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Retirement for soul-human being means, to rest in soul world, which is far beyond any sound.

Murli 16.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you have to become true messengers like the Father. Give everyone the message to return home.
Question: In which direction do the intellects of people wander these days?
Answer: Towards fashion. People follow so many different types of fashion to attract others. They have learnt this fashion from the pictures. They believe that Parvati (deity) also followed fashion like that and used to have such hairstyles. Baba (Father) says: You children mustn’t be fashionable in this impure world. I take you to a world where there is such natural beauty that there is no need for fashion.
Song: You are the Mother and Father….
Sweet Children,
Children listened to the song, when you praise (think about ) the Father, the intellect goes upwards. Soul say, He is the boat man, the Purifier, He is the True Messenger. Father comes and gives the message that, now we have to return home. In reality this message is not given by any messenger (or prophets). Lakshmi Narayan (deities) are praised more because they are the King and Queen of the new world. Even this, only residents of Bharat know about it, foreigners know that Bharat is very ancient and god goddess existed here. Krishna is also known as god. But No one knows that the kingdom of god and goddess existed in Bharat. All of you are the children of god and goddess. In reality they cannot be called as god and goddess, they are known as deities – devi and devta. Only father explains you about the truth.
You resident of Bharat remained in the New World, Bapu Gandhiji also wanted the New World of kingdom of Ram, but in reality no one understands about the real Ram (The incorporeal God).In iron age the intellect becomes stone-like, in golden age, the intellect is golden –like, in Bharat. But people never understand, people see iron age as heaven, they say the aeroplane , palaces exist now ,their intellect goes after fashion, spend money for dyeing hair and lot of fashion methods are there, they feel that Even Parvathi (the deity-wife of deity Shankar) did fashion. In olden days, Parsi made the face black so that no one gets attracted to them, but now they do fashion to attract people, now the world has become vaishyalay (the land which is not pure).
People do not know who is the God, the Mother and Father, they would have certainly given the inheritance of kingdom. You say, you would not listen to anyone else other than the God, in reality all the praise of God belongs to ShivBaba (Benefactor God).Brahma knows that he was pure 5000years before and now have become impure, you children also say that you were pure 5000years before and after 84births have become impure.
Shiv Baba says, I come at the end of Brahma’s final birth at his Vaan prasth - retirement (the stage beyond sound) age, now, you are in the confluence age, the end of iron age. Father comes only in confluence age. According to the world drama, you children increase in numbers(day by day), you were deities, later become warriors, merchants, and workers. It is easy to understand that you had taken 84 births, but many do not accept it, it is number-wise like in a school, they know their intellect is of third class, they find difficult to understand. Father says, then at the least remember your God-Father, everyone is the child of God.
There is the accounts (settlements) of karma, I teach you the knowledge of Karma, akarma and vikarma.You have to perform actions certainly, the third class intellect would find difficult to understand, many do not know this is the world of vices. People perform vicious actions in the kingdom of Ravan (vices) and keep falling.
You make a guru in the world of suffering to get liberated, wanting to show the path to the world of liberation. People say they are in vaanprasth (stage beyond sound) - retirement, but for name sake. Soul world is the land of liberation. In retirement stage, earlier, they go in the gathering of saints but the reality about retirement stage, no one understand, they do not know that they have to go to the world of liberation-soul world (where there is only silence), people think they have to go and merge with the Brahm element (the light form of soul world), no one understand that the Brahm element is the place for the soul to go and take rest – the retirement place (where soul remains in deep silence-beyond sound). Earlier,in 60yrs, they go and retire, you can make others understand that no one can go beyond the sound (retirement).
You have been calling for God to take you back home, to the land of liberation. Father says, you children are given even the knowledge of Golden age, who lives there, how population increases, but no one knows exact statistics. How children are born in golden age, you are made to understand but people never understand.
There is no philosopher or great men who understand this cycle of the world, of 84births,they say it is of 84lakhs, Father asks, how it can be 84lakhs?, they have become completely confused, now you know Father explains you the secret of karm, akarm and vikarm. In golden age, your action is of akarm where vicious action never takes place through you. In this impure world whatever action you perform ,it becomes the vicious action. Now, you children understand, the young and old are in the retirement stage (the stage beyond sound), the stageof detachment, everyone has to go beyond sound.
Everyone cries to take them to the pure world but until everyone becomes vicious, you cannot go to the pure world. Now, everyone remains in impure world and this world will be transformed-destroyed. Now, you know that you would go to the New World, this is a new knowledge, you receive the eternal knowledge to go to the eternal world. Those who do not follow the Godly direction are present in iron age, and you are present in confluence age. You understand that you have to go back to the New world, only Father comes and gives you this complete new knowledge for the pure Eternal New world. But you sit now, in confluence age in this iron age.
Father is preparing you to go back home, this knowledge is for the new world. All others are in iron age, now rightly this is confluence age, the heaven is about to come, the heaven is never known as confluence age which is known as leap age, where the human beings become charitable souls from vicious souls and hence it is also known as charitable age.In golden age, all souls remain charitable souls.
Here people become happy by looking at the decorated image of deities. People come from very far away to visit the Shiv temple, the picture can be kept even at home, then why do they travel far?  They feel that they would get liberation. Now your intellect is waken up, you are given the highest knowledge.
Soul performs all action through the body, even the president is a soul, people praise body because of body consciousness, you souls have become impure by taking 84births, now, you have identified the God-Father and receive the unlimited inheritance. Without a body how a soul can speak? Father says, I am a Incorporeal being, still I take the help of a body to show you the new path. You know that God gives this highest knowledge through the body of Brahma-Adam, Only now, you receive this knowledge.
It is praised that, the deity religion established through the body of brahma, Father comes and teaches you the easy RajaYog. You understand that ShivBaba makes you understand and You make others understand, only God explains you directly. You say that you were impure and Father had come and made you pure. You know that this is the world of vices, Ravan -vices makes you vicious, you burn the effigy of Ravan but the real meaning, nothing is understood, they have made the big story like of Ravan stole the Sita of Ram, people listen to the stories  and keep crying. In reality, this is all dhand katha (worth-less stories), Father explains you very well to make you understand.
Now Father says, children, now, remember Me alone, Rest your mind on Me, Remember the One God Father and never rest your intellect on anywhere else. Now, the God Father Himself, the Purifier comes and gives introduction of Himself, You understand how much sweet and merciful God Father is , how clearly He comes and explains, He is making you the master of the kingdom.  Always remember how much merciful God is.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Understand the philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action and perform elevated actions. Donate knowledge and become a righteous soul (dharmatma).
2. It is now the stage of retirement. Become pure in these last moments and go to the pure world. Give everyone the message to become pure.
Blessing: May you be loving to the Father and with the remembrance of the Almighty Authority chase all problems away.
Children who are loving to the Father always keep the One they love with themselves and this is how no problem comes in front of them. Problems cannot stay in front of those who have the Almighty Authority Father with them. Finish the problem as soon as it is created and it will not grow. Now have birth control of problems. Always remember that you have to bring perfection close and chase problems away.
Slogan: Do not make effort to be loved, but make effort to be detached and you will automatically be loved.
For service through the mind: Free your head from all other things, make your heart clean, consider yourself to be a trustee, be the Father’s service companion and donate happiness, peace and bliss through your mind.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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