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while performing actions, remember the God-Father, to earn a valuable income.

Murli 15.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, you now have to go to the new world. These days of sorrow are coming to an end. Therefore, forget the old things of the past.
Question: What should you karma yogi children constantly practise?
Answer: One moment, you’re in your body for its livelihood and the next moment become soul conscious. Actions cannot be performed without awareness of the body. Therefore, practise performing actions in the awareness of the body and then become soul conscious. No one in the world, other than you children, can practise this.
Song: Awaken o brides, awaken! The new age is about to come!
Sweet Children,
Sweet sweet souls listened to the song, this song is very good, you understand the secret of this world drama, you souls have waken up. What did you understand in devotion? Now, you understand the history of 84births. Father has taught you the cycle of complete 84births. This knowledge is new for you.
This world cycle has come to an end and new cycle would repeat. You children understand this new knowledge. Father is giving you courage, children, now if you want to go to the new World, forget about the old world, all vedas and scriptures will come to an end. In golden new world, nothing of devotion exists, you receive the fruit of devotion there. It is said God comes and gives the reward of devotion. You know how Father comes and gives you the reward of devotion.
Those who have done more devotion, that much reward, you would receive. They have faith and make effort quickly, only they would make effort based on this knowledge. You were worship-worthy and you become worshippers. You children know that you souls have done more devotion and hence you would go fast in your spiritual effort.
Now, for Gyan (knowledge) and yog (remembrance), your effort must be fast, you have to remain soul conscious first, then while performing actions, although you come into awareness of body, remember the God-Father. Without coming into awareness of the body you cannot perform any action. You have to become soul conscious and perform action. You can remember the Father, only when you become soul conscious. If you forget the body completely you cannot perform action but if you perform action in remembrance, you will become happy. By walking, moving keep remembering the father. You have to remain in soul conscious.
There is no one in soul conscious at this time other than you children. Although people think that, the body is not permanent, still their sins never get destroyed. This is the body, I am a soul, this is a common knowledge ,but Father says, Remember Me knowing yourself as a soul, although you come into awareness of body whilst in action, which you were doing birth after birth. Remember the most beloved whilst performing actions. No one knows about that Beloved One, who is that? You receive the inheritance from the Beloved who is also the Father, no one knows about it. You learn everything new here. You souls have to go to the soul world.
Only God shows the path towards the Soul world-your home. You will go back to your home and come back in New world. Father is creating New home-World, so certainly you children would like to go there, but no one knows the path for the home, only God explains. Although people do many charity and make lot of effort, they cannot go to the New world or receive liberation.
In shastras-scriptures, the golden age is mentioned as millions of years, and hence the intellect of people never understands. Father says, the world cycle is only of 5000years,you children understand very nicely that this Bharat was heaven, you belong to the ancient deity religion. No other continent experience happiness like Bharat. Other than the followers of original ancient religion, no one else can go to heaven.
This world is of suffering although there is little happiness. Father says, Hey souls, wake up now, I give you the third eye of knowledge, you know the history and geography of the whole world. Father is the knower of everything (history and geography of the world cycle), it is not that Father sits and reads the mind of others or monitor everyone of their purity level. I show you the path , You soul have to remember the Father and so your sins will be removed, you have to remember even the world cycle. Now, you have to become soul conscious.
You have to remain in household and remember the Father. You have to spin the discus of self realization. The decoration of deities belong to you children, you children use loud speaker in big gathering. Here (in Mount Abu during 1936-1969), you never use loud speaker. Here you just have to remember the God-Father. Father says, I am the almighty authority. You have to remember Me by which your sins will be removed. In future loud speaker would come into use.
You all have to return home now, the Mahabharat war is about to happen like it is mentioned in  Gita, the war happens and the Pandavas disappear on a mountain. If everything destroyed (as mentioned in scriptures), the Bharat continent will also never exist, but Bharat is an eternal continent, the world never becomes empty.
