and the end, were powerful. The seat of this powerful stage is the seat of a swan and its speciality is the power to discern. With the power of discernment, you will continue to move constantly forward in the stage of being maryada purshottam (one who follows the highest code of conduct).

Slogan: The method to chase away all types of mental illness is the power of silence. 

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