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At the end, the punishment is of a second, with the feeling of suffering for so many births.

Murli 07.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children,  the Father,  the Lord of the Tree, has placed the omens of Jupiter over you. You are now going to the world of imperishable happiness.
Question: Which children experience the imperishable omens of Jupiter over them and what indicates this?
Answer: The children who renounce all their bodily relations (by looking at the soul not the body) while alive and have the faith that they are souls, those whose intellects have such faith, are the ones who experience the omens of Jupiter over them. It is of them that it is remembered: If you want to know about supersensuous joy, ask the gopes and gopis. Their happiness can never disappear.
Song: Salutations to Shiva (the Benefactor God)…
Sweet Children,
God is the lord of the World Human Tree. He is the seed of the Human tree (but in inverted form).The Seed remains at the top (in this world human tree).Now, the old world has to be transformed-destroyed. The eternal lord of the human tree comes and establishes the kingdom, makes you fortunate by giving you the heavenly kingdom for 21births.
You have to note down the main points and explain in exhibitions.
This is the knowledge given by the Supreme Light God-Father at this confluence age. This knowledge of how the world cycle (history and geography) rotates-repeats, is not there even with deities. Deities also do not know that they come down the ladder of 84births. If deities have this knowledge, they would not have that much happiness because they would think about the descending stage even while ruling the kingdom, this is also fixed in the world drama. The whole world activity repeats.
You know about the inverted tree of souls in the soul world, every one has their own sections. These points no one knows, even the scriptures do not have this knowledge. You souls are the residents of the soul world. It is said that the soul gets merged with the Supreme Soul but not in reality. You know the soul is eternal, soul never gets destroyed or merged. The truth is not mentioned in any scripture.
The Swastik symbol is known to many (without the real knowledge-significance of the symbol). The important religions and their scriptures are four (Deity, Islam, Christian and Buddhism) in numbers. In Golden and silver ages, there is no scripture for the religion.
God explains you the Gita at the confluence age, He comes at the end of the world cycle not that He comes at the end of every ages as mentioned in scriptures. No religion gets established at the end of (Golden or ) Silver ages, it is said Islam begins at the beginning of copper age. It is not established at the end of silver and copper ages.
This is the gathering – confluence of souls and Supreme soul which happens only at the confluence age. No one knows about God and how God transforms the whole world to pure. Now, Father says, children, rest your mind on Me. You have to forget the body and all the bodily relations, this is known as dying alive. When people leave the body, they forget all the bodily relations. Father says, forget everything related with the body and remember the Supreme Soul. The more you remember, that much your rust of sins will be removed and that much happiness you will have.
You can check yourselves how much you remember the God-Father. You souls have to check again and again, if you remember less, the happiness will be less. It is sung about the supersensuous joy among the gope and gopis (one who remembers Krishna and listens to his flute music) which is the memorial of this time.
If you lose happiness then it is like the eclipse happening in your life. It is said that, you have to get rid of the eclipse of body consciousness. You praise the deities as complete in all virtues, completely vice-less in nature but you feel yourself as the sinner.
You children know that you have become black-ugly with the eclipse. When there is an eclipse, you have-create the image-sculptures of deities, Gita (of confluence age spoken by the God-Father) is the scripture of the ancient deity religion.
Religious conferences take place, you can explain them that God is not omnipresent and now God is distributing the inheritance. Saints and holy men never receive the unlimited inheritance unlike you children. You have to prove that God is not omnipresent. God creates the sacrificial fire of knowledge of Gita, by which the fire of destruction-transformation spreads. You know how God establishes this unlimited sacrificial fire in which the whole world gets sacrificed. The spiritual sacrificial fire is created by God Himself.
You see in practical how God creates this unlimited sacrificial fire which cannot be created by any physical being. The whole world get sacrificed in to this, there is  a difference of day and night in normal sacrificial fire and the sacrificial fire of knowledge.
