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By personality of purity (clean and clear mind of virtues) and royalty,you become an image of God.

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Essence: Sweet children, constantly move along considering yourself to be a Raj Rishi and all your days will pass in happiness and you will remain safe from being choked by Maya-vices and obstacles.

Question: What chance do you have now, but will not have again later?
Answer: You now have a little time in which you can make effort and claim a high status by studying. You will not receive this chance again. This life is invaluable and this is why you should never have the thought of dying soon so that you can be liberated. Only those who are troubled by Maya or have the suffering of karma have such thoughts. You have to become a conqueror of Maya by having remembrance of the Father (love of God).

Song:     Have patience o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Sweet Children,
Children listened to the song. The unlimited Father tells to the children-souls of the world to have patience. You must have the awareness that you are the Rajrishis who make effort to receive the kingdom of golden age where only happiness will exist. If you consider yourself as Rajrishi and have faith, then you will experience happiness constantly.
You receive constant happiness by learning RajaYoga through GodFather directly. You remember only the bodiless GodFather not any physical gurus. This world of iron age will be transformed to become the heaven of golden age. Now, God Father is teaching you directly. No human beings can teach you Rajayoga of hell and heaven.
You souls are swadarshanchakradharis. Deities are not swadarshanchakradharis because they don’t have the knowledge of this 5000years world cycle. Only you children of God become swadarshanchakrdhari. You children have to become swadarshanchakrdhari constantly not once in a while. You can explain these points of knowledge in temples.  Vishnu is shown with Swadarshanchakr, not Sri Krishna.  You children become deity-virtuous human beings of golden age. Now, you are known as Trikaldarshi not in golden age. At this time, you climb the ladder of 84births. If you-deities remember about the world cycle, then they cannot experience the unlimited happiness.
You children must be brave enough to face the obstacles of maya by the power of God – love for God. You have to make effort and remain in remembrance of God, thereby your lifespan will increase. By the power of yoga, you transform the world into heaven. Remain a constant yogi.The more you make spiritual effort that much elevated status you would attain in golden age. By yoga, your sins of so many births will be cleared.
Souls who leave the body take birth as a child and until they become an adult, they cannot understand this knowledge. There are many who get affected by maya or karmic bondages, but this highest study and the chance of meeting the Supreme GodFather, you would not receive at any point of time. GodFather takes you to the spiritual pilgrimage. At this time, it is the gathering of souls and Supreme Soul. GodFather Himself comes as a Guide to take all the souls back home to the Soul world. The all souls of the world will go after the GodFather.
It is not that the whole India-Bharat will be covered with water, the iron age will come to an end, few souls will be left behind to create the golden age. This confluence age is known as the most elevated where souls attain elevated stage. Golden and silver ages cannot be called as elevated because souls keep falling down from their elevated stage.
You souls have the duty to transform human beings in to deities. I have come to take all the souls back home. I give love to all souls of the world, I give the eternal knowledge to every soul. I expect every soul to make spiritual effort to receive unlimited inheritance of golden age. You children have to settle your karmic accounts by the power of yoga. By making spiritual effort the karmic accounts of 2500years will be settled down and you will attain elevated status in golden age.
You have to explain about the swadarshanchakr - discus of the self realization to the souls of the world. Now it is hell, and the heaven is being established by the heavenly GodFather. But people of the world never see themselves living in hell at this time. When someone leaves the body, they say they had gone to heaven and hence, certainly they must live in hell – iron age at this time.
You make effort to go to golden age where vices never exist. You must get rid of all vices at this time, here at this confluence age. God fulfils the desires of all the souls of the world at this time. If you have the power of yoga, you would receive divine visions. You have to make souls ready for the golden age. The rich people find difficult to understand this knowledge.  God-Supreme Father appears in an ordinary body of Adam-Brahma to give you knowledge and adopt you children.
You children become heirs by surrendering to GodFather (being a Trustee and surrendering by Intellect).

Good morning, Namaste,love and remembrance to the long lost and now found sweet spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather by the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Engage yourself in the art that the Father has taught you of changing human beings into deities.
2.            Don’t make mistakes and don’t make excuses for not following shrimat. In order to be liberated from your karmic bondages stay in remembrance (love for God).

Blessing: May you be soul conscious and come close to the Father with your personality of purity and royalty.
Just as the physical personality of a person brings souls into body consciousness, in the same way, the personality of purity makes souls soul-conscious and closer to the Father. The personality of purity attracts souls towards purity. The royalty of purity frees you from the punishment from Dharamraj. On the basis of this royalty you will come into the future royal family. Through this personality, soul conscious children become a spiritual mirror who grants a vision of the Father.

Slogan: Constantly wear the spectacles of seeing each one’s specialities and you will become a special soul.

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