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Let the past be the past.Gallop in your efforts from now.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have found God, the Father, while sitting at home. You have to maintain limitless happiness. Do not suppress your happiness under the influence of the vices.

Question: Who among you children would you say are lucky and who are unlucky?
Answer: Those who do the service of making others equal to themselves and give happiness to everyone are lucky. Those who simply eat and sleep are unlucky. They continue to cause sorrow for one another. When something is lacking in their efforts, they become unlucky.

Question:            What are the signs of children whose operation of the third eye is successful?
Answer:               They do not repeatedly fall in the storms of Maya. They do not stumble around. Their behaviour is divine and they imbibe knowledge well.

Song:     Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to earth.

Sweet Children,
Gita is not spoken by a physical deity Sri Krishna but by the Incorporeal GodFather.  Sri Krishna cannot be called as the Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather. People call out for God to come and relieve them from  sorrows. There is a lot of difference between Adam-Brahma and Sri Krishna.
Deities are created through Krishna and You children are adopted through Adam-Brahma. Nowhere in the scriptures it is mentioned that bodiless GodFather gives knowledge to the souls. Here, it is the Supreme Soul gives knowledge to the souls.
From copper age, bodily beings have been giving some type of directions in the form of guru and scriptures. Now, you must listen to the direction of GodFather in which every direction is present since I am the Father, Teacher and True Guide. Certainly God will give you the most elevated direction. In reality, God is also a soul, gives direction through the organs.
Since people are body conscious and entangled in name and form, they find it difficult to understand the Supreme Soul.  It is said saints and people have reached heaven but in reality the name belongs to the body which is destroyed on earth. It is soul that leaves the body.
You know that there were deity – virtuous souls who appeared on earth in the beginning. From copper age, they come into body conscious. The master of the world is teaching you directly through whom you receive power of all relations of Mother, Father and bodily relations.
People praise the God’s qualities in front of deities – virtuous human beings of golden age. You have reached your final birth at this time in this world cycle. The New world will be established. This knowledge gives a lot of happiness. Only you children receive this elevated knowledge and elevated GodFather and none else. But you lose happiness due to the vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego.
God appears only in Bharat-India. And certainly He transforms the world into virtuous-pure. Now, the God, the Purifier, the Ocean of knowledge has appeared on earth. He is also known as Rudr. When you understand that the Unlimited GodFather, the Creator of all creations, you will have intoxication of happiness.
The whole world is of vicious now at this time. Sri Krishna and Sri Radhe belong to golden age but people have shown them in copper age. In copper age, virtuous human beings never exist.  People know about the virtuous deities of golden age. The Heaven-golden age was ruled by the King and Queen who are known as Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan.
GodFather creates – adopts children to give happiness not to give sorrow, like the physical father. In fact, even the physical father gives sorrow from copper age, leaving you in the fire of lust. In golden and silver age, you never fall in lust. You are being operated by this power of knowledge and remembrance of God.
You receive the third eye of knowledge at this time. When the third eye opens up, they make a very good spiritual effort. There are many who get entangled in the storm of maya-vices. On one side there is the Ustaad who gives unlimited constant happiness and other side there is Ravan-Maya- vices. Only I give you happiness and none else.
There is kingdom of God for 2500 years and there is kingdom of Ravan-vices for another 2500years. At this time, the world human tree has become so old to get transformed. You teach this knowledge to souls of the world, you become the master of the world by this knowledge.
People have forgotten about the deities of golden age. Now, you receive power from GodFather and receive the inheritance of kingdom for 21births. But even great souls and saints are not aware of this knowledge. Now, it is your duty of you children to wake up souls of the world. The more you make others equal like you, that much elevated status you would attain.
Whatever had happened, apply full stop and make effort for the future. The new ones gallop quickly than the seniors. It is a wonder. By saying it is fixed in the world drama, you never make spiritual effort to attain elevated status. You are the lucky stars of the world unlike the stars of the sky. You give light of knowledge to the souls of the world and you become deities-virtuous human beings of golden age.
The deities never live on up above, in reality, they live on earth. There are souls who are lucky who make others equal like them and there are souls who are unlucky who never serve others. By not doing spiritual effort, souls become unlucky. In scriptures, they have defamed even Sri Krishna showing him as stealing butter and clothes of women. In fact such things never happen in golden age.
You receive unlimited happiness from the world Benefactor God. GodFather says, children, remember Me alone. It is God who teaches you directly. God is the most loving, He gives most elevated direction. Rest your mind on Me and the inheritance of heaven, the world cycle. People have shown the discus with Sri Krishna, in fact the discus is the memorial of remembrance of world cycle and self-realization.
This knowledge is very easy and simple. You must remember such a God with lot of happiness and should not forget such an elevated GodFather. Only very few children churn the discus of self-realization but every one of you have to churn the knowledge.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            The directions of the Father, Teacher, Guru, Brother etc. are all merged in the directions of the one Father. Therefore, only follow His directions. Don’t follow the dictates of human beings.
2.            Let the past be the past and gallop in your efforts. Don’t become slack, saying, “If it is in the drama.” Do the service of making others equal to yourself.

Blessing: May you be Maya-proof and safe in all situations by remaining merged in love for the one Father.
Children who remain merged in love for the one Father easily remain safe from the vibrations and atmosphere around them because to remain merged means to be powerful like the Father and to remain safe in all situations. To remain merged means to be merged completely, and those who are completely merged are Maya-proof. This is the easy effort. However, do not become careless in the name of easy effort. Internally, the conscience of a careless effort-maker would bite and externally, he would be singing songs of his own praise.

Slogan: Remain stable in the position of an ancestor and you will become free from the bondages of Maya and matter.

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