Father is imperishable (like any other soul and in His qualities) and His birth place, where He appears is also imperishable. You must know that your Father is the One who gives liberation to every soul, He is the One who gives happiness to all souls.
People ask for peace, the residence of souls- soul world remains completely peaceful and hence the souls-people remember about peace. If anyone leaves the body in foreign land, they like to taken back to their own country. If people know that the birth place of God, the one who gives liberation of all, is Bharat, the Bharat will have more respect.
Father gives happiness to everyone, this has been made to disappear (not given importance). You become worthy to receive happiness, He is known as the one who gives happiness and removes sorrows. You know that you souls remain peaceful in the land of soul world. The soul world and golden age are different. Now, all souls undergo pain. In golden age, there will not be any trace of sorrow.
Father says, I never give you any type of difficulty, you just have to remember the Father and the land of liberation in life, you have to become soul conscious. In golden age, there is knowledge of soul, they know the soul leaves one body and takes another, this is known as soul conscious in golden age.
Now, the Spiritual Father comes and gives you the Spiritual knowledge to the Spirits-souls. It is praised about the Mother and Father, God gives knowledge in every 5000years, but people are in total darkness. Now, you understand the knowledge , you come out of darkness, The Beloved of all souls have come now, I am the bride groom of all you brides, I am the Supreme Soul of all souls, I am the liberator of all souls. I come and give salvation to all. After liberation, you receive liberation in life.  I give liberation and liberation in life to the souls.
Souls become completely pure, then become rajo and tamo in nature. Some souls just come and return like the moths which die in a day. They do not receive complete inheritance. The purity and happiness you receive as the inheritance. Father, the incorporeal soul comes and gives you the knowledge through the Brahma-Adam. People go on long pilgrimages thinking that they would receive liberation but the one who makes you drink the nectar of knowledge only One Father, you receive liberation and liberation in life only by drinking the nectar of knowledge.
Here, you children have to understand clearly and explain to others. Here you come to learn the knowledge and yoga. Father sits and teaches knowledge for you. Father says, here you must remain silent, otherwise everyone’s attention gets diverted. The remembrance is very easy, you have to do all action in remembrance of One God Father, you earn an income only by His remembrance which is very valuable. You become Every healthy, ever wealthy and ever happy. You have to discuss about this.
You have to prepare your food by yourself, perform action and remember the Father. God is giving you the inheritance of kingdom. Here, you come to become deities from human beings. Everyone wants to come in golden age not even in silver age. The Brahma-Adam and Saraswathi (Eve), they become Lakshmi and Narayan in golden age.
Those who do charity, go and take birth in rich family, here when you make good spiritual effort, you attain elevated status (for 21 births in golden and silver ages), you have seen this in subtle world. You see big gathering in temples of deities. You understand that, whatever image of deities you look at, you know that you will become like them.
You know all of you belong to the One Beloved God-Father and, brothers and sisters amongst yourselves. You give knowledge with understanding, there is Delwada temple (in Mount Abu), which is your memorial of doing meditation. You children know that you establish heaven in Bharat by following Godly direction, the memorial of this exists even now.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Pay full attention to knowledge and yoga. When listening to knowledge, sit very quietly and concentrate. You also have to become karma yogis.
2. Show everyone the path home that the Father has shown you. Together with being spinners of the discus of self-realisation, also blow the conch shell of knowledge.
Blessing: May you merge the ashes of the old sanskars (vicious or weak habits) in the ocean of the stage of perfection and thereby become equal and complete.
In order to become perfect like the Father, destroy your weaknesses and shortcomings before the destruction of the world. Make yourself so bright that no name or trace of any confusion remains. Just as when you take a new birth you forget all the things of the previous birth, in the same way, burn the old things and old sanskars and merge the ashes in the ocean of the stage of perfection and only will you be said to be equal and complete.
Slogan: Learn the magic of merging the expansion into its essence and you will become equal to the Father.
For service through the mind:
Liberate your mind from all confusion, become light, sit under God’s light and give everyone the light of all powers. Make the thoughts in your mind powerful.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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