You children, when you pass completely, become complete yogi and gyani, then you need a new world, so the old world has to be transformed, this Rajaswa Aswamedha sacrificial fire is being created. Horse is sacrificed in Aswamedha sacrificial fire (during copper age). In reality, your body consciousness is the memorial of the horse. You become more happy by knowing that the lord of the human tree explains this knowledge. Your stage must be very good.
Some children write that initially there is happiness, but later disappears. In devotion you spend a lot of money on pilgrimages, here you need not have to spend any money. Here it is the spiritual pilgrimage unlike the physical pilgrimages.
The light moths (insects) love the lights (lamps) to sacrifice themselves in the light. You have been wandering everywhere in search for the God-Father. In devotion, they believe that people have to go on pilgrimages, go to river ganga to get rid of sins, in reality you are the rivers of ganga-knowledge.
The liberator of every soul is the One God. Only God can give liberation and liberation in life not any human being. God-Father says, I come in confluence age to liberate you and make you worship worthy from being worshippers. You had been suffering by worshipping deities (your own memorials). You become the deities, after that you lose your status and come in retirement stage after the copper age and iron age.
In Jagannath temple, they show vulgar-vicious images of deities. People of vicious nature look at the images and fall in to vices thinking that even deities are vicious. Deities follow the path of vice (due to body consciousness) in copper and iron ages. In delwara temple, they show the images as doing tapasya and the heaven is shown at the top. Only God Father explains about this and make you understand.
You understand that soul and Supreme soul remain separated for a long time. In the beginning, you go away (from soul world) from the Father-Supreme Soul and, you come and meet Him in the beginning when God appears on Earth.
It is shown that Krishna was taken across the river, his parents are not praised like him. At this confluence age, the soul of Krishna studies well and hence he is praised more than his parents.
You know that you were in Sun dynasty, later come down to moon dynasty and now once again you would go to Sun dynasty by following the Godly direction. You get rid of sins as much you remember the Father.
People lose their income and go to the company of saints, later they become rich being in the company of devotees, you listen such things, you can understand about it, by your intellect.
Many of you remember God, only a very little. Always, keep a note book with you and note down how much you remain in remembrance throughout the day, people write about their biography but Father asks you to keep the chart of remembrance. If you do not remember the Father, the sins will not be removed, you cannot attain elevated status. You must not lose your respect-regard, you have to do such spiritual effort.
God is the Father and also the Supreme Judge, You get visions of sins you performed, before you receive punishment. (one soul was made to experience the punishment (get rid of his sins) in practical, out of his request) At the end, everyone will see the visions of their sins before they are about to experience punishment. Finally, you attain a very little, a small kingdom due to your vicious actions. You would feel as if you have been experiencing punishment for birth after birth (for your sins). You must not experience punishment, you have to check your accounts of remembrance like businessmen keep their account half yearly, monthly and daily.
You make business with the unlimited Father. Business men do business with each other, you get inheritance of 21births when you surrender your mind, body and wealth (by your intellect). Even if wealth is not there, mind and body can be surrendered (by intellect). God is making you so beautiful such that you receive a first class body in the golden age.
You become the aim object-deities, by this study. If you do not make complete spiritual effort, you never attain the most elevated status.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Check your own stage. Keep a daily diary for your own benefit and note down your chart of remembrance in that.
2. Do true business with the unlimited Father. Surrender your body, mind and wealth (by intellect) to the Father and claim a return for 21 births. Have faith in the intellect and benefit yourself.
Blessing: May you overcome all adverse situations through your original stage by being incorporeal and having all the ornaments.
Those who have all the ornaments can never have arrogance of the body. To be incorporeal and to have all ornaments is to be manmanabhav (focusing your mind on One) and madhyajibhav (remembering the aim of perfection – the status of a deity). When you remain constantly stable in your original stage, you are easily able to overcome all adverse situations; then all the nature of the past finishes through this. When you look at the original nature of the soul, all the things of conflict of nature finish and you develop within yourself all the powers to face everything.
Slogan: When you take one step through your thought, the Father takes a thousand steps of co-operation.
For service through the mind: Remain stable in the point of self-respect: “I am a living jewel on the forehead, seated on the immortal throne in the centre of the forehead” and spread the rays of purity in the world.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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