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Become successful by being a detached observer constantly and giving regard to others ideas.

Avyakt Murli 02.07.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years) dated 09.04.1973
Essence: To have success in the harmonising of sanskars means to pass fully.
Those who remain lost in love of the God-Father and the Inheritance, do you see yourselves as karma yogis constantly?
Do you have the awareness of dying alive (from old habits) constantly? Do you forget the introduction of self in normal life, then in this final most valuable birth why do you forget about your elevated self-awareness?
Like you give introduction of the God Father, is it difficult to remember about your own self?
What is the praise, the devotees sing for the Father by which they receive special attainments? You praise God as the Ocean of love, the Ocean of knowledge, but the devotees, due to their attainments, and even some of you praise the same qualities of the Father what the devotees praise, do you remember that what being praised for the Father during devotion?
It is about transforming the obstacles-difficulties in to normal situation, changing dagger like obstacle in to thorn-like. This praise of the Father belongs to you too. Do you transform the difficulty to easiness, you are known as the master, master means you are elevated than the Father. If you have this awareness and if any obstacle comes, will you see it as an obstacle? You wont say it as an obstacle, you remove others obstacles, will you say, it is difficult for you?
Like Father is the remover of obstacles, make difficult things easy, you will also become like that if you have this elevated awareness within you. If you find anything difficult, it shows the weakness of the soul. You spiritual children are praised as the one who transforms the difficulty in to easiness, you bring in to action whatever you think.
Like in sakar form (Brahma), in his every thoughts and actions, you experienced this. When the whole world was against the few special souls, still it you did not feel it as a difficult situation, at the time of establishment. Those days you were only few and now you have grown in numbers. You had the determined thought which is not ordinary, there is memorial of Angad who was unshakeable and immovable.
By coming into relationships with many souls, to match the sanskars is your role. In Jain religion, every hair is pulled out physically, the reason of this is, what ever is difficult will be experienced as simple-easy and it is known as sacrifice. It is like you do not see the difficulty as difficulty. If you express difficulty in face, forehead, words, it is considered as failed. This is only a memorial. Here, in reality, if you experience obstacles in relationships  (matching your sanskars with each other), in any activity, if you try to run away from the situations, it is known as renouncing, you do not belong to the renunciates, you remain in household (you have to face the situations).
The role of you special soul is to transform the difficulty in to easy one. You are known as master almighty authority, the image with eight powers, the Mahaveer, the virtues of tolerance and other qualities of the Father,  you bring in to practical. You never run away from issues, you face it, you overcome the obstacles. You can perform the action of being a child of God by stabilizing in one place, where your intellect would remain stable, the important place where you can remain stable constantly, the all expansion stabilized in to an essence, the place known as the stage of BEING AN OBSERVER.
When you do not have the stage of observer, then you lose the awareness and everything becomes a difficulty (an obstacle). This stage of being an observer should be constant, you maintain it for a temporary period, but due to body consciousness, you do not maintain this stage constantly.
You understand body consciousness –ego but you must know its subtle Royal form which brings you in to wrong awareness. The foundation is body consciousness-ego but what is the sign of the royal form? When you get into this royal form of ego, you feel insulted for self or you insult others, you never give regard to others.
If you cut others in between while they share their idea, this is also a royal form of ego. You must not give your idea by disconnecting others ideas. So, whether they are small or big or elephant riders (who are great spiritual effort makers), even if a horse rider (who makes a very slow spiritual effort) submits an idea, the idea has to be respected and giving respect to others ideas is known as giving regard-sammaan. Those who give regard to others become the master of the world. So, you have to follow the Father in this.
When someone gives a idea, they feel it as very much right (because they have invested time and effort in developing the idea) and if you reject it, it hurts others very badly. By telling others that your idea is good and would consider it, they would feel good. By giving regard, you will make others co-operative. Those who give regard to others, will not see anything as difficult.
The importance of being a child of God, if you have the importance of time in your awareness, it will make you accumulate an income in every  moment constantly by which you can become perfect very easily. Your every thought must become instrument in earning multi millions.
To those who remain practical (image) in introducing their spiritual birth,to those who remain in their self respect constantly, to  those who remain in service being ever ready, to them Namaste from BapDada.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.
Blessing: May you become full of all treasures and quench the thirst of desperate, beggar and thirsty souls.
Souls who are moving along in the waves and drowning, search for the slightest support. In the same way, just wait for a wave of sorrow to come and then see how many souls who are desperate and begging for happiness and peace will come in front of you. In order to quench the thirst of such thirsty souls, make yourself full of supersensuous joy, all powers and all treasures. Accumulate all treasures to such an extent that you are able to maintain your stage for all time and you are also able to make all souls complete.
Slogan: Give teachings with benevolent feelings and it will touch their heart.
For service through the mind:
Practise sitting in the cave of the forehead and seeing your form of light and while experiencing yourself to be under the rays of God’s powers, spread rays of love and power into the atmosphere.
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