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The magnet (God) pulls the iron (souls) with force.When there is rust (vices) there is less force-attraction.

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Essence: Sweet children, God’s directions are the most elevated directions and by following them you become real gold. All other directions make you false.

Question: What role is recorded in the one Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, a role that is not in any human soul?
Answer: Baba (GodFather) says: I, the soul, have the role recorded in Me of looking after the devotees and of giving happiness to everyone. I, the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, shower imperishable knowledge on everyone. No one can put a value on these jewels of knowledge. I, the Liberator, become the spiritual Guide and take you souls back to the land of peace. All of this is My role. I don’t cause sorrow for anyone and this is why everyone places Me on their eyes. Ravan-vices, the enemy causes sorrow and this is why people burn his effigy.

Song:     The shower of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved.

Sweet Children,
Om means I am a soul. Saints explain lot of meaning for this word om and may not be true. Truth is only One Father and at this time, there is the land of false. Golden age is known as the land of truth.
Only God is the Truth, He explains the Truth to make you true gold. Maya-vices make you follow the untruth. The demoniac directions are told by human beings by following vicious directions (of body consciousness instead of being soul conscious). Right directions are given only by GodFather not by human beings. The most elevated being is the Supreme Soul Supreme Father who lives in Supreme abode.
The devotees remember the God. When you follow the direction of God being elevated in golden age, deities-virtuous human beings never think about GodFather. Devotees experience sorrow not the deities of golden age.
There will be mountain of sorrows at the end but you will experience the mountain of happiness. After the battle of MahaBharat, various religions will be destroyed and only One religion will remain. Those who follow the direction of God- those who are virtuous pass through the gate of heaven.
Those who belong to God receive this rain of jewels of eternal knowledge. You imbibe this knowledge in the intellect. Soul has the combination of mind and intellect. It is the soul that absorbs this knowledge. Only when soul has the love for God, it imbibes knowledge.
People teach the most difficult things, but God teaches you simple knowledge. There are various Gitas in the world. Vedas and Shastras are not many. But people never understand the truth. Even this knowledge of God also disappears.
The God comes to give you the inheritance of heaven. You are the students of this satsang, you are the Godly students. God says, I teach you RajaYoga, I transform the human beings into deities. I teach you the methods to become the King of Kings.
You lost the kingdom to the vices-maya not to any human kings. People fight against each other to win over each other to receive limited kingdom. But by this power of remembrance of God (love for God), you receive the world kingdom. This battle is without any violence. You win over karmas by the love for God. Then there will not be any war of vices over you.
GodFather creates the heaven through Adam-Brahma. GodFather, the One who creates heaven has to be loved much. God is the Liberator, Spiritual Guide, takes you to His world of silence. Those who belong to the GodFather receive the eternal jewels of knowledge which cannot be measured.
God is the Ocean of knowledge and hence He has the knowledge within Him. God has the role to play, He take care of devotess, gives happiness to everyone. Maya-vices gives sorrow. It is I who give limited happiness to the devotees, I give the divine visions. I give you the third eye of knowledge by which the godrej lock of your intellect opens up.
How come so many souls-children remain with One GodFather? it is by love-remembrance, they remain close to Me. The soul who remembers GodFather even for a week, they become Swadharshanchakrdhari - one who spins the discus of self-realization (and world cycle)
The conch shell is the memorial of mouth-knowledge spoken and the sign of chakra- wheel, is the intellect which churns the knowledge. Whatever has happened - told now, will be repeated in every world cycle.
Now, it is time to go back to the soul world, you have to forget this vicious body to receive the pure body. You have so much greed but it is the pure greed of knowledge what you have. By this pure greed, the whole Bharat becomes virtuous. The residents of Bharat longs for One language, one religion. In golden age, even the animals never fight against each other.
In golden age, everyone experiences the unlimited happiness. I come in every world cycle to establish heaven. I bring you the wonderful gift of heaven. You children meet Me after 5000years.
No one in the world can say what is being told by Me. There will be many souls who would come to meet the GodFather,the kingdom is being established. Those who become the kings will become once again. The most Beloved is One GodFather. The magnet attracts the iron, when there is rust there is less attraction. The most loving ones come and meet the Beloved. Those who are close to GodFather rule the world.
Only you souls become worship-worthy from being a worshipper. This is a secret to be understood. You are a philanthropist. you sacrifice everything in the name of God. You say, Everything is for GodFather. Then God says, Everything of Me belong to my children.
You have old bondages offered to the GodFather. God never keeps anything for Him, God is the Benefactor, gives the whole kingdom to the children and Hence He is known as Saudagar (One who distributes the gifts – Santa Claus). God explains very sweet things to you, the exam is about to come. The final exam comes when you become ready to leave the body, when the knowledge is given completely, the war would begin, you will have the golden spoon in your mouth.
The future is for you children to become the Prince and princess. The rehearsal (of natural calamities) keeps taking place. You receive the reward of this study in golden age where the soul and body remain very pure. This is a deep secret. You must not leave this wonderful study. Those who come late can also attain an elevated status when they imbibe this knowledge and have love for GodFather.

Good morning, Namaste, love and remembrance to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            In order to make both the soul and the body pure, forget (the attachment to) everything including that old body. Surrender yourself completely (being a trustee) along with your body and become a complete philanthropist.
2.            Follow the Father’s shrimat and receive unlimited happiness. Have pure greed and renounce impure greed, through which the whole world can remain happy.

Blessing: May you have the speciality of a humble instrument and go fast in service to become an embodiment of success and come first.
While moving forward in service, if the speciality of being a humble instrument remains in your awareness, you will become an embodiment of success. Just as you are clever in running around after service, in the same way, become clever in these two specialities. By doing this, you will go fast in service and come first. Staying within the line of the code of conduct of spiritual life, do service while considering yourself to be a spiritual server and you will become an embodiment of success. You will not have to work hard.

Slogan: Those whose intellects constantly imbibe the jewels of knowledge are true holy swans.

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