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The Ustaad – Supreme Teacher is teaching you how to become victorious over vices.

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Essence: Sweet children, you children are Godly students. The Father has given you knowledge of the Creator and creation and made you master janijananhar (one who knows everything). You now know everything.

Question: Which children have the intoxication of explaining to others?
Answer: Those who have the treasures of knowledge. Those who understand everything and imbibe it are able to explain to others with intoxication. You have to give everyone the Father’s introduction with intoxication and show them how to claim their inheritance from Him.

Song:     I have come having awakened my fortune.

Sweet Children,
In fact Soul never has to make any sound. It has become so tired that it wanted to remain silent. Now, the souls remember GodFather to take them back home. Now, God explains to you children:I am the God Father of all souls. Certainly He had to come to create-adopt you children.
The images of deities what you see-worship have lived in this world once upon a time, they have ruled the kingdom in golden age. In golden age, there was only one ancient religion. Now, there are various religions.
God explains in a practical way. You remain a dull student due to sins of bondages present within. 5000years before only virtuous human beings-deities existed. God certainly has to exist to fulfill the desires of devotees.  Only One God gives salvation to all souls of the world. Saints cannot show the path to salvation. Now, One God has come, becomes a Guide to liberate all souls of the world and hence God is known as the Liberator.
For God to appear on earth, He takes the help of a body of Adam-Brahma. Now, it is the time of darkness of Brahma-Adam. God has come to create the day of knowledge-light. God is the father of all souls, He is known as GodFather, Supreme Soul Supreme Father. When people remember GodFather, they never remember any bodily being.
God creates every children, including Adam-Brahma. God explains RajaYoga and you children learn RajaYoga (by which you become Raja-King to rule the senses and the world). When you understand everything by knowing about the creation, through Me, there will be nothing left to be known. Children become the knower of everything like GodFather.
This sacrificial fire of knowledge is created through Adam-Brahma not through Sri Krishna. God is the ocean of knowledge, He is your God, Father and Satguru.
First, the most important is to explain about GodFather. God delivers His knowledge to you children. Even Brahma-Adam can also be known as knowledge of Ganga because he too churns the knowledge of God to share it with children. Ocean of knowledge is only One GodFather.
In golden age, Ocean or rivers cannot be divided unlike in the iron aged world. In golden age, no one would ask why you came to our land without permission. Now, many partitions have been created in this world. All of you children are created through Adam, in the beginning, God has to appear in the body of Adam to create you children through knowledge.
People are worshipping the stones, dust, offer sacrifices. Hence people have to be explained about the One Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather. Certainly God creates heaven, now this world is a hell. You learn Rajayoga through the Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather. Even Brahma-Adam is learning at this time. Adam-Brahma is the father of humankind. You all including Adam are children of One GodFather.
By not understanding the truth, souls never follow the direction of God completely. You receive the knowledge personally from GodFather. You become elevated by following the direction of One GodFather. I come and establish the ancient religion of golden age where only virtuous human beings exist. Give the introduction of GodFather to everyone. God establishes the eternal world and hence you have to become certainly virtuous, you have to win over the vices.
The Ustaad – Supreme Teacher is teaching you how to become victorious over vices, which has to be explained to the souls of the world. Never waste time on gossip. Become powerful. Do everything, eat, roam around, but remember GodFather. This can be shared with others only when you have the intoxication of knowledge.

Namaste, love, remembrance and good morning to the spiritual children.
Namaste and good morning to the spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Speak knowledge and become master oceans and Ganges of knowledge and serve to make impure-vicious ones pure-virtuous.
2.            Explain to everyone very tactfully. Don’t discuss waste things with anyone. Give everyone the Father’s introduction.

Blessing: May you be a generous-hearted, great donor who distributes fortune by staying in the awareness of your fortune and the Father, the Bestower of Fortune.
When you remember both the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, and your fortune, you will have the zeal and enthusiasm to make others fortunate. Just as the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, distributes fortune through Adam-Brahma, in the same way, you are also children of the Bestower and you therefore have to continue to distribute fortune. Those people would distribute clothes and food and some would even give gifts, but no one can be satisfied with that. You have to share your fortune because where there is fortune there are all attainments. Be a generous hearted and elevated great donor in distributing your fortune. Constantly continue to bestow.

Slogan: Those who belong to One and move along with economy are loved by God.

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