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The extroverted-ness spoils the spiritual atmosphere.

Murli 30.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)
Essence: Sweet children, don’t become extroverted while sitting in this gathering. Stay in remembrance of the Father. By remembering your friends, relatives and business etc. you create obstacles in the atmosphere.
Question: What is the speciality of the spiritual drill of you children that human beings cannot do?
Answer: Your spiritual drill is of the intellect. Its speciality is that you become lovers and remember your Beloved. This is referred to in the Gita as “Manmanabhav!” However, people don’t know their Beloved, the Supreme Soul, and so how could they perform that drill? They teach one another how to perform physical drill.
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
Children understand and Father also understands what you do here, you are doing spiritual drill, you do not speak anything, by being in remembrance of God-Father your sins get absolved and become victorious over vices. This is the drill of soul not of body, whatever you learn outside is drill for the body, here you do spiritual drill which is also mentioned in Gita.
Here God speaks knowledge and you God’s children also speak knowledge. You have become children of God, God’s direction is to remember the Father. Father and children both teach this drill, it is said to remember the Father whilst doing all actions. You keep remembering the job, relatives and it spreads in (spoils) the atmosphere. You sit here and remember the Father, like that, while moving and doing any job, you have to remember the Father.
The lovers remember the beloved always, theirs is physical remembrance and yours is spiritual. You have been remembering the God in devotion but without knowledge of soul and Supreme Soul. Now, your Beloved has come. Here there are souls and the Supreme Soul. You lovers (Ashiq-souls) must remember the Beloved (Mashooq-the God), you have been calling God to come and liberate you, to take to the soul world – world of purity and silence.
This is the world of death which has to destroyed-transformed. The world of death will come down and the eternal world would arise. You children are also making effort number-wise. You must have strong faith that you are becoming residents of heaven from residents of hell. People do not know for how long you lived in heaven. Father says, you children are making effort now, to become residents of heaven.
The God of the Gita is the One incorporeal being, bodiless being. People think how the bodiless God comes on earth, who lives in the incorporeal – unknown world. People have used Krishna’s name in place of God. There is lot of relation between God and Krishna. According to the world drama, instead of God, Sri Krishna’s name has been used. There is Shiv jayanthi (Birthday of God) in confluence age and there is Krishna Jayanthi  in heaven-golden age. When Shiv ratri (the night of Shiv) ends, Krishna Jayanti (the day of Krishna) arrives. Only Father explains you and only you children understand.
Here in the gathering, you have to sit in remembrance of only One God. People have been calling out for the Purifier to come and purify them but  people never understand that this time is the iron age and when God comes you receive the light of knowledge. The unlimited Father comes and explains. The limited – physical fathers cannot be a purifier. The name of Bapu is used for many. This spiritual Father-Bapu is Only one who comes and makes you pure. He is known as the Purifier and the Ocean of Knowledge. You need knowledge to become pure, you never become pure by bathing in rivers.
Now, you know, God Father is present here in the body of Brahma-Adam. It is sung that there is establishment through Brahma and sustenance through Vishnu. You receive all these understanding only now, Father had to come and explain all these. No souls can return home (before the completion of 5000years) once they had appeared on earth, they have to pass the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Even Krishna takes complete 84births and go through the three stages. The soul of Krishna, in heaven, since it appears (start moving) in the womb, from then, it has to play roles of 84 births in 5000years. Otherwise there will be change in 5000years. This is very subtle knowledge to be understood. Now, the soul of Krishna is receiving this knowledge to become Sri Krishna once again. You children go to the land of Sri Krishna.
Now Father explains these and teaches the spiritual drill, then Maya (vices-obstacles) says, I am also so clever to divert your attention. Many children listens, practice and later go away, the omen of Saturn appears as an eclipse in them. Now you have the omen of Jupiter and Vishnu. But in the long run even the omen of eclipse appears. So, it is said if you want to see the great fortunate one or the most ignorant one, you can find them here.
You children say that you have received the inheritance 5000years before and once again you have come to receive it. Many come to your Centres but this is the Court of Indra (God of Rain-knowledge), The ShivBaba (Benefactor Father) sits here and you receive the rain of knowledge, in this court-gathering, the extroverted ones must not sit along with the introverted ones (because by thinking about external physical things, the spiritual atmosphere gets spoiled). If the Centre-in-charge brings the extroverted ones here, very hard stain appears in the soul, both becomes responsible for it, have to be more careful whilst bringing souls here. You have more responsibility in this.
It is said in Mansarovar, the ordinary ones become the holy Swan of Knowledge by taking a dip in the river (which is not truth but a memorial of this confluence age). Now, this is the real manasarovar of knowledge. God is the ocean of knowledge. You are the rivers appeared from the Ocean.
Golden age is the kingdom of deities – Lakshmi and Narayan, It is the path of householders. You have to become like them to attain elevated status. You had been calling God to make you pure by teaching RajaYoga. The residents of Bharat who believe in deities have taken 84births certainly, you have to explain them how God establishes the three religion of -  one who listens to Brahma-Adam (confluence age), Deity (Sun dynasty) and Kshatriya (Moon dynasty).
For half of the world cycle, the One religion is being established now in this confluence age. Remaining half of the cycle, all other religion gets established in old world. Here, Father establishes one religion (and kingdom) for half the cycle. No one has such power. God establishes it by making you children belong to Him, to create Sun and Moon dynasty. You children go to soul world and come in Sun and Moon dynasty. When you are happy in golden and silver ages no one remembers the God.
Only you children have this knowledge, you understand that God is the Ocean of knowledge and He gives the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. You are known as Gyan Ganga, by not knowing this people see the river ganga as the purifier. People die in the pyre of lust. The world cycle is of 5000years, this also no one understands. There are four stages of 5000years each of 1250years.
Now, there is the gathering of Souls and Supreme Soul.You children meet together and call it as seminar. Here the Ocean of Knowledge is present now and you are known as the rivers of knowledge, the kingdom of Krishna appears along the shore of river Yamuna. It is not said, it is the land of Krishna but the land of Lakshmi Narayan, after marriage Radha Krishna becomes Lakshmi-Naryan.
Here, it is the unlimited boxing takes place between the five vices. You wanted to remember the God-Father constantly but the vices never allow you to do it. God pulls towards Him and vices-maya pulls towards her. In the world drama, there cannot be any change unlike the limited drama. The fixed eternal drama has already been shot-created and there is nothing to be created new.
If someone leaves the body, they have only that much role to play, they cannot come back , then what is the reason to cry for them. This world is the world of death. In golden age, there is nothing of death or attachment. There is also the memorial of the King and Kingdom where even the people-subjects are free from attachments. Here, people who cannot cry are also forced to cry. All these happen in Bharat.
Bharat was the land of much happiness and Bharat has become the land of more un-happiness. There are images of ancient  deities  and foreigners become happy looking at it. The most ancient one is Shiv Baba who is present now, there is much praise for the One God who come and benefits everyone. In devotion He is praised much. God comes on His own (as per the world drama) and explains all these, and once again He gives your fortune of kingdom-golden age.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Keep the knowledge of the drama in your intellect and remain carefree. Don’t worry about anything because you know that that which is predestined is taking place. Become free from attachment.
2. Since you are experiencing the omens of Jupiter from the Father, take care that you don’t become eclipsed by the omens of Rahu. If there are any bad omens, finish them by donating knowledge.

Blessing: May you be a most elevated being who follows the highest code of conduct and makes BapDada’s (God’s) task your own goal.
It is said: When you grind your own ingredients you become intoxicated. Your vision should never fall on the income of others. Instead of making the intoxication of others your goal, make BapDada’s virtues and His task your goal. Become a helper of BapDada in destroying irreligiousness and establishing the true religion. Those who destroy irreligiousness cannot perform any irreligious task nor do anything that would break the divine code of conduct. They are most elevated beings who follow the highest code of conduct.
Slogan: Be knowledge-full and sacrifice all wasteful questions and your time will be saved.
For service through the mind:
For service always have elevated and altruistic thoughts. Always have feelings of uplifting others. Have the elevated power to have mercy on those who even defame you. With your elevated actions, inspire others to perform elevated actions. With this method, become experienced in serving through the mind.
Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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